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Feeling the pulse of the city

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INV ONLY Feeling the pulse of the city

Post by Punk Prince of New York July 11th 2021, 5:14 am

The broken sections of New York were still pretty broken since the last attack on the city. Ethan remembered that, mostly because traumatic events had a bad way of sticking and it was a special time for him too. Really gets under my skin why some people just insist on attacking me, The currently feminine voice complained in the back of his mind. Outrage and sorrow mixing together in the whiniest way possible.  Ethan shrugged, lip curling downward into usual unpleasant sneer.

”Prolly cause the cities a special kinda shithole,” He offered to seemingly no one, shaking the spray can in his hand. Rattling sound of the pea like music almost to the young man. Storm grey eyes scanning over his half-finished masterpiece on the wall. The air smelled of aerosol and fumes. Common sensations he experienced through his entire life.

and…you continue to spray my city with what you generously call art, The voice continued, sounding more judgemental than anything else. Well, that was how she sounded to him.

”Sounds like a personal problem,” He said, pressing the release and letting jets of black paint spread across brickwork. Forming a picture slowly from the steady and practiced hands of an illegal street artist. Not that he was worried about things like the cops. Pigs tended to be easy to escape from with his new powers. ”not gonna waste my time brushing up some fancy museum piece. Fuckers wouldn’t like it any more than this,”

No, not much love for art or culture anymore. I remember when…. She set off on a ramble about the past while he  shook another can and began forming the arcing shape of a sun. Brilliant yellow and even some oranges from the cans strapped to a large leather belt with many pouches around his waist. Honestly he could’ve called it a utility belt at this point.

Are you even listening to me?

”Yeah yeah, bird dancers and prostitution,” He muttered in placating agreement, though that only made the presence in his head even more annoyed.

You’re making me regret my decision more every second,

Despite that he continued, finishing the piece with a flourish of the arm. Something suggested by one of many street artists he didn’t hate across the city. A tribute to their hero, who he personally thought wasn’t that great on second viewing. Just looking in the distance he could see the half-demolished proof of his incompetence. Not that skyscrapers meant anything to people who weren’t already corporate fat cats.  

”At least you don’t have the voice in you’re head,” Putting the paint cans away he admired his work and all that came with it.  Set on the side of a store that banned him for perceived stealing. Sure, he did steal from them but not like they had to pull a dick move like that.

The fact no one was stopping him felt even better honestly. Like people knew this guy was a dick and that was all that mattered. Ethan was dressed for the night weather, a thick pullover with a pair of blue jeans worn through use rather than an artful intent. Splatter colored hat set on his head, which just his bangs peeking out from under.

”So what do we say about pizza? Know a good place a few streets down,”

Because I told you about it,

”Still counts. Do ya wanna go or not?”

Well yes I want to go. Just hate it when punks take credit for my knowledge,

”Well since we’re all fused and stuff, it’s our knowledge now,” With that he hopped down from the top of the heavily dented dumpster and worked through where he was supposed to be getting that pizza.
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