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Legends Never Die

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INV ONLY Legends Never Die

Post by Chellizard January 6th 2022, 4:32 am

Cold and quiet was the silence that filled the void known as death. A low hum rumbled deep in the middle of the silence. It was small at first, a little blip on the radar that was this void. Among the silence was the clinging grip of darkness, sticking to everything as if a bottle of freshly prepared ink had been knocked over. It spread out from the center of the humming, the darkness reaching and reaching, seemingly endless. The hum began to get louder, and as the volume increased, it was almost as if a small flame had ignited. The warm light would twinkle among the darkness, bringing with it the reason for death's visit.

In the center of the light was a girl. She hugged her knees to her chest, her face buried among her arms. She had silver hair that cascaded down her back, and skin so pale it looked like winter's first snow. She looked completely devoid of color, as if it were drained from her entire being. A soft sob would roll throughout her entire being, memories erupting around of her.

The first memory was in all shades of gray, akin to the girl that this memory may belong to. In the memory, a girl with similar snow-like skin stood still, their back in frame. As the woman turned, she revealed a small bundle of blankets. As the blankets were disturbed, a little fist would protrude, and then another, stretching with a yawn enveloping the infant's face. The child appeared to be in the very early stages of life, their mother cooing gently as she rocked the baby. She continued to rock the infant, swaying from side to side. This went on for a while, until the two of them stepped out of frame and the memory started over again.

The hum was louder now, and it had shifted to a major key, almost as if that first memory had made it happy.

The second memory appeared, and in it was the same woman as the first. She had lines around of her eyes when she smiled, the creases also touching the edges of her smile. She had a kind face, but it held an air of importance. She seemed to be the type of woman that was ready for anything. She stood in front of a girl no older than five. The two looked like replicas of one another, just that one was pint sized. They seemed to be mirroring each other, moving deliberately, their hands up, palms flat, fingers held together. The ritualistic movements almost looked like a dance. As the two moved, the ritual seemed to come to an end. As it did, the memory seemed to go back on repeat, starting over again.

A sense of warmth and protection seemed to wrap around of the girl, it forced the darkness of the void away from her like a single heartbeat. The pulse rippled around of her, light stretching out. The darkness would hiss, curls of smoke erupting as the light touched the edge of the void.

The third memory would flicker into view, this time with color. Silver hair was cut short now, it spiked haphazardly at the crown of her head. The fringe of her hair was hot pink. She stood at a moderate height of about five feet and six inches. Her feet were dressed in converse, her outfit consisting of denim cut-offs and a tank top. Her eyes were a bright cerulean blue, reflecting with determination and vigor. She was standing in the middle of a boxing ring in a shitty underground dive bar surrounded by sweaty men and scantily clad waitresses. The opposite corner of the ring had a man, the announcer over the loudspeaker echoed their name as "Deluge." As the announcer stated his name, the memory would loop back, showing Paine climbing into the ring, meeting her opponent, then beginning the fight.

The sense of protection seemed to get stronger now, the temperature rising as the darkness began to fade and replace itself with bright white light. The memories seemed to be adding more color and life to this pitch-black void.

A final memory came into view, and it seemed to be the most vivid. It came with smells, and it was almost as if she could feel everything again.  Cool salt water clung to the air, and the taste of ill intentions had a heavy hand on the environment. The young woman stood at the base of the statue of Liberty, wind whipping her clothes around of her. She wore a band tee and a pair of skinny jeans, her feet dressed in the same converse as before. Her hair was about to her shoulders now, and freshly dyed white with pink fringe. She would grit her jaw, her fists clenching as she stood her ground. The memory would pan to a different view, showing a man standing alone, waiting for someone. He would turn, a look of surprise on his face. She was not who he expected. The memory seemed to jump cut forward, the man looking her deep into her eyes, a connection clearly between them. "Rebbecca..." the voice echoed.

"No..." she muttered, hugging her knees closer, closing her eyes tighter.

"I truly am sorry Rebbecca..." the voice would echo again. As it did, the darkness would pulse around of the girl in the void, the light flickering out again.

The hum would stop as well.

Silence, darkness. Nothingness.

And then another heartbeat.

The pulse sent another trembling wave of energy throughout the void, the girl hugging her knees felt it in her core, the feeling expanding throughout her entire body.

The final memory came back into view, the man now in an embrace with the girl. She was gasping, her mouth agape, her eyes turning to look down at her abdomen. Jutting from her was the Tachyon blade created by Doctor Necrodium to save meta lives, and here it was, taking one away. Rebbecca clung to her killer, blood dribbling down her chin. The memory's sound faded; it being replaced with a high-pitched ringing noise. As the ringing got louder, the light around of the void would begin to get brighter. Looking up and away from Doctor Necrodium, Rebbecca would see a figure coming toward her. The memory would blood with over exposed light, the room devoid of all darkness now. The light seemed to come from the girl hugging her knees to her chest, sobs now gently racking through her.

"N-n.. no.. Th-this.. this.. isn't.. how.. it's supposed.. to end.." more sobs continued to rack through her, the memory now a reality. She was living it again. The last moments before the reaper took her away. Rebbecca O'Day had died that day.

The girl sitting in the all-white room would slowly let go of her knees and stand up. She brushed her hair back, and as she did, it would match that of the last memory. In fact, she looked as if she hadn't changed at all since that fateful day. Without a word, she would begin to walk forward, the room stretching onward. She seemed to walk for what felt like eternity, the room showing her the memories over and over again as she continued on. She finally came to what must be the end, because there was a door. It resembled her old apartment door. Reaching out, she would hesitate, if only for a moment. Turning the handle, the hum would come back, growing louder and louder until it was the high-pitched ringing sound.

Crossing the threshold, Rebbecca would gasp, her eyes snapping open. She lay in on a cold slab of ice, blue silk sheets draped over her. Frost would kiss her cheeks, her lashes, brows, and hair frosted over. Her lips were a deep blue, her skin another shade of blue. As she came to, her skin would start to fade from the blue to porcelain, the frost on her starting to thaw. She would take in a deep breath and sit up, clutching the sheets to her chest.

But Rebbecca O'Day had died that day.

How was she breathing?

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