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Contest Cinis

Post by Nate6595 October 28th 2020, 3:23 am


"Ashes to ashes…"

The Bio

Real Name: Thomas J. Crowe
Villain Name: Cinis
Title: The Ash Maker
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5’7
Weight: 132lbs
Blood type: O Negative

The Looks

A man, if he can be called that, who would be labeled as an outcast or a hoodlum by appearance alone. His eyes either hold an empty sort of expression or that of a mad man, with a sickening grin to match. He is one the shorter side, in terms of height, but just on the cusp of being average. He’s thin and has a small frame, though not entirely unfit. Noticeably, his lips and eyes seem dried out, seeming as if he had been without water for some time. His hair is short, but a complete mess, no care has been put into it, though it doesn’t appear greasy. It has a light brown color, but is usually covered in specks of ash. His right arm is cut up, a long trail of scars covering it. More noticeably, however, is his left arm which has been completely covered in tight white bandages, his hand bearing an oversized brown glove. Beneath these bandages, if he reveals it, is an ashy black arm that looks almost like it’s made of stone. Several lines are cracked into it, glowing orange like there is a flame burning beneath it.

For attire, Cinis usually wears a heavy black and red overcoat, seeming to have padded its inside with fire retardant fabric. The hooded overcoat stretched down to just before his ankles and can be buttoned up. Beneath it, he wears a dark maroon shirt and black pants and boots. Usually the hood is drawn up and his face is covered by a black face mask, covering his chin, mouth, and nose. While his right hand is left exposed, he usually wears a heavy, slightly oversized brown workman’s glove, though it is covered and stained by ash and cinder. Occasionally, he will wear a full face mask, similar to what firefighters would wear with two small air canisters to breath from.

The Personality

Cinis is a strange individual. While going about his day to day, doing what little interaction is required of him, he’s a very quiet person. He rarely speaks and when he does it’s usually a phrase or two. Most would chalk him up to be unsocial or shy. Some might see a troubled individual underneath all that standoffishness, but that’s far from his true nature.
Cinis, in many ways, is a sadistic person. He takes delight in the pure suffering of others, wanting more than anything to earn the label of a villain. Nothing is more amusing to him than destruction, to put it simply. He wishes to see nothing more than the fall of society, especially the fall of the so called noble heroes. He is not, however, a complete loner. He may find an individual or two that his beliefs align with and actually manage to get along with them. He finds value in people who also seek destruction and can actually come off as friendly to them. A twisted sense of kinship…

The Story

Cinis’s story begins at a young age. He came from a loving home, a caring mother and a dedicated father. His well off uncle helped make sure that their home was taken care of and any hint of a financial struggle was quickly put to rest. It seemed as though young Cinis, or Thomas as he was known at the time, was on his way towards a good, fine life. One of enrichment and of little struggle, though not absent of morals or love.

Cinis’s life, however, would take a drastic turn, one of which he would never really recover from. Police reports say that it happened at midnight, but really it was closer to three in the morning. The house had awoken to a sinister, maddening laugh that echoed through the halls. At first, Cinis had not wanted to investigate. He didn’t want to know what cause such hideous laughter. It had made his deepest nightmares, his greatest terrors, shrivel up and get crushed like insects. But after that first echoing sound there was silence. The laughter had died and with all sounds in the house. Curiosity and rational thought fought at each other, arguing over whether not he should stay or go and see what was there.

In the end, curiosity had won the battle and the young Cinis slipped out from his bed. As soon as his hand had touched the knob he heard a new sound. It was his mother, screaming as loud as she could. It had jolted something in him and he with a sudden swing the door was open and he was running towards his parent’s room. He burst into the room and found a scene that he has played time and time again in his head. The villainous Mad Jack, the pumpkin headed terror, standing at the foot of his parent’s bed, scythe hand and his parents huddled together. Jack had lifted his scythe, set ablaze in a brilliant orange light, and began to laugh. And then Cinis started to laugh, madly, sorrowfully, endlessly.

Authorities arrived to a burning house. In the burning wreckage they managed to pull free young Cinis, who was lucky enough to survive with only a maimed arm. With how hot the house had been burning he should’ve been ash, but yet he survived. The damage on his arm never quite healed though, it remained, charred black like a piece burnt wood or stone. To this day, the cracks along it still hold a burning orange light and an unprotected hand would surely get burned upon it.

Cinis grew quiet in the weeks to follow, though at night in the hospital, the staff swear they heard a mad laugh coming from his room. When they went to check on him he was fast asleep and alone, not a single trace of activity besides the sleeping child. When he was discharged his uncle had sent him off to a boarding school so that he would be taken care of, but his time there would be short. He was labeled as a problem child, but understandable so. He was given therapy, but he rarely ever talked. Many doctors chalked it up to a stunted maturity growth, that he would be slow and unresponsive for some time.

This was far from the truth of the matter. To Cinis, everything was so clear. He wasn’t sad or afraid or even troubled as so many others told him he was. He was overjoyed, excited and happy. He had seen Jack tear apart his family in a searing blaze and had heard that laugh, that laugh that could only mean the pinnacle of joy. Young Cinis was determined to be able to experience that feeling as well. Joy from flame, joy from tearing apart people’s worlds, the joy of causing fear. He would follow in Jack’s footsteps and burn himself a new world.

The Powers

Ashfall: Through his burnt left arm, Cinis his able to conjure forth and control ash. He can create a thick cloud of ash and cinder, having complete control of it and its motions. The ash that is produced can be as common as ash from a wood burning fire, to as dangerous as the ash from a volcano which burns and can be extremely dangerous to lungs if inhaled. Further, Cinis can sense/detect movement within the clouds of ash and cinder he creates, heavily bolstering his reaction time. When in his cloud, if fired upon by standard firearms, Cinis would easily be able to dodge out of the way of them. He is resistant to heat that he creates from the ash and cinder.

Cinder Storm: If Cinis spends enough time channeling, he can create an entire sandstorm of cinder and ash. This is enough cinder and ash to fill an entire city, creating an incredibly dangerous environment to be in. Breathing becomes difficult, people may get mildly burn, visibility is significantly lessened, and the cinders may cause fires of their own.

Searing Pain: Using his ash, Cinis is able to coat his sickles in blackened ash and glowing cinders. When coated, while not very hot, can cause an afflicted target a searing pain, more so physic damage rather than actual, physical burning damage. The feeling, to those who don’t have physic resistances, would feel similar to getting whacked or stabbed by a searing hot poker, though the burning feeling persists for a few hours.

Blazing Fiends: It takes a bit of effort, but by condensing and shaping the ash and cinder Cinis is able to create sentient beasts made from cinder. The beasts are solely loyal to Cinis and will follow his every command without question. He can control them from long distances and can actually share senses with them, sight, scent, touch, and sound. (See Minions for details). Cinis, at most, can create about twenty or so fiends.

A True Nightmare: Cinis is able to create a sort of suit of armor out of his ash, cinder and physic energy. This shifting aura of ash and cinder around him, while it doesn’t do much good against blunt force attacks, can cause bullets and piercing attacks to slide off of him through the movement of the material around him. His ash and cinder around his hands become claw-like, able to inflict a more severe case of searing pain, the pain transmitted is tripled and would require stronger physic protection to mitigate the feeling. He can choose to only surround parts of his body, it does not have to cover his full form.

The Weaknesses

Evaporate: Water based attacks or actually having his arm submerged into water causes Cinis a great deal of pain. When it rains he usually keeps his arm covered so not to be exposed to that level of pain. Submerging wounds in cool water for a short bit (couple minutes) will ease Searing Pain.

Blunt Force: When using his cinder and ash as armor (A True Nightmare) while it negates/mitigates damage from piercing attacks, blunt force is not mitigated or negated as much and is the best way to carve through it. The force from blunter attacks can be felt through his armor and actual damage the person beneath.

After the Storm: After using Cinder Storm Cinis is unable to conjure forth any more ash or cinder, only able to control what he already has made. He must spend the next three days recharging before he can conjure forth ash and cinder again, and an entire week before he can risk doing another cinder storm.

Kindling: It takes about an hour or so for Cinis to be able to summon forth a cinder storm. In that time he is unable to produce ash and cinder and if his concentration is heavily broken from the task (getting hit for example) he must start over. He also releases high amounts of physic energy when he is charging it up, which, to those who can sense physic energy, is a dead give away of where he is.

Breathless: Despite having resistance to the ash and cinder he creates, Cinis can only breath so much of the stuff in. While he does control it and can force some of it out of his lungs, prolonged exposure does cause him some harm and will eventually lead to him having coughing fits. This limits the time he can spend in his clouds.

Snuffed Out: In order to be able to conjure for his cinder and ash Cinis needs his arm to be exposed to air. If it is covered, submerged, or otherwise snuffed out he will be unable to produce cinder and ash (though his arm will begin to heat up to point it feels like a fire).

Spark of Life: Each Cinder Fiend takes about ten minutes to make, which makes it extremely difficult to do so while in combat. Further, when sharing senses with a Cinder Fiend he himself is disconnected from his own, which leaves him open for attacks.

The Minions

The Items

Sickles: Taking after Jack, Cinis found himself a pair of small sickles. These sickles are made from wood and iron, making them rather normal, but when they are ignited they become significantly stronger. They’re more so for affect as he can use searing pain on his arms instead.

Ash Bombs: Similar to smokebombs, but instead they produce clouds of his own ash and cinder which he can control. He only carries around six though, and each cloud only covers about a ten foot radius.

The Fluff

Despite loving Jack and following in his footsteps, Cinis wants nothing more to kill Jack. This is not out of hatred for what Jack did to his parents, but rather out of love. Cinis wants to become the new Jack, replace him as the king of fear.

Cinis does want to, well, destroy civilization and other foundations of mankind, but he does not want to kill everyone and neither will he seek to go out randomly killing (though occasionally he does). He can actually hold a conversation with people he finds interesting and has even managed to make a few friends he’d work with and protect.

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Contest Re: Cinis

Post by Zonkes February 5th 2022, 4:46 pm

Approved, welcome Jack 2
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