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Mathias Lothbrok

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Mathias Lothbrok Empty Mathias Lothbrok

Post by Erythia on July 11th 2019, 5:42 pm

Mathias Lothbrok

"The Chosen of Magni"

The Bio

Real Name: Mathias Lothbrok
Hero Name: Magnus
Title: The Chosen of Magni
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Scandinavian
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 230 lbs
Blood type: O Positive

The Looks

The Personality

Mathias is a self centered, egotistical, and stubborn hero. His rash and aggressive behavior is more often than not perceived to be more dangerous than helpful, and definitely not a very heroic quality. He is someone who is constantly picking fights with strong opponents for the sake of having a good fight and testing his own limits. It is very apparent to all those who watch him that Mathias is only out for himself. While he does enjoy the fame and spot light being a hero gives him, any truly heroic acts that he performs are usually only a byproduct of him ending a fight that he most likely started.

The Story

Mathias is the son of a powerful political figure back home in Scandinavia. He grew up with the privilege of a golden spoon in his mouth, anything he could ever want or need was right at his beckon call. Since birth he was doted on by both of his parents grew up without ever having to so much as lift of finger. Because of his preciousness to his family there wasn't a second of every day that Mathias wasn't watched or under some sort of protection. This kind of lifestyle quick became old for him.

By the age of twelve, Mathias had started giving his parents and security team the slip, sneaking out of the house and wandering the streets, particularly at night for it was the only time he could move around without being recognized. It started out as means of escapism, looking for a breath of fresh air, but it started to become routine for him after a while. He enjoyed seeing his home town at night, moving through the streets without being followed by an entourage of men in suits, he had fresh air.

On one of Mathias' many nightly strolls, he accidentally bumped into some younger ruffians and they responded very angrily, threatening him. At first Mathias was afraid and all of his instincts shouted for him to run, it was the first time he had ever experienced that emotion that strongly. In that very moment he knew that he didn't like it and that he never wanted to experience again. Rather than running away from the ruffians he foolishly decided to buck back at them and even start a sight by hitting one of them. The fight didn't turn out in his favor and he received one hell of a beating. Something clicked in him after the fight though. He wasn't sad or upset that he had lost the fight, instead he felt more alive than he had ever felt in his life.

As a few years passed Mathias would purposely sneak out of his house at night to pick fights, constantly rekindling that feeling of being alive with every punch her delivered or he received. When his parents eventually found out about his nightly adventures, they weren't quite sure how to handle it, but the could see that fighting was something brought happiness to Mathias. His parents finally settled on the fact that he was going to continue doing what he was doing unless they sanctioned some other way for him to pursue his desire to keep fighting. They enrolled Mathias in a boxing club and hired an elite world class boxing instructor to teach their son how to fight.

When Mathias turned eighteen and was considered an adult, he promptly moved out from his parents care and pursued a career in boxing. His passion for the love of a good fight continued to increase the better he got at his craft and it soon became an obsession for him. When he wasn't fighting he spent day and night practicing, improving his skills for the next fight, he was a man possessed by the desire to get stronger, faster and better.

At the young age of twenty-four, Mathias had became world class boxer himself and was on his way to becoming champion, a goal he had set himself on when he first started out in professional boxing. His rate of improvement was a thing of wonder, his drive and motivation a thing of beauty, his kind had been seen in the boxing world before but never at such a level. Within only a few months after he turned twenty-four, Mathias became a boxing champion.

Four six years he reigned undefeated and undisputed, no one could match his skill anymore. Mathias began to grow bored, he no longer felt that there was a possibility that he could lose a fight so what was the purpose in boxing? Eventually he got the idea to return back to the night's streets, the same place his love of fighting was born, perhaps then he could experience that level of thrill again. Unfortunately, even this idea did not pan out as plan, people were either too afraid to fight him because of who he was or were even less of a challenge than professional boxers.

One day Mathias had received a cryptic handwritten letter that said, "Looking for a challenge? Its waiting here." and had coordinates underneath it. Confused and thinking it was some kind of stupid joke, Mathias tore the letter up and forgot about it. A few months later though, the same letter had appeared, but Mathias dismissed it once more. The very next day though, the letter had appeared again, this time with a bit more of a reading saying, "Only cowards reject the call, are you that weak?" Mathias was an easy to goad individual, a Coward was something he despised being called because he considered himself a man without fear. Without a second though he packed a few clothes and headed to the coordinates.

The location he received brought him up to a cave at the top of the Gaustatoppen mountain in Norway. Upon reaching the cave Mathias originally found absolutely nothing but snow, ice, and sharp rocks. Convinced he had been played for a fool Mathias went on a rampage, punching the outside of the walls of the cave and yelling like a maniac. His actions managed to trigger a mini avalanche that trapped him in the cave. He had told no one where he was going, why he had left, or when he had planned to be back and now he was going to die in a cave, freezing to death.

As he sat and reflected on his life, Mathias heard a voice call out to him from behind. When he turned around he saw a large man standing in the very center of the cave. Confusion took hold of him and he asked the man who he was. The man simply responded "It doesn't matter, you came here for a fight, I'm going to give you one." With that, the man then came charging at Mathias. Mathias was completely unprepared for it and the man had landed a blow against Mathias' jaw. Angry, Mathias responded with his swift jab, but missed. Every punch Mathias threw missed, time and time again. The nameless man never missed though, every punch was precise and painful, knocking Mathias around making him look like an amateur.

The fight went on for a while, longer than any fight had the right to go on. Each time the stranger knocked Mathias down, Mathias would get back up and come at him again. After knocking him down for the last time, the stranger looked at Mathias and asked "Why do you keep getting back up, you know you're not going to win. You can't even land a hit." Mathias looked at him and gave him a bloody smile. "I may not be able to get you now, but I can only improve from here. Besides, I'm finally having fun."

With those words, the stranger ceased to fight any longer and began to laugh at Mathias. He revealed to Mathias that his name was Magni and that he was the god of strength, he chose Mathias to come here because he wanted to test his resolve and see if he was worthy of entering a world of the strong, a world where Mathias would never get bored because there would always be someone stronger than him that he could set his goal on defeating. Mathias passed his test and earned Magni's respect and because of his resolve was granted the Mark of Magni. Magni told him that if he wanted to fight Magni and win next time that he would have to get stronger, then Magni disappeared. With the Mark of Magni, Mathias was granted new power, power that he used to destroy the cave in that he caused earlier and clear a path for him to return to the human world.

Mathias decided to take his new found power and travel to a America, a land filled to the brim with strong and powerful people. People that he could defeat or work to get strong enough to defeat. After all, he needed his power to grow if he wanted to defeat Magni the next time he saw him.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

The Mark of Magni - After losing his fight with Magni, the god put a magical tattoo on the back of Mathias' left shoulder. The tattoo, otherwise known as the Mark of Magni, is a power that the Norse God of strength occasionally gives to humans that he believes have incredible potential. It bestows the host with immensely enhanced physical prowess, increasing their strength, speed, and endurance to a whole new level. Hosts are able to lift over 500 tons, move at 200 mph, and withstand all kinds of physical punishment as their skin becomes more durable than any kind of human metal. With time the power of the mark grows, every enemy defeated is a small step closer to the next evolution of the mark, which will inevitably increase its base physical enhancements. Magni hopes that one day, someone who has the Mark will grow strong enough to challenge him in a fight.

The Mark of Magni: Invoking the Mark - Invoking the Mark is an evolutionary ability that temporarily enhances the existing capabilities of the Mark of Magni. The Mark can be invoked multiple times to achieve unbelievable levels of power.
x1 - The first invoking of the Mark causes the host's base physical strength to double and their speed to increase by 10%.
x2 - The second invoking of the Mark causes the host's base physical strength to multiply by a factor of 5 and their speed to increase by 30%
x3 - The third invoking of the Mark causes the host's base physical strength to multiply by a factor of 10 and their speed to increase by 50%
x4 - The fourth invoking of the Mark causes the host's base physical strength to multiply by a factor of 50 and their speed to increase by 100%
x5 - The fifth invoking of the Mark causes the host's base physical strength to multiply by a factor of 100 and their speed to increase by 200%

Healing factor - Along with strength, the mark also increases the host's metabolism by 5 times their normal amount, resulting in an innate ability to heal at incredible rates. Wounds that would normally take days to heal would normally heal in the time span of about 12 hours.

Indomitable Spirit - Not a power in the traditional sense, but it’s Mathias’ greatest source of strength. While indeed hard headed and stubborn to a fault, Mathias seems to possess an inhuman amount of will as it is nigh impossible to break his spirit or distract him from any goal he sets his mind to. Even when in a situation where his body should logically give up on him and collapse, Mathias will use nothing but the power of his mind to make himself throw one last punch.

The Weaknesses

Magic & Magical Weapons - Though incredibly durable, the Mark of Magni does not make the host completely invincible. Magical attacks and weapons based in magic are capable of causing quite serious damage to a host if they manage to get hit as they have no special resistances to magic.

Dark Magic - Much like normal magic, host's of the Mark have no resistance to dark magic. In fact one could say that they are allergic to dark magic. Dark magic, of any kind, nullifies the evolutionary abilities of the Mark of Magni as well as reducing their base physical bonuses by half, if they come in physical contact with the dark magic.

Mortal Burnout - The Mark instills it's host with Godlike magical every to increase their physical potential, but it doesn't make a mortal a God. Invoking the Mark grants the host with incredible power, but not without a cost for each use.
X1 - Invoking the Mark once lasts for 8 minutes (8 posts). After the invocation ends the host is left somewhat exhausted, similarly to performing a routine workout. The Mark can not be Invoked again for another 10 minutes (10 posts).
X2 - Invoking the Mark a second time tacks an additional 4 minutes (4 posts) to the run time of the invocation. At the end of the invocation the host is left far more tired and a little sore as if they had performed a very intense workout cycle for the first time. The Mark can not be invoked again for 14 minutes (14 posts)
X3 - Invoking the Mark a third time tacks an additional 3 minutes ( 3 posts) to the run time of the invocation. At the end of the invocation the host begins to show signs of physical pain and discomfort as the muscles begin to contract and they start to slow down by 20%, even while no longer invoking the Mark. The Mark can not be invoked again for 17 minutes (17 posts).
X4 - Invoking the Mark a fourth time tacks an additional 2 minutes (2 posts). to the run time of the invocation. At the end of the invocation the host is now causing damage to their physical body as muscles begin to tear and make moving and incredibly painful task resulting in even more decreased speed and power by 50%. The Mark can not be invoked again for 19 minutes (19 posts).
X5 - Invoking the Mark a fifth time tacks an additional minute (1 post) to the run time of the invocation. At the end of the invocation the host is now causing severe external and internal damage to themselves, moving is ill advised as any further damage to the body could be irreparable by their own healing factors, a 75% decrease in power and speed is now in effect. The Mark can not be invoked again for 20 minutes (20 posts).

Weak Left Guard - During his time as a boxer, Mathias received quite a nasty right hook to his left eye. The attack resulted in a badass looking scar, but an unfortunate vision loss of 45% on his left side. However, receiving the Mark did not heal this damage to his body. Because of this, Mathias' blind spot has increased a bit and he must pay special attention to his left side. It is significantly easier to land attacks that come from his left, especially if someone completely slips into that blind side.

Curse of the Jotunn - The Mark of Magni carries with it a piece of Magni's power, but this also means it carries with it a part of Magni's weakness. Given that the God is part frost giant his affinity for dealing with extreme heat is not that great. This weakness is passed on to the hosts of the Mark. Intense heat seems to cause the host to experience exhaustion at an alarming rate, it also reduces their speed by 30% and their strength by half.

Presence of Jormungandr - Magni's father, Thor, is the mortal enemy of the world serpent. It is said that when Ragnarok comes Thor and Jormungandr will battle, Thor would kill the serpent, take nine steps then die as well. The Mark of Magni carries it with a distaste for, as well as an inherit weakness to snakes. The venom of any snake reduces the healing factor of a host as well as their strength, cutting it down by a gruesome 70%.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

When invoking the Mark of Magni, the tattoo begins to glow gold and a web like pattern begins to spread over Mathias' body from the tattoo. With each additional invocation the mark spreads more and Mathias' eyes slowly begin to glow a more intense gold.

Mathias' life revolves around fighting, especially boxing, his hand to hand combat skills are of an extreme quality due to the years he has devoted to honing and perfecting his craft.

Limited Regeneration - Accelerated healing is definitely a benefit gained by the hosts, but Accelerated is all it is. Hosts do not have the ability to grow new limbs after losing one or recover from fatal wounds in a matter of minutes. Limbs, however, can be reattached if attended to very quickly.

Challenge Accepted - Hosts of the Mark are often aggressive individuals that constantly seek out confrontation, and because of their ambitious nature they are deemed worthy of the power they receive. Along with the powers comes a contract bound to their soul. A host of the mark can never turn down any challenge that is brought to them regardless of what the challenge is or how much they are outclassed by their opponent. A force of magic compels the host to continue the challenge until there is a clear victor, which usually means one of the sides is completely unable to continue or the enemy admits defeat.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Mathias Lothbrok Empty Re: Mathias Lothbrok

Post by Zonkes on July 14th 2019, 6:47 pm

Alright. A lot to unpack here. Let me be the first to say that I like the character a lot actually, he’s just uh... incredibly strong. Which would be fine, if you had the appropriate weaknesses.

So; here’s what I see as issues.

Magic and Dark magic should really be one weakness. If you’re weak to one type of magic, chances are you’ll be weak to the other.

Challenge Accepted at this level of power isn’t a weakness. Sorry man. Fluff for sure, and maybe even a power at this level.

Accelerated regeneration isn’t a weakness, at best it’s a limitation.

Fix these, and I’ll see what I can do for approving him.

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Mathias Lothbrok Empty Re: Mathias Lothbrok

Post by Zonkes on July 14th 2019, 8:31 pm

After discussing with Muffin, I decided to forgo the “magic is the same weakness” thing, since they do different things. Everything else has been fixed so...

Approved until stated otherwise.

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