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Zzyzx Road

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Zzyzx Road Empty Zzyzx Road

Post by RoarShack January 2nd 2022, 4:28 am

Zzyzx Road

"Dammit, it's pronounced ZYE-ZIX!"

The Bio
Real Name: Isaac Rose
Hero Name: Zzyzx Road
Title: The Ghostly Pride
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Jewish Heritage
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Dark yellow, like dijon mustard
Height: 5'7
Weight: 136 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks
Isaac Rose wears a blue-grey zip hoodie with horizontal yellow dashes and a white zipper. He also wears jeans and a yellow tennis visor.

The Personality
Isaac Rose acts like a narcissist to appear more confident and dependable, but in reality he cares deeply about those around him and puts others before himself. He basks in attention and admiration and often breaks his character to apologize for anything he does and doesn't, which gives people unusual impressions of him. His favorite thing is family next to music, and he got his hero name from his favorite song.

The Story
Isaac Rose was born to Sarah Rose, a Jewish preacher and single mother in Alabama. Isaac enjoyed helping around in the synagogue and donated half of his weekly allowance in secret to the temple. He never wanted to tell his mother because he felt that it was "only God's business." Isaac loved his mother very much and held very high respect for her, making sure to compliment her speeches after sermons. Isaac was raised in a liberal environment and knew that his mother could have gotten an abortion, but decided to give birth even though her husband had left her.           One day when Isaac was 16, the synagogue was burned down due to arson. The fire had killed his mother and ended all contact with the people he loved in the temple. Losing everything important to him, he was never seen again in his area and at age 18 he had made a home in New York. He craved the attention he used to get and put on a façade in hopes that people would like him, but he never got the admiration he hoped for until he had saved someone from a drunk driver. A woman was walking around the city on her phone, passing by Isaac and strolling to the road.           Absorbed into her phone, she kept walking despite the green light and suddenly a car came barreling down at illegal speeds. The woman heard the screeching of the wheels but was frozen in fear. Isaac felt an extreme fear in his soul for the woman, then almost instinctively focused in like a marksman on the car and the woman in the split second before the tragedy. The car went right through the woman like a bullet through air and crashed, and the only person injured was the driver. No one but Isaac knew that it was he who saved her, and so began Isaac's mission to figure out his ability.           The next day Isaac tried to practice the ability for hours, trying to find out how to use it at will. After a week, he could use this ability for one second every five minutes. After a month, he could do it for five seconds with little cooldown. As he was discovering things about himself, he realised that the most pleasure he had gotten in the years that he's been alone was when he saved that woman. He then decided to start a business. One call, and he would do people's chores. Not having the proper satisfaction he wanted, he dreams of being a superhero and helping others.

The Powers
Brief Expungement - Isaac Rose's ability is to disable all contact between two or more objects. This includes the five senses and superhuman abilities including and not limited to clairvoyance and telepathy.
Outside the Box - This is less of an ability and more of a trait, but he often thinks of solutions and strategies that others would not expect.

The Weaknesses
Brief Expungement is draining to do and requires a lot of practice to prolong the effects, especially if there are more than two objects being affected. Using the ability on himself is also more draining than using it on others and objects.
Isaac Rose is also a hopeless romantic gets infatuated easily.
Isaac Rose also has a strange phobia of cockroaches

The RP Sample
Isaac looked at his phone. "Yeah, this is it. Right on time." He stepped onto the porch and grabbed the key under the doormat. He unlocked the door and there was Mister O. He reaches his hand out to pet the cat and was answered with a hiss. "Look, your owners are paying me a nice amount to take care of you while they're gone," he answered. "You're gonna have to get used to me and I'm gonna have to get used to you!"           He went inside after cleaning his shoes on the mat. "What kind of a name is Mister O, anyways? Why would you name a cat Mister O?" He said while a little disgruntled, as he closed the door. He turned to the furnished kitchen and opened the pantry, to which he was greeted by a falling tin of dry cat food. It hit him across the noggin and landed on the floor, spilling the food all over the floor.
While Isaac was groaning from getting his skull caved in, the feline dashed towards him. With the cat swatting its paw at him, Isaac Shuffled backward, bumping into the table. "Je-SUS!" At that moment, Isaac understood why people commit murder. "Damn you! You're not even supposed to eat until 5:00!" He used his ability to erase the food from the Mister O's existence. The cat screeches from the abnormality and rushed out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.           Isaac picked up all of the cat food and put them back into the container. "Hope you like floor lint, Jester O," he sneers , proud of his ineffective one-liner. Suddenly, a six-legged creature approached him from under the table. He yelped at the tiny monster. He looked into its compound eyes and saw true evil; that substituting soul for malice, hate, and hunger. The cockroach's wings were uncloaked and the insect flew into his direction. "MOTHER OF GOD!" he exclaimed as he triggered his ability. He erased the cockroach from his existence and vice versa.           "I can't prolong this ability forever," he thought. "I must devise a plan." He darted towards the cabinets under the sink, fumbling for sprays but to no avail. One second was left and so he grabbed the only two things he could think in the fleeting time. He snatched the lighter and a can laying on the sink. The ability wore off right then, and so Isaac had to locate the roach before the roach located his jugular vein.           Holding the lit flame and hairspray can forward, he was ready to incinerate the critter. He gingerly walked the hallways until he made his way to the bedroom. The cockroach was crawling on the wall when he found it, and suddenly it bolted towards Isaac. "See you in Hell, bitch!" Isaac shouted, spraying the hairspray. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that Isaac remembered how disgusting and terrifying cockroaches were and his body jerked, spraying fire over the carpet.           Cursing like a sailor, the terror-stricken Isaac evaded the bug and used his ability to disable the fire's contact with oxygen. The fire was extinguished at the cost of his energy, as he wasn't thinking about how much oxygen was in the area he was in. Exhausted, he laid on the floor and rolled on his back. Seeing the roach flying at him, he accepted his death and prepared to meet God. But in the darkest of times, he hero he needed was unveiled. Mister O leapt towards the cockroach and caught it in his paw. The cockroach writhed inside the feline's hand and was then eaten. "This is why I'm a cat person," Isaac said before losing consciousness. The next day he stopped by the house with a bag of catnip.

OP Note: I tried hard to learn how the coding worked, and when I thought I had figured it out and posted this it didn't work so I decided to just post this as it is. Sorry if that was a bad choice. Also, sorry for writing a 200 paragraph essay instead of an RP Sample

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Zzyzx Road Empty Re: Zzyzx Road

Post by Chellizard January 2nd 2022, 9:39 pm

Approved and moved.

Coding is not necessary - it's a nice added flair, but not needed to be able to RP and enjoy making awesome stories!!

Also your RP sample was nice - not long at all imo.

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