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The Show Must Go On!

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INV ONLY The Show Must Go On!

Post by Vorik July 13th 2021, 2:13 am

Author Note- Here is some nice music to help with the atmosphere while reading!

Deep beneath the streets of Boston, buried and concealed under sewer channels, piping, and stone, a man in a white mask walked through stark white halls. In one hand he held a bundle of folders and in the other, an empty beaker. While his mask had the expression of painful rejection, his own face was stiff and expressionless as he marched down the various same halls of sterility. Finally, after several junctions, he entered a door marked "A3-C CHEMICAL COMPOUND ANALYSIS".

A3-C was lined with various see-through vacuum tubes and large oil drum-sized containers of various chemicals. Hydrated ferrous sulfate, Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, Ethyl ether, a countless number of these drums as they slowly moved up and down on vertical conveyor belts mounted on the walls.  He paid no mind to any of this as he sat at a table outfitted with heavy machinery. He thumbed through his folder pulling out several pages, arranging them to form a much larger schematic for his latest design.

His cold eyes stared at the various equations and theorem as if hoping to find a string to pull, some minor error that would turn this new creation into a failure.  Several minutes passed as he visually tore into the schematic before he gave an unnatural smile behind his mask.

Not pausing to celebrate his calculations he spun his chair around and began outfitting the giant machine, connecting its intake ports to the numerous vacuum tubing. He places the beaker inside the machine and closed the hatch, turning the machine on with a loud hum.

The man in the white mask suddenly collapsed at the table, head rocking back as the swivel chair lazily moved. Seven rooms away a woman in a white mask showing blissful glee looked up from her desk. She stared at the multitude of T.V. screens that covered the walls.  Each screen showed various disasters happening all around the world. Natural disasters, riots, high-speed chases, murderers, supervillains duking it out with heroes. There was not a single good image amongst what lined these walls. She slowly and methodically observed each screen, taking note of the horrible events that were happening. The ones with people crying were the ones she stared at the longest. Hours passed as she looked off at what the world really was before she collapsed in her chair and stared off with cold dead eyes.

The masked man rose from his crumpled form as the large machine stopped. He pressed a button and brought up the various details of what sort of chemical reaction just occurred and smile that unnatural smile.

'143 failures.' He mused to himself as he reread the readouts.

'Only 143 failure to do what most consider impossible but I have done it.' He shook his head from these thoughts. It wouldn't help anything for him to start gloating and develop a superiority complex. Besides...It won't make him feel happy again. He looked back to the vial of golden-hued smoke. 'But this...This will. I just need to test it on a wide range of people and refine it.'

His mind raced with various ideas of how to get a large number of test subjects on such short notice. He couldn't test the chemical on his false bodies, there wasn't anyone actually there to react. Kidnapping is an option but that would attract far too much attention to get the number he needed. Eventually, he settled for creating some type of event where the subjects willingly come, not knowing what the actual experiment was. That only left the question of what do people go to see?

The Show Must Go On! Boston11

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