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Dionysus and Pan

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Contest Dionysus and Pan

Post by Rorking April 27th 2021, 12:13 pm





"Have we tried giving them liquor and a party yet? maybe we should try a vine stranglehold instead"


The Bio

Real Name: Daniel Vindal  

Hero Name: Dionysus/Pan  

Title: God of Wine, Parties, and Nature/The Mad One  

Alignment: Chaotic Good  

Age: 28  

Gender: male  

Race: Mediterranean human  

Hair: Chestnut hair  

Eyes: Vine Green/Byzantium  

Height: 5’11  

Weight: 230IBS  

Blood type: Type O(uzo)  

The look

Daniel always tries to have the appearance of a guy in his twenties no matter where he goes. His normal attire is that of Jeans, a T-shirt, A white and green Flannel, and Hiking Boots. When he suits up to go out and do hero work, he dons a long green robe seemingly made of nature itself and brown pants made from the bark of a tree. He also dons Fingerless brown gloves, Greek Sandals, and a Crown waived out of Vines and Ivy.  

When it comes to his darker side Pan, there is not much to go on in the category of clothing or looks. When he takes control, his hair grows out and a pair of horns start to grow out of his head and continues to grow as he gets stronger. Since he is never out outside of battle, he only has a hero outfit consisting of an identical-looking robe but one that has started to whither and rot with the colors muting and turning brown. His outfit also consists of the loss of Dionysus’ gloves and sandals with Pan choosing to go barefooted, his crown becoming stiffer, and thorns start to grow which every once and a while pokes Pan in the skull.  

The Personality

When Daniel is in control and is running around as Dionysus, he is shown as a cheerful and party dude style guy who is always looking to make others happy at any cost. When Pan slips into the driver's seat sees a darker and more twisted individual who laughs at others' misfortune, who is shown to care more for his nature brothers than any civilized folks, and is more likely to cause others harm instead of stopping it.  

The Story

Centuries ago, stories of mighty warriors and leaders started being told throughout the world. Deep within the Mediterranean saw the rise of stories told of gods that ruled over and toyed with humanity as they wished. These stories were half true, while there were those who used their godlike abilities to toy with the ancient Greeks, the culprits were mere mortals playing gods. While most were powerful beings hellbent on either destroying or protecting the world, some just really wanted to party.  

Growing up Daniel always found himself feel at a loss when it came to making a name for himself, a loss that only grew after the four years he spent away at college doing nothing but partying. Out of the four years, the only thing he truly learned was the tale of “the cult of Dionysus,” a mystery cult from ancient Greece that always told tales of the ultimate parties and the secret of the ultimate and godly wine. This was enough for Daniel to make a vow that day, a vow to seek out this godly wine or die trying. A week after graduating Daniel was already collecting whatever life savings he had and hopping on a plane from Greece.  

After five long years, Daniel was finally able to discover the ruins of a temple located in Thebes. Within the temple ruins Daniel found dozens upon dozens of skeleton corpses scattered around the room, many of them permeant fixated in vulgar positions. At the center of the temple was a giant pedestal that held a chalice covered in vines and filled to the brim with an inhuman purple liquid. Daniel slowly gripped this treasure for a long minute before he quickly downed every last drop of the liquid, it almost felt good flowing down his throat.  

As Daniel placed the Chalice back onto the pedestal, Moments later he would be on the ground in front of the pedestal losing his lunch onto the temple floor. Standing up was his first mistake as he immediately became lightheaded, taking a step forward was Mistake number two as the second he put weight on his foot he started to stumble forward until he tripped and tumbled until he was laying on the hard ground outside the temple. Waking up sometime later, Daniel felt different and weirded out as he found himself hanging from a tree from a vine. Getting himself lose only led to more questions as he found the mountain surrounding the temple had been decked out with more wildlife and nature than he remembers seeing when he first approached, in defeat, he headed home with his tail between his legs.

Upon arrival home, Daniel decided to do the one thing he always did on a weekday night, was of course to go to a local bar and get wasted beyond repair. It was not until eight shots in that Daniel felt the pain on the back of his head, a pain that only got worse as two horns started to poke out of his head. Daniel could only watch as the newly awaken Pan tore the entire bar to shreds, it was not long after he finished that Daniel felt the controls return to him. Within an instant, Daniel was already running down the street away from the Bar.

By the time Daniel stopped running he almost passed out from exhaustion, maybe this was the reason he saw him but there was no denying the fact that as he looked up, he saw a familiar yet more twisted version standing in front of him. The thing standing before him only smiled as it spoke the words that have not stopped giving Daniel Chills, the cursed words of “Nice to finally meet a new God of Wine.” After speaking these words, the thing vanished out of thin air like he was never standing there in the first place. It was this day that changed the lives of not only Daniel but that of the entire world, it was the day that not only Brought forward a new titleholder for everyone’s favorite drunken fool but was also the day they saw the return of his other half.  

The Powers


1. Wine manipulation: Ever since the title was passed down to him, Daniel has found himself able to create and control fermented grape liquid. This special brand of Wine can be used to heal wounds, poison a hostile, or just get down the tracks of the wasted express.  

2. Nature manipulation: Ever since obtaining the gift of the gods, the new Dionysus has been able to control the nature around him and craft it to his advantage. this power allows him to create temporary plant armor, impromptu weapons like a vine whip or a nature blade, and finally allows him to build walls and blockades if needed.  

3. Animal companionship: With his status as a nature god, Dionysus can summon before him and befriend local animals to aid him in his adventures. Upon befriending them he can get them to fetch items for him and attack one of his enemies      

4. Rebirth: When he finds himself in a dire situation, Dionysus is able to transform himself into a form made completely out of wine which gives him the opportunity to either heal up or to flee. This ability also has a chance of awaking his darker side known as Pan, a form that is more powerful giving him the comeback he needs at that moment.  


1. Green melody: When Pan comes out to play, he can take Dionysus’ nature control and turn it up to an Eleven. This power allows him to create more powerful structures and weapons than his other self, it also allows him to shoot thorn out of his hands at will but also gives him the ability to call upon the power of nature itself to trap and destroy his enemies.  

2.  Madness inducement: a simple blow on his pan flutes sends nearby threats into the shallow depth of madness, a condition that not only puts his enemies at a weaker state, but it allows him to absorb their madness to make himself more powerful.  

3. Snake transmutation:  When channeling his madness force allows him to transform who he wants into a slimy and useless snake to up their fear or to just get them out of his way. Since he is using the power of madness, his victims will never know whether they really were a snake or if it was just their mind thinking they were.  

4. Duplication: With a section of his madness ability allows Pan to duplicate himself into a handful of clones to scare his enemies and to get a bigger advantage in a fight.  

The Weaknesses


1.A major downside to his wine power is that it still makes the user drunk no matter who they are, Dionysus cannot use it on himself too much or he will get wasted and become useless in a fight or for really anything.  

2. When it comes to Dionysus’ nature abilities it is shown to have a huge disadvantage to it, this disadvantage being he can only use it when he is surrounded by Nature since he cannot create the material and only use nearby material. If he finds himself in the middle of a city, he will be weaker than he would be in the middle of a forest.  

3. While the animals do seem pulled through him a bit and even seem more friendly around him, there is no guarantee the animals will come when he calls or even obey his commands. If the animal feels they would be in greater danger by obeying, even a grizzly bear would bail on him.  

4. While this power makes him temporarily invincible it comes at a notable risk. Upon using the power gives him a 48-hour clock for which he can be killed while the power cools down, this cool-down process always means any scars or injuries he obtains during this time will take longer than normal to heal. This power having the chance to bring out Pan is also a risk as it causes him to lose control for much longer than normal, it could cause Pan to be front and center for days depending on how badly he got hurt beforehand.  


1. A major weakness to the Green Melody power is the amount of energy and power Pan must put into the ability, using the power for an extended period of time will eventually lead to him losing his grip on consciousness. This also makes his control shorter as when he passes out Daniel gains it back, an outcome that means Pan will be gone for longer than normal.  

2. With the ability being focused on the power of Madness, huge waves of this power can open Pan up to be Susceptible to the power himself. Even with Pan being a powerful being, he can only hold so much and eventually will fall into the same incapacitating madness his victims fall into.  

3. When it comes to the process of transforming someone into a snake, it requires a huge amount of focus on the task, or they will be transformed into a hybrid which has the chance of turning a minor threat into a much bigger threat with the simple slip of Pan’s concentration. This power is also completely permission-based so there is the chance the power will not work at all.  

4. Every clone he creates makes him weaker and weaker as it costs more to keep them alive, a feat that only drains him increasingly as the fight goes on. Each clone is also less powerful than the last one that exists, the first clone would be 50% of Pan’s overall power while the second would be 25%, and so on and so on.  

The Items

1. His “bottomless” flask of wine  

2. His Thyrsus (staff)      

3.  A Pan Flute    

4. Five Drachma  

The Fluff

1.Is constantly drinking      

2. when Dionysus travels, Flowers bloom, and grass grow green. When Pan is in control, the flowers grow tall yet twisted in inhuman shapes and the grass grows the height of mountains  




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