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Giggles - The Fool

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Giggles - The Fool Empty Giggles - The Fool

Post by The Fool February 17th 2014, 3:16 am

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Personal Information
Real Name: Giggles, Jane Collier (Formerly)
Alias: The Fool
Title: The Clown Princess of Crime, The Hellequin, The Scurra
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Citizenship: American
Hair: Dyed Blue
Skin: Chalk White
Eyes: Red 
Blood Type: Toxic AB-
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100lbs

Known Family Members:

Unnamed Husband - Status Unknown

Physical Appearance & Physiology:
Giggles is a petite woman of mixed heritage who has recently dyed her hair blue and colored her skin a chalk white. She wears an assortment of mismatched clothes and ties her hair into two long pig-tails.

Giggles handlers had difficulties discerning what her personality is and what kind of mental illness she could have been suffering from that could cause her level of insanity. One theorizes that her insanity is caused by the incredible amounts of trauma that she suffered, causing her to pick up traits from the people who tortured her; to protect her mind from the horrors, simply by relating to the people who were causing her pain. Another states that the treatment simply enhanced the mental instabilities that she already possessed.  A final theory is that Giggles had undergone a metamorphosis into a type of super sanity, one where she has no actual personality. One minute she could be a mischievous prankster, the next a psychotic killer.

Regardless of whatever it may be, it is clear that Giggles has almost little to no concern for anyone’s safety, including her own. Ultimately her goal is to have more fun, to create chaos in the world around her no matter the means. This incredible obsession with chaos leads her into situations that puts the lives of others in jeopardy including her own, and even views the terror that innocents feel as a sort of personal sport.

Jane Collier always loved clowns. Even when she was a child she never found them strange, they always managed to make her laugh and smile; what did she have to fear from something like that? But one birthday, a bad man in the form of a clown changed her view forever; coulrophobia afflicted her and she could never feel safe near a clown again. It took months of therapy to allow her young mind to get past the incident, but still its effects would linger on.

But as life continued on, so did Jane. Eventually as she moved through life, her encounter instilled within her the need to make sure that no one gets away with such acts so long as she remained alive. Studying hard throughout high school and eventually university, Jane managed to get into the FBI Academy with top scores; a long road of success awaiting her.

Years passed and Jane amassed a plethora of awards of excellence in both her work and private life. Despite the demands of her work and her commitment to it, she managed to find love and eventually married to a good man in the state of Illinois. Her life was going well, full of ample opportunities and she was fulfilling her goal of helping people in all states of affairs. That was until her last recorded case.

In the middle of an investigation for a crime syndicate posing as a travelling circus, Jane noticed more than a few incriminating clues left in crime scenes that indicated the hand of a mole within the FBI; something that was both unforgivable to her professionally, but personally. Eventually, her research began to reveal something far more sinister than a simple crime syndicate.

From her discovery, people within the US Government were using the travelling circus as a cover up for their operations that actually involved human trafficking instead of regular drug smuggling. Not only that,  but the people were being smuggled into facilities that belonged to other parts of the US Government, such as the CDC and CIA. This injustice was so deep that Jane couldn't believe it, her entire government was a part of something that ruined human lives, it was beyond appalling. But as she investigated further, her suspects began to notice that there was someone on their tail. Action had to be taken by a side.

In the middle of her profiling, Jane was warned to call off her investigation or the agency could be threatened with defacement of their integrity for investigating without any actual proof. But something told her that it was something higher up trying to intimidate her supervisors; however it would not deter her. If she had to go outside of the agency and the law to get the job done, then she would do so. In a rash move, she decided to sneak into the next show where the circus would show up. Despite her best efforts to get through unseen, the circus was tipped off to her investigation and soon discovered her; capturing her.

While in captivity, she underwent interrogation after interrogation about what she knew. However, other than trafficking, she knew nothing. It didn't take long for them to realize this, which pushed them to the next part of their plan for her; make her an experiment too.

It was revealed to Jane that the government was not only using humans as test subjects, but test subjects for special conditioning techniques that would allow them to better control specific individuals to perform duties that people normally would not do without incredible amounts of brainwashing. Some involved purely psychological, others chemical. In Jane's case, they decided to do an experimental mix; The Arcana Procedure.

The procedure used a multitude of drugs and psychological torture in order to condition the body to both physical perfection, mental acuity and emotional obedience. Each of the 22 subjects was given a designation of the Major Arcana based on their pain threshold and adaptation to treatment. Jane's designation was "The Fool"; representing that she lasted the longest to treatment before her body and mind could take no more. Unfortunately, her treatment pushed her past her limits due to her incredible effectiveness causing the development team to grow bolder with each experimentation. The result formed a new personality, which grew and eventually completely took over; a sociopath who called herself Giggles.

Jane's sudden paradigm shift baffled the scientists who were experimenting on her. Rather than go into regression after the breaking point, Giggles seemed to enjoy the treatment she was getting; at points she even seemed more receptive to the lessons and concoctions. Instead of becoming frightened by the presence of clowns, she seemed to become more motivated when exposed to such ridiculous behavior. For what seemed to be a major setback originally, it turned out that the sudden change in personality allowed for even greater results due to the change in mental state. But what they didn't know, beyond that bubbly personality and seemingly lacking intelligence, was a dark and sinister mind.

As the experiments continued, Giggles' grip on reality began to dwindle further than it already had, to the point where she began to wonder why she was following rules. They were too close-minded, too limiting; they were far too serious. It wasn't long before she started taking certain experiments too far, exceeding expectations and exceeding requirements. It wasn't long before she began taking her growing instability into the big top cover. From scaring children with unprofessional stunts to even bringing people with no experience into extremely dangerous acts, her handlers could see that Giggles was beginning to get out of control. It was at this point that each handler wondered if it was worth it to keep experimenting on Giggles or finally put her down before things got too far out of their hands. But it was at this time that Giggles made her escape.

Because of her recent change to cooperation, the security over Giggles had laxed than what was recommended; which would be their inevitable downfall. Deep within her cell, Giggles was using games of chance to decide on how she was going to escape. Whether or not it was going to be peaceful or violent, chaotic or stealthy; ultimately she picked the chaotic violent approach. Try as they might, Giggles knew everything they did about the facility, they were too trusting of her sudden change in outlook, they didn’t think of what would happen if Giggles decided to stop cooperating again. In the end, she escaped with her prison in ruins, the experiments soon cancelled as the supporters quickly took away their funding of the project by fear of backlash. For they all knew that it wouldn’t be long before Giggles would rain chaos upon the American population; and they were right.

Through a mass of chaotic crimes across the country, Giggles attained infamy among her fellow criminals, even attaining a mass fortune through shady supporters to fuel her nefarious plans. It was only until the timely arrival of Black Knight and Elaine that Giggles was finally stopped. Since then, Giggles has remained in an asylum while they attempt to cure her of whatever illness she suffers from, for now...

Powers and Abilities

Intelligence: 4 (8)
Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Durability: 3
Fighting Skill: 4 (8)  
Wealth: 5
Makeshift Inventor: Though some of her past knowledge was retained, Giggles’ understanding of some sciences has caused her to become adventurous with her innovations. From duct-taping things together with wooden boards and metal pipes to using makeshift wiring in order to boost the power of her Laffy Zappy.

Skilled Martial Artist: Though her training is somewhat lost, Giggles still retains some of the abilities that Jane once had in terms of physical combat. Though her style is chaotic, ranging from simple to prodigious.

Laffy Zappy (8 INT): Giggles’ personal weapon, pulled from one of her own torture devices. It fires off a super-conductive liquid that absorbs electricity from a local battery within the grip. The shock varies in its physical damage, but regardless its main effect is still apparent. The specific shock produced with the chemical compound essentially shoots through the nervous system creating the command to laugh. With ample sources of electricity, Giggles can make her victims laugh themselves to death.  Outwardly however, the weapon is just a large squirt gun.

Bag of Tricks: Giggles other assortment of goodies that range from being completely comical to downright chaotic. The bag itself is capable of holding incredible amounts of volume for its small size (the size of a fanny pack) Essentially it can be boiled down to simple hammer space, where Giggles is capable of pulling out mundane objects as well as her own personal arsenal.

- Guns and Explosives

- Chemicals (Laughing Gas, )

- Rocks

- Playing Cards

- Deadly Gags



- Giggles' appearance is based of the League of Legends Champion Jinx.


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Giggles - The Fool Empty Re: Giggles - The Fool

Post by The Bolt February 17th 2014, 3:19 am

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