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The best laid plans

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The best laid plans - Page 2 Empty Re: The best laid plans

Post by Cerek June 2nd 2022, 8:14 pm

Cebra hatches an idea, out of the need to keep Cheryl under a certain degree of control and further his own plans to now assassinate Wesley. Her help would no doubt make things go smoother but bargaining would be tricky. "So I first have to know. Who was the other assailant in the vault? The one with the teleporting stealth suit?" Cheryl's face turned to a blank expression before a flash of realization came over her. She smirked and said nothing while looking up at Cebra with nothing short of gleeful defiance. Cebra groaned before standing up and turning towards the wall behind his bed where lay the vials. "Ok here's the deal, I have only need for a single vial of the agent and as such I'm able to give you one. Of course your cooperation would be the price for this. The alternative is that well... I can't afford to have you as a complication, you understand correct?" A coldness in his tone made the point inescapably clear to Cheryl, she took a few moments to consider the offer. "And how can I trust you wouldn't kill me after you're done with me?" Cebra sat back down and smirked "I thought you people knew how I worked?" Cheryl stares at Cebra judging her odds of this going well. "... I'm fairly certain that you encountered an agent from Berth & Clydeshaw arms, they're the buyer that Wesley is dealing with. Probably trying to double cross him."

Cebra's eyes darted back and forth as his head tilted down and thoughts raced through his mind, he knew this company somewhat. They had been involved in the incident of his liberation many decades ago. "I see... Is your sole objective this vial?" Cebra asks a leading question trying to work some more private info out of Cheryl. "Listen I'll help you as far as your mission is concerned, but I'm not about to reveal all of my purpose Cyborg." Fair enough as far as Cebra is concerned "I'm not just here to Rob Wesley, but I'm sure you've come to that conclusion as well." Cheryl looked in Cebra's eyes with a knowing look, no judgement but a cold glint. "You've been eliminating people involved in your creation, Wesley was... He was head of the bio research division and current board member, we are aware of what you've been doing yes." Cebra made a personal note to do some sleuthing into 1423 "So what is your organizations feeling on murder?" Cheryl was visibly uneasy by this, on her face were flashes of memory that she endured with a small pain "I can help you. But you can't ask me to do what you do, I'm not a... I mean I have killed before in self defense but." Cebra raises his hand to stop her from explaining further "That will do, I don't need you to do anything like that, just help me along the way. Is that acceptable?" Cheryl sighs when she thinks of the report she's going to have to make "Alright, if it means you'll give me a vial then I'll help you."

They discussed long into the night about Cebra's plan and how to alter it to fit Cheryl aiding him. She explained her abilities to a degree revealing she can spawn numerous limbs and even replace her own body completely, a very useful tool for spy work. Wesley would likely still be attending regular events on the ship for the first class members, his frequently loved activities included the casino for his gambling fix, the library and the sauna. The way things would go is that Cheryl would be used to distract the Android assistant and draw her into a trap, Chery had no problems taking out a piece of machinery, however she was dangerous and likely armed with a few nasty surprises given her model. While the assistant and bodyguard was distracted Cebra would infiltrate the sauna staff and eliminate Wesley.

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The best laid plans - Page 2 Empty Re: The best laid plans

Post by Cerek July 10th 2022, 4:08 pm

There was no rest that night for either of the two, too much to think about along with the fragile alliance they had. They had small talk as best two spies could with little trust between each other, talking about trivial things; weather, food, Cheryl's film career. It was breaking dawn when the two of them began to move, Cheryl used her abilities to take the form of another human entirely. Her body morphed like putty being squeezed and shifted by an aggressive hand until finally she or rather he emerged. Cheryl had completely changed her body into that of what seemed to be an Italian male, he stood easily six feet with a strong build. The plan was now in motion, but even so Cebra could not stop wondering what sort of problem Berth&Clydeshaw would present in this situation. Theoretically they already got a few vials of the agent and there would be no reason to interfere with Cebra.

It took a few hours to track down where exactly Wesley and his android assistant would be, the vastness of the ship made it a lengthy task. Eventually the two were able to locate which library Wesley was in, he was relatively secluded in a private room in the library, one could pay extra to reserve quiet reading spaces away from others... With drinks, smoking and other luxuries. The android assistant was not far away, maintaining a meta human façade by spending time sun bathing by one of the various pools. Cheryl's guise of a security officer was near flawless, it was certainly enough to convince someone at a passing look, looking like a muscular and tall male helped as well. Cheryl approached the android adopting a very authoritative tone. "Excuse me ma'am, I wish to speak about you concerning the incident in the cargo hold." There was a small part of Cheryl that wanted some pay back for messing up her escape as well. It wasn't hard to convince the android to follow Cheryl to a secluded area, it didn't even get suspicious when it was led into a loud engine room. Cheryl managed to lead the android in and position herself behind the android. She struck the android in the back of the head, the amount of raw physical strength Cheryl summoned when she struck sent the automaton right down to the floor motionless.

Cebra's task was more trying, the amount of eyes that could be on him at any time numbered high. The library was a popular leisure spot for some guests. Cebra couldn't risk bringing a weapon with him and came with nothing but his bare hands, his ability to improvise weapons was a great boon here making having one on hand rather pointless. He was in his plain clothes not standing out at all when he made his approach to the private section of the library, a double door separated the normal and private sections with only a single attendant for security purposes. Cebra couldn't just barge in by force and the attendant wasn't budging an inch by the looks of it. Cebra sat down and grabbed a book pretending to read as he kept an eye on the man standing guard, it was ten minutes before Cebra got his opportunity. He observed a first class guest enter the library, a middle aged Asian woman in a pink long skirt. Cebra stood up behind a book shelf just out of view of the woman and guard. Cebra saw the womans purse on her side in a vulnerable state as she stopped to talk to the librarian. Cebra timed his walk for the moment she turnd to go to the private section and bumped into her. His slight of hand skills were quick and precise enough to be martially taught.
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