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New Beginnings(Invite only)

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New Beginnings(Invite only) Empty New Beginnings(Invite only)

Post by Myrddin January 28th 2022, 4:39 am




The air crackled, and lightning arced from a central point. Then, for a long moment, it was still again, before, with a sudden CRACK, the sky exploded and a figure fell to the ground, a gun held in his arms clicking as he held the trigger down.


"No shit!" growled the figure as he rolled to his feet. The figure looked around as the dust settled, and tilted his helmeted head. "Where the Hell am I?" he asked, before raising his arm and staring at his wrist. A device held there beeped and a screen brightened for a moment. "The Isle of Fortune? Off the coast of England? That place sank under the ocean when the nukes hit. What the Hell is going on here?" he asked, as he tapped the screen with a finger. The helmeted head tilted again, before the eye plates shifted from red to a light green. "Alright. Let's worry about that later. Survival first. Which means reloading." He reached under the long coat and pulled out a magazine, which he slid into place on the rifle, making sure to tuck the empty one under his coat.


"Piss off," he growled down at the rifle, which beeped, as a light blinked green.

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