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Puff, The Magic Human

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Contest Puff, The Magic Human

Post by Rorking September 23rd 2020, 2:10 am

Puff, The Magic Human


"When in doubt, fire cures all things"


The Bio  

Real Name: Unknown

Renegade Name: Puff, The Magic Human

Title: The Mad Mage

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hair: Orange, looks like fire

Eyes: Red


Weight: 180

Blood type: 0


The look

In passing Puff doesn't look out of the ordinary being average height and size. If you were to get a good look at him, you'd notice quickly things are off about him. The first thing that catches your attention is his hair, looking like a flame dancing around his head until you realize it's just the way it naturally looks. The orange tint of his skin and natural red eyes is another hint to the fact he possibly isn't from this world.  

In the clothing department, Puff mostly wears sweatpants and a T-shirt with a pair of sneakers when out in public. when doing whatever he thinks is helping the people he wears cargo pants and a leather jacket with a fire emblem poorly stitched on the back. He also wears a headband that seems to be made of rope and goes barefooted to feel like he's home again.

The Personality

From what he remembers of himself from where he came from, Puff was certainly on the shortlist of people to avoid. He mostly went in alone but if he deemed you as a friend he would latch on and never forget that fact till the day he died.  

Ever since arriving here, he can sense that is no longer the case. He has come to this conclusion after realizing his impulses are no longer a part of him. Even with that in mind he still fears he might still have it deep inside of him as he can still hear the voice deep inside his mind.

The Story

When looking back at the events that lead him up to this point, Puff could only see fragments. One moment he sees what looks like a giant golden beast staring him down before a bright light engulfs him, another moment he finds himself handing a child a jar before the child hands him a coin....or is that a piece of gold? The more he tried to think back the fuzzier it got; the only thing he knew for certain was the fact he seems to be laying on the hard stone ground in a dark alley somewhere. As he sat up and looked around, he was only able to glance around for a moment before he heard a noise that jerked him to his feet. Before he knew it, he was already running straight in the direction of the noise. Making it out of the alley, Puff was quickly able to see what made the noise as before him was a man standing no more than a couple of feet away. As Puff was about to react to the man he saw him jump to the right as a strange carriage looking thing went flying passed, as the man landed fired back a bolt of lightning. As Puff approached the man he heard “halt citizen, you must evacu...” before another carriage came flying past hitting the man and sending him flying, as he flew, he dropped some kind of shiny object onto the ground.  


Puff dove for the object as he heard whatever is throwing these machines come charging down the street, he just got his hands on it when he felt a large hand grab his leg. Within seconds he was hanging upside down looking directly into a giant eye with a giant blue iris. “looks like I got another pipsqueak to add to my lunch” the monster roared at Puff, without thinking Puff shot back “We’ll see who the pipsqueak is when we’re done, I’ve already fought your kind and look who lived to tell the tale.” As the words left his mouth Puff was taken back for a moment, his shock quickly shaken off as the monster started to laugh at his comment. Taking the moment to strike Puff quickly threw a punch filled with flames into the creature's eye, only a moment later did Puff feel the cold hard ground once again. This time quickly getting back to his feet, Puff quickly spotted the monster he was almost inside as it just swatted as the air without its eye to let it know what is ahead. As Puff stared with a smile on his face he suddenly felt a ping go down his spine, in the back of his mind he heard a voice ring out “Puff thinks you should finish off the creature, Puff says you he is no use to you.” has the voice rang out he clutched his head as if he was stuck with a bad migraine, “what was this voice and why does it sound so familiar” Puff thought to himself. As he finally regained his sense he felt the hairs on his neck stand up as a ball of electricity went zipping past him, as Puff looked up at it he saw as the ball jumped into the air and hit the creature hard enough to send it way over the horizon before a huge wave flew back and slammed Puff into a building behind him with enough force to make him see darkness.  


As the darkness surround him, Puff could feel his body go numb as he lost all feeling in his body. As he floated in the darkness, he suddenly saw a flash before feeling all the numbness fade away and the darkness vanishes around him. Puff suddenly felt something sniff and lick his face, as he opened his eyes he slowly muttered “w..Wolfgang?" as his eyes fully opened, he saw what looked like a hell-beast standing over him before it started to growl at him. Shocked awake Puff quickly threw his hands on the ground, within seconds he felt the ground open up underneath him as he and the Hell-beast fell through a portal of his creation. After falling for what felt like an hour Puff flipped around and saw he was falling to earth fast, thinking quickly he started shooting fire out of his hands hoping it will give him enough power to land softly. Before long Puff found himself faceplanting onto the hard ground, luckily the fire stream slowed him enough that he only lost three teeth. Looking around to see where he landed, Puff noticed a familiar-looking man lying in the dirt a foot away. Getting to his feet Puff realized he could feel he did not have much strength left in him, staying to fight would be a losing battle at this point. Running over to the man he quickly grabbed him and yanked him to his feet before he started dragging him down the street, wasn’t long after that Puff felt the weight of dragging a man double his size suddenly lift as the realized the man was now walking beside him with his arm over Puff’s shoulder. A moment later Puff heard the man mutter out “Who are you?” as he noticed the destruction on the buildings around him were getting less and less, with a smile on his face Puff quickly replied “I’m not sure myself If I’m being honest, What I do know though is this is the beginning of a fantastic friendship.”  

The powers

1.Fire Magic: Puff has spent years using his natural attraction to fire to learn many fire-based abilities. abilities such as:  

1a. Fire Manipulation: Through force of will and spirit, he learned the art of being able to move fire at will. this power also allows him to create fire at will, the more he concentrates on the creation the more powerful the fire will be.

1b. Fireball: Puff has the ability to shoot a ball of fire out of his hand, for every ten seconds he allows the fire to build up the stronger the ball of flames will be.

1c. Healing Fire: Through many years of training and burning many animals, Puff learned he can heal an injury as severe as reattaching a severed limb.

2.Fire Portal Creation: After years of training, Puff gained the ability to rip open the fabric of space and time and open a portal to either a spot insight or a place he can vividly remember.

3. Wild Magic: Puff has the ability to let his magic power build up until it explodes into a giant mass of magic to the point he can take down a giant if he lets it build-up for more than five minutes.

The Weaknesses

1a. he can't control the fire if it's unnatural, the only times that is possible is if the source is himself.

1b. His fireballs are not entirely in control once they leave his hand, this has caused him to be very wary of using them unless he knows it's urgent or damages will be at a minimum  

1c. if he doesn't focus when using his healing fire, he can burn the person he is trying to heal, this will leave them more scarred and hurt then before.

2a. The portals Puff is able to make has the defect that anyone can really use them if he is not careful, he better be sure no one is right behind him when he uses them to escape any pursuers. this same issue causes them to be very useless in battle since they are very visible rings of fire.  

2b. The portals also have the issue that since he needs to know where the portals will open up, this makes his destination choices limited to the point the portals aren't that useful when scouting out places.  

3. When it comes to his magic explosion power it is a very risky maneuver, doing so can cause him to lose his magic for one hour for every minute he lets this power charge up.  

The items

1.Necklace he wears with a crystal tied to it, will sometimes grab it to mentally focus a spell on a location.

2. A quarterstaff he carries around for a weapon

3. a broken pistol he stole off an evil guy for a souvenir, he killed him shortly after but he deserved it.

4. a couple of jars of water he doesn't seem to want to explain what exactly is in them.

The fluff

Puff can often be found reading strange books with no traceable origin and written in a strange language  

Puff can sometimes be found having full-length conversations with himself, this is mostly from his flashes he calls "What came before"

The RP Sample

Puff rounded the corner and took off running in the direction of anywhere but here, only taking a momentary glance back to make sure his pursuers were still behind him. As he looked back, he had just enough time to slam on his heels to avoid slamming into a wall. when he came to a stop in front of the wall, he slowly started turning around to face his pursuers.  

"That's the end of the line for ya 'Puff and Stuff,' no way you're getting out of this" one of them mocked him. "Ya, now hand over those books of yours and we promise to only cut you slowly." another said to him while holding a knife.

"Puff thinks now would be an appropriate time to portal" the little voice in his head rang out, for once Puff agreed with it. Raising his hands in the air he quickly snapped his fingers which caused a portal to open on the wall behind him. In one fluid motion, Puff jumped backward into the portal, as he flew through the air, he took the time to slowly lower his arms as two fingers slowly raised before he vanished into the portal.  

"where the hell did he go?" the third one asked as he looked at the others.  

Just as the first one took a step forward to investigate the portal a fireball came shooting out just missing hitting him in the chest, his comrades were not as lucky as the knife-wielding one took one to the hand and the dumb one took one directly to the head sending him flying back. As the now Knifeless one fell back in pain the leader of the group looked back at the portal just in time to see a brick slam into the dirt before the portal disintegrated. As the leader slowly approached the brick he could tell it had a note attached, as he picked it up he was could tell it reads: "When you mess with the Puff, he's gonna take your scruff."

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Contest Re: Puff, The Magic Human

Post by Zonkes October 27th 2020, 12:46 am

Approved and moved.

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