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Myths and Monsters Results

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Myths and Monsters Results Empty Myths and Monsters Results

Post by Zonkes May 11th 2021, 10:51 pm

Character Creation Contest

THEME: Myths and Monsters


1st Place: Zonkes

Score: 67


Chelle: 35

Tea: 32


Chelle: I personally enjoy dual personality characters, so seeing this from you was an exciting read, Zonkes! Always a pleasure to see what your mind has created for us today. Your looks description mentions red streaks in Nuada's hair, while in the main dossier you have it as green streaks in his hair. I understand th sudden change of color, but I felt that little mistake was something easily overlooked, so I don't hold it against you. Just wanted to point it out. I enjoy the nod to the actual Gaelic gods and Celtic mythology. Good word. Well done, as usual. (:

Tea: OH MAH GOSH! It took me a bit to look up these wild ass guys but now I remember learning about them, damn mythology sounded more like some kind of Sci-fi story then a mythology. Love the use of them in this as they are so uncommon and this had plenty of detail on it. I do have very little issues regarding this sheet and just am stoked you brought these guys in. Plus the sheet pretty!


Ghost Slot*
200 flat XP

2nd Place: Nate6595

Score: 64


Chelle: 35

Tea: 29


Chelle: The visual description that you painted for me in the looks category makes this app a pleasure alone. I wish we knew more about her, and that you gave us a more recent history in our universe for her, but I'll take what I can get. The powers are interesting. I like the fact that the fire isn't exactly... fire. That it's just a sap sort of ability. It makes for great interactions later in RP scenarios. Great application, as always. (:

Tea: Super cool but wasn't sure what to expect with the history, nothing solid didn't give me much connection but this sounds like such a fun character! Super normal-human acting not so normal person. Also love that its such an uncommon sort of myth/monster.


Ghost Slot*
150 flat XP

3rd Place: Rorking

Score: 54


Chelle: 26

Tea: 27


Chelle: Recycling a greek god is not always executed effectively, but I feel this character has a sort of niche quality to it. A lot of run on sentences, and lacking a lot of punctuation. As pretty as the background is, the contrast made it a little difficult to read for me (I understand Jax had no issues at all). I would have liked to read a bit more about Pan, and how Pan is a part of him now. I feel the history doesn't allude to that enough. This is an all around nice character application. Well done.

Tea: Love it! So loved the graphics of it, the colors chosen made it easy to read and the background fit nice overall and wasnt distracting in any way. I had problems with how it felt a bit rushed as a good amount of detail could have been filled in. But buddy, I had a blast when I was starting to understand what you where doing and I love this idea especially for a dual personality character, super cool!


Ghost Slot*
100 flat XP

Honorable Mentions

4th Place: Vexus



Chelle: 28

Tea: 22


Chelle: You've created the end all boss for the universe, Vexus. This is definitely a myth and a monster, so I gotta give you that. This is an entity that I would never want to cross paths with. The sheer thought of having my thoughts changed on a whim makes me scared! But, all that aside, this is a well rounded application! Always a pleasure to read your creations. I would find it hard to role play as this type of character, personally. And I'm afraid I would never allow it as a playable character. Bravo!

Tea: I can commend the attempt of trying this out, it's a rather bold move. However I have several major problems with this. First of all there is multiple sorts of contraversies in the sheet, sure they go beyond concept but there is stuff that lacks sense, the 'Big Bang' from my memory is the start of the universe, but from there it appears to be just the start of a fresh start for humans sorta kinda maybe. In the sheet itself it describes what they look like to gods, first saying biblical but then switching to an impossible shape the next senteance, its rather confusing there. Most importantly, I would not allow this in a story. It is a being that acts beyond human conception, it is impossible to play with reliability, alongside the ability to dictate events and raw reality manipulation beyond any other reality manipulation(meaning any way or form of weakness is mute), that means nothing anyone does is what they want, Ambrosia decided it and will continue to decide for them, and if they try something it doesnt like they can't do that. I wouldn't want to write in a setting where this thing existed.


50 flat XP

5th Place: Woof

Score: 46


Chelle: 23

Tea: 23


Chelle: The story of Rumplestiltskin is definitely one that most children are familiar with, especially if they've seen a lot of the classic fair tale movies. Your take on him is almost straight from the Grimm lore, with a bit of a twist on the history. It's not a bad idea to take, but I would expect it to have been as if it were a reincarnation of Rumplestiltskin's powers, or a manifestation that brings him back so that someone could use his powers. But, instead, we kind of just get the character. Not complaining. It's a nice application, and I found the history quite a nice read. Just, not a very original concept, in my opinion. Good job, either way, Woof! Smile

Tea: So direct fairytale rip for some parts, not sure if the history is but somehow it binds real well with the rest of it. This man is an almost god like being with solid limits and a goal of causing chaos which could get so many stories spinning, seems fun and I could even see this being used which is cool


50 flat XP

6th Place: Andrew



Chelle: 19

Tea: 16


Chelle: Medusa is actually a very interesting mythological figure to introduce to the SHRP universe. I'm always down for more reptilian heroes. Your history, however, feels a bit lacking. The first person approach is what breaks it, for me. I feel like it could have been a bit better had you perhaps started it with a bit of 3rd person omniscient, and moved to first person conversation. I'll have to agree with Jackson. The history as it is lacks a lot of vital information. You do gloss over that your character is the daugher of Aries, which is the son of Zeus and Hera, so that makes her a very vital figure in Olympus, so with deductive reasoning we would assume she undergoes training, and etc. But the lack of information is almost too lacking, if you understand. Especially for a character with such levels of power.

Tea: I'm sorry, this was quite hard to read. Multiple errors in sentence structure, kinda felt fairly basic in terms of abilities but with a mix of the crazy speed and the eye stone I wouldn't be able to approve the character either. Finally I heavily advise going away from first person backgrounds, it was hard to understand and I left without much detail at all. Best of luck for next time though.


50 flat XP

*A ghost slot is a character slot that you gain temporarily to allow one more character to your roster. Once you choose to retire a character, you lose that slot. You do not gain a permanent character slot.

Congratulations, everyone!

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