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Faust Empty Faust

Post by Nate6595 January 4th 2021, 3:39 am

The Crimson Reaper

"A Villain for the Ages"

The Bio

Real Name: Victor Redfield
Villain Name: Faust
Title: The Crimson Reapoer
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 70s
Gender: Male
Race: Meta Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 6’4
Weight: 201lbs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

On the day-to-day, Mr. Victor Redfield is a rather normal-looking individual, though one whose appearance betrays his age. He looks to be a man in his mid to late forties or even fifties. His hair is black, with touches of grey staining in it and a rough, 5 o’clock shadow. It’s on the shorter side and well-kept though not what you’d call a prim cut. He’s on the taller side with a strong exterior, very well-toned and muscled. His skin has a slightly tanned color to it but is predominately Caucasian.  His skin has been touched by battle, wear and tear, and other forms of conflict. He holds a fair amount of scars on his arms and chest region, but he wears them well.

When it comes to attire, he tends to be rather casual. Nice sweaters and dress pants, clean jeans and a polo, and other forms of casual, but nice attire. He sometimes is known to wear glasses, though mainly they’re for reading. He looks, for the most part, like an everyday, average joe.

When Victor is in his alter ego, Faust, the Crimson Reaper, he is a very different-looking person. He wears a black suit that covers his entire body, hiding his every feature. While it hits him very well, it is comparable to tights in the sense that it does well to show off his body, specifically his muscles. At the head of the costume, there are two red mesh marks that represent a sinister pair of eyes that seem to glow. The eye markings are actually made of a material that Victor can see through, but can’t be looked through from the outside. Around his waist, he wears a red belt, filled with several different tools made for his craft. Most notably, he wears a flowing crimson cloak, which more or less earned him his name. The cloak’s hood is nearly always drawn up and by some means manages to stay in such a position.

The Personality

Victor Redfield is actually quite a charming and nice person. He’s a family man who cares about his wife, d,aughter and son and can be seen frequenting social activities with close friends and relatives. He’s as polite as he is respectful of other people and of their ideologies. He’s a man who prides himself on and enjoys his personal, secondary life, one where he can be relatively normal, a person like everyone else. His family understands his career and what he does and he loves that he has their unwavering support.

However, he has a very different persona when he dons the visage of Faust. He becomes deathly serious and carries a menacing demeanor. He is ruthless and cunning, a man who loves violence and killing those who get in his way. He does, however, have a code of honor and ethics, not just attacking people randomly or without reason. He’s a villain, not a monster.

The Story

Victor Redfield doesn’t have a tragic story like other villains or even the same want of destruction. He’s got no grudges against any political body or individual. Rather, he is a man who fell into a certain career path that led him down the route of villainy. He found that he was good at what he did and like anyone else in a career they were good at, found that he began to enjoy and love his work.

In his younger days, right after high school, he found himself getting recruited by the United States military and landed himself in the ranks of a foot soldier. However, due to his skill on the battlefield, he caught the eyes of a few special interest groups who wanted to train him in other areas of combat. They were further impressed when his meta-ability came to fruition, making him an even better asset on the field. Soon enough he became a sniper and assassin for the military, working covert op jobs. His performances on the field were well-received by his higher-ups and in his years of service he won quite a few commendations.

While the higher-ups urged him to continue serving, delivering promises of a higher rank, Victor had fulfilled his time in the military and moved on from there. He went to college for mechanical engineering but found after graduating that his heart wasn’t in that career path. Even still, he found himself working as a simple mechanic, making ends meet. He had a simple life, but not one he was happy in. It wasn’t until one winter night that he found himself living his passion.

Working late one night, the auto shop where he was employed as the target location of a robbery. The thieves broke in and threatened his life. Using whatever he could, he managed to not only fend off the attackers but kill them. The criminals were no ordinary thieves though. They had been recruited into the local mob and even though they were low ranking such an insult wouldn’t stand. Over the course of a week, Victor found himself targeted by the mob. They tried every method they had at taking him down, even sending in some fairly powerful metas to try and deal with him. But, at the end of the week, he was still standing and rumor has it, drenched in the blood of those who tried to take him down. He earned the title of the Crimson Reaper after that.

It was after that week that the mafia understood that this was not a fellow they could deal with and instead offered him a new line of work. Work for them as a person who took on “special interest” jobs and earn triple what he was making. Victor, in the end, took the job, but not for the money. Fighting and killing, deep down, what he learned from his military days, was what he was meant for. Eventually, word of his abilities spread and he became more than just a man who worked for a mafia, but someone people sought out when they needed something done. As his name spread far and wide and soon he took it to the next level. His path led him to become a full-on villain. Rarely, however, did he work for himself. He was hired to take on jobs that no other criminal could. Beyond that, he took the role another step and helped plan out other people’s crimes and jobs. He was good at it, it was his calling.

Today, Faust is the head of a new criminal group known as Menace. Menace adheres to a strict code that its members must follow, but work to do villainy, create organized chaos, and perform jobs given to them by third parties. While for the most part, they have remained underground, only in recent years have they become more prominent.

The Powers

Human Plus: Victor was only born with two powers, but due to some…positive reinforcement from the military, he was put through some rigorous testing that greatly improved his physical fortitude. Due to the experiments, he was put through he was given incredible strength, endurance, and agility! Bullet shots don’t pierce his skin (though it does cause severe bruising), he is strong enough to lift and throw a bus, and he’s got enough agility to keep track and react to mid-tier speed-based metas, able to properly react in time to physical attacks. In terms of speed, he could easily keep up with someone on a bike.  

(Permission Based) Dread: Victor’s main power is an aura he can exude at any time from any place in a range from thirty to one hundred and twenty feet, depending on the level he exudes. Any in this aura doesn’t take damage, but rather gets a sinking feeling of dread and terror, hope slowly leaves those afflicted. Regardless of one’s fears or phobias, this aura simulates that feeling that everything is going to go wrong. The levels to amount of dread which can be felt are:

Level 1: A moderate sense of anxiety, a feeling that something is wrong although one cannot actually place it. It can afflict any within a range of one hundred and twenty feet. In closer proximity to Victory, however, this feeling grows as they can see him and fear begins to take hold.

Level 2: This can felt from a range of ninety feet. This gives one a feeling of high anxiety, something nagging in one’s head that something terrible, awful is going to happen. Targets afflicted may still have hope and reason to act or escape.

Level 3: Loss of hope begins to occur here, and extreme anxiety is felt. At this point, people who are not trying to engage with Victor will unknowingly try and flee from the aura. When engaged one may feel as if there is little hope in actually beating him, killing morale and slowing reason. This range covers about a sixty-foot radius.

Level 4: Extreme loss of hope, highest levels of anxiety (may actually cause people to feel sick or even puke from fear). Nothing can go right, nothing feels right, and everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong. This can be felt only in a short thirty-foot radius or, alternatively, can be targeted to a single person within a sixty-foot radius, but only at this level.

Overshadowed: An ability that truly makes Victor terrifying, not some feeling he can exude. Victor matches a single person’s physical capabilities, their speed, strength, endurance, and perception, and then go beyond those capabilities by a decent margin through his own physical capabilities. He doesn’t physically change and he doesn’t exude any sort of aura when he does this, rather he just, by some mystical means, does. (Permission based).

The Weaknesses

Daylight: Victor’s Dread ability is significantly weaker while used in direct sunlight. At most, he can only go to level two in direct sunlight and only over a sixty-foot radius for both. (Moonlight doesn’t apply, I know it’s the same light, but shut up, it’s a mystic thing).

Brain over Brawn: Victor is only capable of matching someone’s physical strength. People who are strong psychically, with mental powers, and so forth, he cannot match (like telekinetic strength or so forth). If someone’s physical strength is derived from supernatural or otherworldly abilities, he can match that.

Single Target: Overshadowed can only afflict a single person. After that single person is targeted Victor cannot target another person for another twelve hours. He can, however, keep that matched strength for the duration of that twelve hours. So, if he matches one person and a stronger person comes by, he won’t be able to match the stronger person.

Music to their Ears: When one is listening to upbeat, positive music, the feelings of dread and terror are actually repelled and don’t afflict those listening! This doesn’t need to be via headphones either, it can be over speakers or if someone is singing or performing. It can be any genre, so long as it is good vibe music!

Fight or Flight: The feelings of dread and terror are just that, feelings. While this may heavily afflict someone it doesn’t mean they will shy or run away from combat. Rather, they will just feel this way, maybe hesitant, slow, overly cautious, but still, be free to attack and act against him.

The Items

Crimson Cloak: The notable cloak that Victor is almost always wearing. The cloak is highly durable, at least to ranged-based and energy base attacks! The cloak can absorb energy attacks and displace it. Against ranged attacks like bullets or arrows or similar projectiles, it can reflect them and leave Victor unharmed. The cloak is also efficient in absorbing and reflecting moderate explosive-based damage. The cloak, however, is usually left open slightly at the front to allow movement, usually leaving him partially exposed at all times. If he knows something is coming, he can wrap up, but that’d restrict vision and movement. The cloak also only has so much durability and if attacked enough will lose these defensive properties.

Tools of the Trade: In Victor’s tool belt he carries a series of useful tools for any scenario. These supplies include smoke bombs, flash bangs, a grappling hook (sixty foot range), a powerful taser, throwing knives, a communicator, a device to project a map of his surrounding area, and a pocket watch with a strong chain. (six smoke bombs, four flash bangs), the grappling hook requires time to wind back up and is only so durable, a street-level meta could probably cut it, the taser only has enough charge for five shocks, the communicator doesn’t work as well in chambers made of steel, the map is only so accurate as it uses a sonar pulse to detect and map the area, so it’s not perfect, and the chain could be snapped by a normal, just strong person.

Eclipse: A large floating orb that Victor uses as his main form of transportation. Victor can control and beckon this flight craft with a gauntlet on his wrist. The orb is extremely durable, able to resist strong missile fire. The orb is also very fast, able to travel at speeds of up to 250mph. The orb is capable of maintaining and mending moderate to serious wounds. The orb does have an air supply and allows for underwater and short-distanced space travel. The orb can go at top speed for about eight hours before needing to recharge (it’d take about a half day to restore to full charge), besides ramming targets the orb doesn’t have any form of counter defenses/attacks, the orb will lose its flight capabilities when hit with an EMP, and the Orb is only big enough to fit two people at a time, making it a poor method to get multiple people out of a situation.

Skull Crusher: Victor’s main weapon (outside of fist fighting). This large, two-handed mace, wouldn’t be usable (at least efficiently) by a normal person due to its immense weight (350lbs). The mace is incredibly durable and strong, able to dent steel without getting a scratch on it. The mace has a darker design, made of some dark metal. The mace could be blown up by a well-sized RPG and it’d be completely fine. Additionally, the mace can heated, and emit incredible temperatures, close to 3000 degrees, though due to an aura it emits will not exude that heat to things, not within a foot radius of the head of the hammer. The mace can only be heated for short durations (about three minutes before needing a twenty-minute cooldown), the hammer is magnetic and can be pulled away with a strong enough magnet, and the mace is difficult the use in tight areas and while it can melt through most walls it slows down the hit considerably.

The Minions

(There will be some added soon!)

The Fluff

Victor is a husband and dad first, he will drop any business he is currently on if his family needs him.

Victor will actually only do villainy on certain days of the week, as he considers it his job, otherwise he considers himself a normal citizen. If he is attacked, of course, he will defend himself, but he will advise against it.

Victor’s identity is actually known by a few governments of the world, but due to bribery and his previous work in the military for the allies he’s managed to continue his work as a villain unimpeded provided he doesn’t interfere with direct political matters.

Victor is a big fan of sweets and actually a dang good baker.

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Faust Empty Re: Faust

Post by Chellizard January 4th 2021, 1:40 pm

Approved and moved.

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