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Harbor thief hijinks

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Harbor thief hijinks - Page 2 Empty Re: Harbor thief hijinks

Post by Cerek June 21st 2022, 2:30 pm

It wasn't too often Ornlu just obeyed anyone giving him an order, but he found himself in a tight spot and no plan up his sleeve. In a manic scramble the trio put on the outfits with a little fuss, though it defied the laws of space Tom and Bobby fit into the uniforms as though they possessed a humanoid body, boots and white gloves for hands formed on the ends of the uniform as their "heads popped out of the top." Ornlu's uniform was a size too large for the wolf boy.

The fiddled with the clothing; the buttons, the zippers and such. They were so distracted they were caught completely by surprise when the door flung open and knocked Maggie out cold. The three of them were mortified and their expression said it all. The guard came in and drew his weapon on the group of them. "Well well well, what have we here? It seems you three managed to capture the intruder, excellent work unit forty-one,, forty-three and forty-six. Take her to the captains office, he will want to have a word with her.

Ornlu and the others exchanged knowing glances. "Yyyyyeah, that's what we did, sure taught this bird brat a lesson eheheh." Ornlu nudges Tom and looks Maggie suggestively. Tom nods and hoists her over his... Shoulders? On the way to the captains quarters Ornlu spotted a key card on the accompanying android guards hip, his eye gleamed a white glint as his dexterous hand stealthily crept its way to the guard. Tom and Bobby ran distraction stratagem 12 in which Tom tripped forward and into Bobby, the ensuing fight and argument stopped the android guard as he attempted to separate the two. "You two must be malfunctional! Stop this behavior immediately! You will scrapped if you keep this up!" It was enough time bought for Ornlu to slip the card off the guard and into his pockets.

The captains office was simple but functional: wood panel walls, a dark wooden desk, a few medals on the wall, photos and... A cage? It was a rather sizeable cage that could easily fit a person or two, though it hardly looked like a person had been kept in there what with all the claw marks on the floor. The captain was a tall and lanky man with some gaunt to his face, his hair was thin and mostly hidden under his cap. "Aha well this little bird must be our intruder." His comically evil British accent made the trio cock their eyebrows in unison before Tom and Ornlu looked at Bobby with accusatory eyes. Bobby rolled his eyes already getting the "Posh Englishmen are evil joke". The Captain continued "Well make sure to bind her up well, those wings look like trouble. I shall interrogate the criminal when she wakes. Good job then men, back to your posts for now."

Ornlu and his friends had to leave Maggie where she was, not like they could do anything about it. The three of them sat guard fairly close to the dining hall, all of them worried about their situation in one way or another. Ornlu wanted to just go for the food, they're not exactly chums with the woman and didn't owe her anything. Tom and Bobby however felt pretty bad for leaving her in there, they wanted to bust her out. "You two know why we're here, we are not wasting our time because some pretty broad is in peril." As Ornlu does a comedic impersonation of a damsel in distress. "I have better things to do besides die." Tom chimes in quickly "Like what? Stuff your fat mouth and sleaze around pubs? I ain't gonna leave that nice young lady with that 'ol creep in there." Ornlu glared Tom down and growled "Hey, who's in charge here? I'm the one with the brains, I say we bail before one of these things figures out we ain't made of metal." Tom stood beside Bobby and stood up for him "You're not the damn Queen, even if you act like one." "I didn't vote for him." Tom mumbles in jest.

Ornlu was once again outvoted by his mutinous friends, he wasn't about to let them go alone to help save Maggie. As soon as the coast was clear of the patrol they snuck away back down inside the ship, more prepared for what they may encounter... Or so they believed.

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Harbor thief hijinks - Page 2 Empty Re: Harbor thief hijinks

Post by Nate6595 June 26th 2022, 3:04 pm

In the time she was out she couldn’t see what was happening, but she had vague hints of her surroundings. She could feel being moved, carried off to somewhere and then the cool feel of metal as she stuck in what she could only assume was some kind of cell. Sounds, words, they were distant and faint echoes and she could piece together some things…never complete statements, but at least the general feel for them. There were doors opening, creaking, stairs being climbed, and then…a terrible accent that felt out of place here.

That was gonna be a fun bridge to cross when she got there.

She would be out for a short time after she had been tossed in the cage. Five minutes…ten…fifteen…and then twenty, she was stirring awake with a faint groan. For the most part, physically, she wasn’t that bad off. No broken bones, maybe a bruise or two, and as far as she could tell she’d be able to move around no problem once she got out of the cage. The only thing was that her head was throbbing with pain, but it was manageable. She was pretty sure she had been through worse hangovers by comparison. Her head still hurt like hell, but she’d be able to finish the job and get out of whatever situation she landed herself in.

Landed herself in…

No, that didn’t feel right. She wasn’t sure how she had been knocked out, but she knew she wasn’t alone when it happen. That wolf kid. He had been there. He wasn’t responsible for what happened, but as her vision returned she found that he wasn’t present in the cage here with her. That didn’t feel like a relief. From what she had seen he was…well, there wasn’t really a good word for what he was. Unpredictable? That was close to it and right now she didn’t like having a wild card in the deck. She needed to be able to stack a deck and right now.

She quietly reminded herself this was why she preferred working alone.

When she finally collected herself, her senses back in full swing, she found that while the kid wasn’t here, another person was. A tall figure that sat only a short distance from the cage. She adjusted herself a bit in the cage, bringing herself up from the floor and instead sitting, leaning against the back bars of the cage. It was hard to get comfortable, but this was the best she was gonna get in a situation like this. As she adjusted herself, her eyes fell on scratch marks, claw marks from…something? A bear maybe? A black bear could fit in a cage like this, but…that didn’t seem right. Another unknown to add into the deck, another thing she would have to find a work around.

With a small sigh, she would start them off. “When I signed up for the cruise I was hoping for a more spacious room. I give this one...pffft...two stars? Two and a half? Definitely needs improvement.” She commented, tapping her knuckle against one of the bars. “Do I at least get room service?” She turned her gaze onto him, having gotten in a good scope of the room. It seemed like a standard office or captain’s quarters, minus the cages. Not too many points of entry and exit, which was a bummer, but she’d find a work around. “I don’t imagine you are feeling generous and wanna let me out of this cage so we can have a proper chat? Discuss things and work out a deal on how to handle this situation we both find ourselves in?”

As she spoke she plucked a feather off her back and nonchalantly blew it from her hand, letting it drift passed the man and under his desk. He had no reason to believe the feathers were anything more than just that. If left unchecked she could start moving it towards something and do…something? She hadn’t thought that far ahead, but she would improvise someway to get out of this.

“At the very least, wanna get me a glass of water?”
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Harbor thief hijinks - Page 2 Empty Re: Harbor thief hijinks

Post by Cerek July 26th 2022, 11:31 am

The tall villainous captain fellow didn't pay her any mind at first, merely annoyed by her squawking. His beady eyes trailed over some old looking papers, some frankly looked like parchment from some old world library. When finally he had enough he rose from his seat, completely missing the feather that swept underneath. "Silence you babbling nitwit! There are parrots less annoying than YOU." He adjusted his suit before he strode over to the cage with a pomp and circumstance display like he was at some prestigious party. "Do not take me for an imbecile you little winged goblin, you're some manner of thief no doubt... Or worse." As his eyes shifted in contemplation. "Never the less you ruse has failed and you will be enjoying your new mhm... Bird cage, for as long as I see fit. I've come too far now to allow espionage to undo me. You will answer all my questions as they are put to you."

Ornlu and his friends found it difficult to just walk back to the captains room without being seen, No doubt the guards would find it suspicious if he was just wandering off from his post. A thought occurred to Ornlu as they made their way long ways around the ship, slinking in and out of every dark corner and hole, squeezing their cartoon physiques into seemingly impossible places. Ornlu couldn't help but wonder if a cruise ship should be so heavily guarded, seemed like overkill to him. The trio rounded the corner on the lowest deck about to head upstairs when... *BWOOM!... BWOOM!... BWOOM!* The sound of a huge metal thing stomping on the floor above like footsteps, much heavier than the footsteps of the guards. The three backed up and hid behind the stairs shaking with fear, Ornlu gathered enough guts to peek out from under only to see the brutal metallic hind leg of some large creature. Part of it was fleshy and very cat like, it continued walking as it hadn't seen the boys.

It stopped at a room far down the hall, the room to the door opened upon a growling noise from the creature. Ornlu could see a strange ocean green light coming from the room. When the coast was clear the three crept up to the metal door where the metal beast had entered and they spied some truly haunting sights. There was a great orb in the center of a macabre looking room adorned with black spikes and demons head carvings. The orb sat in a pool of ocean water, the center of the glass like orb swirled with smoke and amorphous forms that Ornlu thought looked ghostly. There were a few men in dark robes gathered around the orb and touching it, it was way too cultish for the wolf boy. The strange wispy figures in the orb seemed to be suffering as their wailing suggested, the men in robes were pulling them out somehow with what looked like magic.

Ornlu was about to duck outta there when he noticed that the giant metal cat thing was looking right at him through the window and Ornlu got a good look. A vicious half metal Bengal tiger, it's angry glare was enough to get Ornlu going. Ornlu, Tom and Bobby made it half way down the hall before the doorway they were peering through exploded open violently and sent shrapnel and parts flying. The great beast wasn't as easily deceived as the androids and gave chase to Ornlu, the boys ran frantically and the chaos began.
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Harbor thief hijinks - Page 2 Empty Re: Harbor thief hijinks

Post by Sponsored content

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