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Sif WIP Empty Sif WIP

Post by ShoddyHuman October 21st 2020, 5:28 am

Marceline Gullveig

"You know you’re not supposed to steal that, right?"

The Bio

Real Name: Marceline Gullveig
Hero Name: Sif
Nickname: Marci
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Descendant
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Dull copper
Height: 5’6
Weight: 132lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

Marceline has dull orange hair that falls to her shoulders, She usually wears worn looking blue jeans, and plain t-shirts, and a beat up military jacket even if it's 100 degrees outside.

The Personality

Marceline puts on a tough act, but she is actually very shy, avoiding people whenever possible. She has a bit of a short fuse, and usually comes off pretty abrasive. She will put her life on the line for her friends, and for total strangers if they are in trouble.

The Story


The Powers

Descendant Physiology
Enhanced Strength: Marceline can lift a small house off of its hinges, quite easily at max strength. Marceline at base strength can lift small cars.  

Enhanced Durability: Marceline can take the full force of a pickup truck moving at approximately 35 MPH without injury. At max, without summoning armor; Marceline can take the force of a semi truck moving at 65 MPH.

Enhanced Speed: Marceline at base can move at 35 MPH. At max, she can move upwards of 75 MPH.

Avarice Aura: Through this ability, Marceline can passively drain the physical abilities of those around her. She can not take any powers that she does not share with the people around her. (Strength, Durability, and Speed), however she can drain from normal humans as well. Objects will randomly disappear and appear into whatever bag, backpack or whatever she has at the time. She can only take as much as half of the person’s speed, strength, and durability. It will take 10 posts for her to reach her full potential if she is draining a normal person, and 5 posts to drain a normal person halfway. At max, this aura extends to 20 feet around her, 10 foot base. (Time changes depending on the character's power.) (Permission based)  

Shades of Greed: Marceline can use the strength from the people she stole it from to make a copy of them that will help her in fights. The copy will be at about half strength of the original, and will be glowing orange.

Spirit of Fafnir: This power only activates if she is in danger of dying. She can’t activate this power herself. When this is active It takes only two posts to drain someone of half their power, however this will let Marceline gain three times more power than normal. Her personality will change entirely. While normally she doesn't like to steal, and is a nice person, with this active she will instead steal anything valuable, and will fight or even kill those who get in her way.

Golden Armor: Marceline can form golden medieval knights armor, covered in intricate designs. This increases her durability substantially. It can cause the people around her to become more greedy, Even pushing some to rob stores that would normally never do so.

The Weaknesses

Touching the color green can temporarily cause Marceline to go into a state of paralysis. During this time, she will be unable to react to any sort of attack. Bronze does a similar thing to her, however; it is generally less intense, and she will simply move slower when touching bronze or she will  be forced to tell the truth.
When hit with a green or bronze object/weapon, she will take more damage that lasts longer; temporarily negating her durability.

If her copy is hit by any of the aforementioned colors, it will cease to exist and disappear from her copy inventory.

If any shellfish allergens get near her, she will go into anaphylactic shock which will cause her throat to swell up and she will start to suffocate.

Marceline has very sensitive knees, and getting hit in the knees will likely cause immense pain, and possibly injure her enough that she will not be able to fight. In addition, if injured there bad enough - a broken bone for instance - she will have trouble using her abilities at all. The more she is drained of her ability, the worse this weakness gets.

Marceline is terrified of insects. She freaks out at the sight of any “creepy crawlies” that may come her way.

Marceline is really bad with heights, and she will suffer from severe vertigo when faced with falling or climbing downwards.

The Items


The Fluff


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