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Professor Mathias von Miau

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Professor Mathias von Miau Empty Professor Mathias von Miau

Post by Nate6595 September 12th 2021, 3:43 am

Professor Mathias von Miau

"Meow is the time for my purfect plan."

The Bio

Real Name: Professor Mathias von Miau
Villain Name: Professor Katastrophe
Title: Living Catastrophe
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Cat
Hair: White fur
Eyes: Blue
Height: 11 inches
Weight: 18 lbs
Blood type: AB

The Looks

Mathias is a Siberian cat with a thick white coat of fur. He’s not too chubby, though he’s not the smallest cast. His form, many cat professionals would call, impeccable, flawless, worthy of winning contests. He has dark blue eyes that surely glow in the dark, though a scar does pass over one of them, but thankfully hasn’t damaged the eye itself, it could be considered his only physical flaw.

In terms of attire, he only really wears a collar with a small name tag. The collar does contain a small device that allows him to speak in the human tongue, if he so desires, which can be located beneath the small jewel piece at its center. When in his lair and far away from civilian or hero’s gazes, Mathias is known to wear an eyepatch, though it is more than a piece of fashion.

Katastrophe MK1: The first of two mech suits that Mathias has! This essentially looks like a large, mechanical cat (roughly 2 feet tall), with a small turret on its back and two large, mechanized claws come from the front shoulder. Placed on its back is a small furnace-like jet that allows for flight in this very strange suit. The suit has a bronze and golden color to it, the eyes a glowing red.

Katastrophe MK2: Mathias’s greatest invention (as of this date), a large, bipedal mechanized suit that has a small chamber in which a human could sit, although usually it is just Mathias using the control panels that were built specially for him. This machine is very bulky and intimidating in its design. It stands to be twelve feet tall and weighs about one thousand two hundred bounds. The head is dome shaped with no distinct features outside of two metal cat ears and a menacing cat face design on the front. This mechanized golem has and a dark blue iron color to it and white paint for trimming and design.

The Personality

Mathias is incredibly narcissistic and full of himself. He is extremely prideful and considers himself the best thing under the sun, that nothing can compare to him. He understands that there may be things he doesn’t know or that others may have ideas that can…impress him, but rarely has he ever considered someone on equal ground as him.

Above all, though, Mathias is incredibly intelligent, comparable to the greatest minds of our era. He has innovation and determination to breath life into his creations and fearless in using them, without mercy or regret. His goals for this…it is hard to say, though he believes himself to belong on top.

The Origin

Professor Mathias was once the beloved and faithful pet of the German scientist, Alexander Finck, accompany his master wherever he went. In height of World War II, the young Alexander was commissioned several other scientists in an attempt to create the perfect solider to fight on the fronts. He was sent with his peers to a distant bunker in the mountains of German to work in secret on this project. In the cold and lonely bunker, surrounded by his distant peers, Alexander found comfort in the companionship of Mathias. In many letters home, he wrote that Mathias was the only thing keeping him sane.

Some historians would say this was not entirely true. Alexander Finck, after months of containment became more unhinged in the solitude and pressure pushed upon him. Tireless nights were spent researching and experimenting on POWs, trying to find the end result that was expected of him. Serums of toxic chemicals were mixed, new and untested radiation were emitted, and intense and bloody surgeries performed. If anyone could keep their mind through this, surely, they were mad before arrival.

The pressure from the higher ups never once let up in all their trials, every failure brought upon tighter restrictions and the occasional…dismissal of ineffective scientists. Eventually, it even seemed as though the elements turned against Alexander and the scientists of the bunker and an intense ice storm closed down the usual supply route the bunker had. Even throughout the storm the pressure would continue to beset the scientists from their overseers, forced to work with limited supplies, patients, and rest.

At the end of his rope, Alexander was forced to make the worst choice he had made since arriving at the bunker. With no remaining patients, Alexander was forced to test the bunker’s most recent concoction on his beloved companion, Mathias. With a gun to the back of his head, Alexander injected Mathias with the strange fluid, praying for the best.

And for once his prayers were heard.

Nothing. Nothing had happened to his beloved pet. Mathias remained as he should be, a normal cat. While it came to his relief, his superiors were displeased, but he had done as they asked. Mathias was scheduled for more, but by the time the tests came the roads had opened up and testing could resume as normal. Weeks went by with no results and the confidence in the scientists of the mountain bunker was quickly faltering.

Mathias, as one of the few who had seemed to make any real progress on human specimens, was promoted to the chief scientists after the previous found himself indisposed.  He found himself with a new pressure. To achieve what his predecessor could not. The consequences were obvious and the time more limited than before. He was backed into a corner, with no way out. At least that was how he felt. A way out would present itself in a way that he never imagined.

When he tells people about what happened they always assume he is speaking metaphorical or that he is crazy. He tells people that Mathias spoke to him, that his inspiration came from Mathias. He means that literally, Mathias did speak to him though in secret and away from others.

The experiment done on him weeks prior had finally taken affect, or perhaps it had taken affect from the beginning, and he hadn’t done anything about it. The experiment, whatever it had done, made Mathias incredibly intelligent, putting him even leagues above humans. Sometime prior, Mathias had made a device that allowed him to speak to Mathias, a collar that would easily be missed by prying eyes.  It was in those talks that Alexander found his answers. Secrets that would save his life.

In the time they worked together, Mathias and Alexander had managed to create exactly what the Germans wanted, but at unfortunate timing. Their leader met his end and the war was declared over, their creation never seeing the light of day. With the conflict over, the two of them found a new peace, creating together, experimenting, theorizing, at least until the end of Alexander’s day.

Though not Mathias. Mathias never seemed to grow old, his life, through whatever experiments, extended…and he went on. He went on and on, living through history and seeing the dumb mistakes of the world. He saw the same mistakes being made time and time again, and in time he grew so very tired of that. In his intellect he found a solution, a solution that only he could provide the lesser beings of the world.

The Powers

Purfect Species: Mathias, at the end of the day, is just a cat. He literally has cat like reflexes, night vision, claws, impeccable climbing skills, and can always land on his feet. This also works as the perfect disguise, who would ever suspect an innocent looking cat, the go to evil pet of a cliché supervillain who had nothing to do with any of the villains’ plans.

Impawisbly Smart: Mathias is incredibly smart, leagues above what common humans can obtain, even beyond the smartest of historically famous scientists. He has advanced intelligence in most forms of science and mathematics, holding vast stores of historical information…and he’s not a bad writer either. With his advanced intellect, Mathias is able to turn dreams of science fiction into reality (items and minions contains specifics).  

Nine Lives: Mathias, due to the experimentation done on him, has a vastly extended lifespan. As it stands, it unknown how long he can live, though through medical examination, after nearly eighty years, Mathias has barely aged a day and it is suspected that he’ll continue on for a very long time.

The Weaknesses

Pesky Feline: Despite the experiments and extended age, Mathias is still just a cat. He has no real defensive measures outside of a normal cat and can be put down just as easily.

Lion’s Pride: Mathias is incredibly prideful to the point in which he usually underestimates his foes’ capabilities, thinking that his plans could rarely ever fail and even if they do that it is no big loss, even if it is. He has low expectations for humans and other humanoid-like creatures, and therefore can be surprised when they do things unexpectedly.

Taking a Paws: Do the fact that Mathias is in fact a feline, without his machines, he is unable to do many tasks that require opposable thumbs. Many of his inventions are reliant on recruited humans to do his bidding. He has limited building capabilities without them.

Catnip: Catnip, like for most cats, is a very tantalizing drug for Mathias. Catnip severely inhibits his intelligence and makes him act loopy, goofy, and all around poorly put together, easily making mistakes he wouldn’t normally.

Collar Capacity: Mathias’s collar (see in items) can only hold up to two attachments. Being a cat, equipping such attachments can be difficult and can’t easily be done in combat or without assistance. Outside of his lab, Mathias rarely has all of his attachments on hand and normally wouldn’t use them in public unless his identity has been exposed on a broad scale (Pre-thread discussion will determine how attachments he has and whether or not he has been publicly exposed).

The Items

Meowmix: Mathias’s collar which allows him to speak the common human speech as well as work as a transmitter and megaphone.  Several attachments can be combined to the collar, though it can only hold a max of two at a time.

Weakness: EMPs and prolonged exposure to water (not including rain) will cause the collar to malfunction.

Opposable Claws: An extension that can be added to Mathias’s collar that add on mechanical claws, capable of lifting a few hundred pounds. The mechanical claws can also be used to operate machinery and precision-based instruments and tools.

Weakness: While they can be used combatively they are a bit awkward and have very limited range. Further, Mathias doesn’t have combat expertise and most of the attacks would be easy to read. They can also only be swung at the same rate a normal person could swing a fist.

Catscan: A device that can be attached to Mathias’ collar that allows for him to scan unknown material or technology and potentially understand what they are/do, allows Mathias to hack into computers, and additionally perform radar scans.

Weakness: The radar can’t pierce through steal, alien technology is incredibly hard to identify, hacking is permission based. The radar works in tandem with Mathias’s eyepatch, the display being there.

Subpurrine: A submarine that has been designed to be piloted by a cat, conveniently. It can fit maybe another three people comfortably, but it was built with the intentions for just Mathias. The main weapons on the submarine are standard military-grade torpedoes, two sea-mines, and a laser capable of cutting through durable minerals and gems (mainly used for mining).

Weakness: The submarine can be detected on radar, it is not a large craft so against a military sized submarine it would not have much ground to stand on, and it is not meant for skillful maneuvering or high speed getaways (max of 22 mph), just underwater getaways.

Cat Call: A silver bracelet ladened with strange technology which, when worn, can control an average person’s mind. Mathias uses this to employ several human minions to his forces.

Weakness: The signal that controls humans has a range of twenty miles, but it can be disrupted by conductive metals or aluminum. At most, Mathias can control up to twenty people, though he can’t make them do anything that would cause self-harm (though he can still put them in dangerous situations).

CSD 2.0: An improved version of cat scratch disease, made into a bioweapon. This toxin causes severe fever, headache, and exhaustion, effects setting in after a minute of exposure. While the toxin is not deadly (unless one is susceptible to diseases) it can make it difficult for one to continue strenuous activities.

Weakness: The disease, although improved, will pass after a short duration of about six hours.

Purrifying Ray: A powerful laser attachment to Mathias’s collar. A tool that can heat up to intense heats, enough to burn through iron itself at its peak and cause severe damage.  The laser is aimed via a camera in Mathias’s eyepatch, it aims where he looks.

Weakness: This laser has a very limited range of forty feet and it can only be fired continuously for bursts of five seconds before needing another ten to recharge.

The Cat’s Meow: A sonic emitter device that creates a centralized field in a fifteen-foot area that emits incredible decibels, enough to cause physical pain and can cause enough vibration to disrupt vision and balance, making it hard to move.

Weakness: The field is unable to kill, it is more so a tool to slow down sturdier built individuals. The radius is small and can be left (albeit through great effort) in a short distance, further only one field can be placed at a time, to which there is a three-minute interval between each field.

Purrjectile: An attachment to Mathias’s collar that is essentially a jetpack. This device, when activated, covers Mathias in a protective suit and causes a small, but powerful furnace-like rocket to emerge and send Mathias soaring through the air! The jetpack is capable of flight speeds up to 80mps and can travel five hundred miles before needing refueling.

Weakness: The suit offers no defensive capabilities and is practically useless in tight or closed-off spaces.

Paw-sotive Charge: Another attachment for Mathias’s collar which works as a very handy taser device! From the collar a thick and sturdy can be shot out and recalled (also acting as a short-range grappling hook), and can emit up to 60,000 volts (five charges of this), enough to taze something a bit tougher than an average person! It can overload circuits if need be.

Weakness: It has limited charge and the cable can only shoot out to about fifteen feet.

Katastrophe MK1: A mechanized power suit, double Mathias’s size (a large dog essentially) that is equipped with two opposable claws, one purrifying ray, and his purrjectile! This mechanized suit is only used for dire circumstances when Mathias’s cover is blown and must fight for his life against a threat to him! The suit’s power only lasts about an hour (thirty minutes if extensive use of all the tools), so the damage it can do is limited! The armor plating is enough to protect against high bullet force, though extensive and prolonged damage will eventually degrade the armor.

Weakness: The armor is bulky and difficult to move in, so besides the purrjectile there are some restrictions on its movement! This suit also has zero stealth capabilities, so making a get away is very difficult in this suit. This suit is also very heavy and more of a hinderance in deep water. (The attachments have the same weaknesses listed in each section)

Katastrophe MK2: A much, much larger mechanized suit. Not only is this suit more durable than the previous model, able to resist heavy ballistic fire, but it comes better equipped as well! It comes equipped with two overcharged (ten times as strong) opposable claws, three purrifying rays, a purrjectile strong enough to carry the suit, a chemical sprayer with CSD 2.0, the Catscan, and a charge of the Cat's Meow!

Weakness This suit of armor has an even more limited battery life (about fifteen minutes max) and it requires ten minutes to boot up. This has to be a well-timed and well-executed tool. Further, this is kept at the Nine Lives Casino, so this can’t be used in areas outside that (unless discussed prior). Like most of Mathias’s tech, the Katastrophe is useless in water.

The Nine Lives Casino: The Nine Lives Casino is run by one of Mathias’s few, non-mind controlled, human associates. Not only does this casino provide a good fraction of the funding Mathias uses for his inventions, but beneath this casino is Mathias’s primary lab and workshop. It is a large foundry, manned by personnel staffed by the casino’s owner. Mathias usually travels, though, and renovates temporary labs where some of his attachments are made/held.

The Minions

The Pride: Robot lions! The pride that Mathias had always wanted. These mechanized lions are as physically strong as normal lions, holding largely the same stats as an average lion, but more durable, able to resist bullet fire. Water causes these lions to short circuit, they can be rendered useless by powerful magnets restraining them, and they have limited cognitive function, able to be tricked easily or one could easily hide/retreat from one (if they can outrun it). The mechanized lions do have cameras built into them, allowing Mathias to watch what they do.

Lowsome Beasts: Those which Mathias must use his mind control bracelets on. Usually, almost always just ordinary people that Mathias deems might be useful. Sometimes he’ll use intentionally evil looking people to mind control and act as a pseudo-Professor Kataclysm.

Monty “The Vulture” Demingo: The owner of the Nine Lines Casino and one of Mathias’s non-mind controlled minions. He funds most of Mathias’s operations via cover of his casino, although in reality and majority of their money comes from illegal arms trade, the casino being a front (though it still generates a good fraction of their income). Besides being good with money and planning, Monty is just a normal human, his upper sixties, so besides common firearms, he won’t put up much of a fight.

Alice Hearts: Mathias’s personal assistant, she is smart and calculating and good with machines (and cats). She was recruited by Mathias mainly as someone who has opposable thumbs and the occasional good idea. She is usually the one who helps suit him up! She also keeps track of his plans and schedules. She is just a normal human with slightly above average combat training.

The Goons: Monty’s hirelings. A bunch of human thugs who are just pretty tough humans, though nothing that the average mob or gang wouldn’t have. They’re tough, mean, and can throw a mean punch, though they are just baseline human and can’t do anything out for the usual.

The Fluff

Mathias. He is very fluffy.
Mathias actually thinks mice and rats are cute.
Mathias doesn’t hate humans, not entirely. He just thinks they’re dumb and need a being of higher intelligence to lead them.

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Professor Mathias von Miau Empty Re: Professor Mathias von Miau

Post by Zonkes September 12th 2021, 12:20 pm

You know what? Approved.
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