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Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP]

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Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP] Empty Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP]

Post by Descendants October 27th 2020, 4:08 pm



The Bio

Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP] XFnVn5K

The Looks


The Personality


The Story


The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Aspect of Sin: Sin is a manifestation of the corruption and darkest desires of humanity. From these desires, some beings take their strength. Demons, devils, spirits; they go by many names. And from these Shiwa takes his power. Each transformation is unique and pulls upon the power of the Eldritch, the infernal energy that flows in the Hellfire Lake and the Black Throne.

Aspect of Pride (Lucifer): Appearance: When Aspect of Pride is activated, Shiwa is enveloped in a blinding white light. This lasts for only a second before it clears, bursting like scattered raindrops. Shiwa has taken on an appearance inspired by Lucifer, the First and Most Beautiful of His Archangels, Fallen due to his Pride, and King of Hell. Short cropped blond hair covers his head, a beautiful pair of wings adorn his back, while rams horns gently part his hair and curl over his ears. In this form, he wears no shirt, only a pair of loose white pants. His feet are bare. Across his bare chest is emblazoned the Seal of Satan, which glows faintly white.
Personality: While using Aspect of Pride, Shiwa embodies the arrogance and confidence that signifies this first of the deadly sins. Taunting and mocking, he is more focused on tearing his opponent down psychologically than fighting.
Powers: Aspect of Pride bestows upon Shiwa some small fraction of the near-limitless power of Lucifer, King of Hell.
The first of these powers is simply the ability of flight. This is a magical ability, despite his wings. Aspect of Pride enables Shiwa to fly at subsonic speeds. While flying, his wings are spread wide.
The second of these powers is photokinesis, or the ability to control and manipulate light. At his current power level, Shiwa can only release blasts of light in kinetic blasts,
The third of these powers is that of divine punishment.

Aspect of Greed (Mammon): Avarikinesis, Chrimatikinesis, Telekinesis

Aspect of Lust (Asmodeus): Pherokinesis, Supernatural beauty, Coniunciemkinesis

Aspect of Envy (Leviathan): Hydrokinesis, Fraud Embodiment, Kouklakinesis

Aspect of Gluttony (Beelzebub): Electrokinesis, Thiriokinesis (Flies/Pests), Quantakinesis

Aspect of Wrath (Satan): Physical Perfection, Inferna-Pyrokinesis, Living Weapon

Aspect of Sloth (Belphegor): Acedikinesis, Metaxikinesis, Umbrakinesis

Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP] OjQsRq6
Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP] FsJL3gm
Shiwa Kodomo (Azrael) [WIP] F3fmtaM
Spines: Long, flexible, vine-like appendages covered in wicked thorns and spikes and coloured a litany of colors. These whipping vines can pierce through flesh and metal with ease, while the thorns hook and catch to create a bouquet of blood and gore the longer things go on. These vine-like appendages can move and stretch and tend to whip out at things at ease.
Maw: A massive, terrifying, disconnected mouth filled with rows of teeth and a barbed tongue. Whichever creature this belongs to, it is a carnivore, meant to rip and devour flesh. This carnal display hovers around him, waiting for its next meal. The Eldritch Maw will devour any and everything fed to it, permanently removing it from this dimension into the eternal tract of the Eldritch beast.
Eye: A massive floating eye; slitted, red, within which flickers the horrors of the Eldritch. The size of a beach ball, it has autonomous movement and follows it’s master religiously. While the Eldritch Eye is in the mortal realm, Shiwa has a connection to it, able to share in it’s senses. This eye can pierce illusion, see through physical objects, and see all forms of life no matter where it’s hiding. It can also pierce the veil and see areas of magical interest, be it people or land. This eye, being an eye, is incredibly vulnerable to all forms of enhanced attack.

Eldritch Manipulation: The Eldritch isn’t a dimension; it is far more than that, a myriad of dimensions into itself, both microscopic and massive, everywhere and nowhere at once. If Angels draw their power from divine energy, Demons and Devils draw their power from the Eldritch. It is corruption incarnate, twisted and negative and everything the mortal world is not. The beings who reside in the Eldritch are equally twisted, beyond the scope of anything even the most twisted imaginations can conjure. As they must be, to survive in a world of such volatile energy. It is an incredibly hostile place, capable of destroying most life mere moments, reducing it to a fraction of memory.

It is this energy Shiwa has been granted the ability to manipulate. Eldritch energy can be manipulated in one of two ways; either directly or by mixing it with mana. The prior can create bolts, shields, and other simple abilities simply with thought or a gesture. Visible as a blackness in the air, Eldritch doesn’t damage in the traditional sense; rather, due to the esoteric properties it possesses, it rips apart most matter at the seams, rendering it into its disparate parts. It is also utterly immune to most forms of magic save for those pulled from its opposite, divine energy. Eldritch moves fast through the physical world, easily capable of taking out speeding airplanes.

If mixed with typical mana, however, several effects happen. First, any magic spell created with Eldritch is significantly powerful, with much more enhanced effects and longer durations, due to the esoteric nature of the energy. The spell additionally possesses both the properties of Eldritch and the magic used. For simple effects, such as creating a ball of flame or lifting a distant object, can be done easily. For complicated effects, however, it requires incantations and perhaps even components, such as certain flowers or gemstones of a certain quality.

Ritual Magic: There are things even Eldritch can’t do that, and for that, Shiwa has spent years mastering the art of rituals, hexes, and curses. Everything from fey spell circles to voodoo and potion brewing, Shiwa is a master of. These rituals take time, energy, and materials, with the more complicated magical effects taking more of all of them.

Descendant Physiology: Shiva is not human. Even beyond the powers he wields from the Black Ring, Shiwa is physically tougher and more resilient than any normal human, though he is still physically the most inferior of any Descendant. “Inferior”, however, is a relevant term, as Shiwa is still capable of absorbing point-blank bullet fire as it were confetti. When it comes to his other physical traits, he is peak human, save for his reflexes. In addition to this, his mental faculties are incredibly enhanced as well, granting him eidetic memory, enhanced reflexes, and a general heightened awareness of his surroundings.

Throne of Valhalla:

Shadow of Gungnir: black constructs

Blood of the Einherjar:

Staff of Wotan:

Eyes of Odin:

The Raven King:

The Spells

The Weaknesses


The Items

These items are kept on his person at all times, either because they’re useful or due to personal value.

The Black Ring:

The Mantle of Erishkegal: allows safe travel through any infernal domain, including the Eldritch; teleportation

Key to the Black Museum:

Amulet of Alexandria: enables tracking and identification of magic items

Limestone Knife:


These items may or may not be on his person, depending on the situation. Unless otherwise stated, each item here is permission based to be in the thread. When not on his person, unless stated otherwise, these items are held in the inaccessible Black Museum.


Fragarach: A blade from Irish folklore, said to be wielded by Nuada, the first High King. It is also called The Answerer. When held at the throat of any being, they become incapable of telling a lie. Due to the divine nature of the blade, it cannot be wielded by him for long, the blessed metal burning his infernal spirit, though it is safely contained within its scabbard.

[b]Staff of Merlin: An ancient, powerful staff said to belong to the first Wizard, Marlin the Powerful. While wielded by anyone with magical energy, it increases their magical energy thrice and gives them command over the natural world.

The Fluff


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