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Argo Maxx

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Argo Maxx Empty Argo Maxx

Post by Zonkes September 18th 2020, 1:18 am

Argo J. Maxx

"Our business is concluded. Please do not make me call security. Or do. I have a direct line with someone very scary."

The Bio

Real Name: Argo J. Maxx
Villain Name: Doctor Noxium
Titles: The CEO of Gen-X Power Solutions
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 39 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human, slightly modified
Hair: Brown, styled and coiffed to perfection
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 146lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

The Personality

All Business - Argo is a man who dispassionately lives his everyday life. He is known as a cold man when it comes to his work, and will not show sympathy or remorse when swinging the hatchet for his employees. However, it is known that he is a good boss that keeps his employees happy and well equipped with whatever they need.

Charming - When in the public eye, and when dealing with his employees en masse. Argo is extremely charming, and has been stated to be able to “Sell sand to a man in the middle of a desert”. His silver tongue can get him in and out of many situations by its power alone.

Doctor Noxium - Doctor Noxium is a man who radiates menace and power. His approach to villainy might seem a bit cartoony, but his voice alone projects so much weight that he cannot help but appear as a threat to the average person.

The Story

During the third attack on New York, many businesses were destroyed. One such business was an insurance company which ironically didn’t cover supervillain attacks. Lincoln Sinclair was the CEO of this business, and was in the building when the attack took out his building.

Lincoln was finishing up some paperwork that he had been putting on hold. He was just getting ready to scan it and file it away when the explosion rocked his building. Lincoln was sent flying through a window and was trapped under debris. He didn’t stand a chance, and yet; there was someone else there with him. A girl, maybe 12 or 13 holding up the rubble just so he could escape.

He ran quickly and when he looked back, saw her eyes lose focus as her power released itself and she was trapped under the rubble.

No one knows what happened to the girl, but Lincoln Sinclair legally changed his name after this day and started pouring money into a new business venture that quickly grew. Gen-X Power Solutions.

The company had major investors within days of announcing its opening. The company promised to bring the powers of metahumans to the average Joe and Jill. Self defense and utility on a level that people could only dream of before, in the palms of their hands.

Their first real product, a simple back brace that allowed people to lift cars sold well, and was set at a price point that kept the company afloat. Their next product, a hair growth formula also sold fairly well, though less so.

It was their opening of “treatment clinics” that put them over the edge. These clinics had people enter tubes to activate their latent metagenes using a variety of methods. They even offered Spark treatments so that people could trial their abilities before deciding if they wanted a subscription to the ability. The treatment clinics were on a varying price point, meaning that middle class families could actually get the lowest possible treatment plan without much worry.

Meanwhile, a new villain known as Doctor Noxium began terrorizing superheroes. Using technology eerily similar to those that Gen-X sells. What is the purpose of this new threat?

The Powers

Metal Transmutation - Through subdermal implants in his fingers, Argo can transmute metal into any other element on the periodic table of elements. Notably gold and platinum.

Super-Strength - With a cybernetic back brace and arm supports that slip underneath of a suit jacket. These allow argo to lift cars with ease, and throw his opponents up to 40 feet away.

Flight - With the assistance of jets located in his boots, Argo is able to fly at speeds reaching forty miles an hour with enough control to fly between obstacles in the air.

Force Fields - Argo’s force field projector is capable of redirecting lethal hits from super strong opponents like it was nothing.

Research and Development - Argo has a visor that allows him to record and analyze opponents fighting styles and abilities. His research team will use this information to develop new technology for him once they have enough info to attempt replication.  

R&D 2 - Argo’s visor also downloads the fighting style of his opponents to nanobots swimming around his blood stream. These nanobots send electrical impulses to Argo’s brain that allow him to copy almost any move the enemy makes.  

More Money Than God - Argo technically has a virtually unlimited amount of funds at his disposal.

The Weaknesses

EMP - Most of Argo’s abilities are reliant on power to work. When an electromagnetic pulse is sent into his systems, they will shut down.

EMP 2  - Due to the nanobots in Argo’s blood stream, in EMP will also send a massive shock to his system and knock him out almost instantly.

Metal Transmutation - Argo has to have enough of a given metal and reasonably understand its atomic properties in order to change it into another element. Argo has to be able to see the metal in question and touch it. Argo cannot transmute anything larger than a spoon. A concussive force to Argo’s hands will disable the sensors and force them into recalibration.

Super-Strength - Argo’s back brace overheats very easily, and if he attempts to lift anything more than a small vehicle; it will heat up enough that his back begins to literally cook. The device will then break and have to be repaired and recalibrated.

Flight - Blocking the jet holes on his boots will cause them to explode.

Force Fields - Argo’s force fields extend about 5 feet from his body. If someone is inside that space when it activates, then the force field will either fail; or they will not be able to protect him from that person.

Research and Development - Breaking the visor’s glass will stop the stream of information to his team. Obscuring his vision is a good way to ensure that he can’t capture anything. Cutting the wi-fi in an area will stop the transmission to his nanobots. Argo can only imitate moves and fighting style that either he or his tech can achieve. In addition when fighting multiple opponents, Argo’s visor will stop downloading information to avoid mental damage. If an opponent rapidly changes their fighting style or has a highly complex fighting style, it will overload the system and cause a failure in the system. If not shut down soon enough, it can cause brain damage.  

Money - Argo’s accounts are technically not under the name of Argo Maxx. They are shadow accounts that could be broken into with the right information and temporarily shut down. Argo does not keep much cash on him.

Social Weakness - Argo has a soft spot for kids. If a child is in danger, he will drop everything to ensure their safety before he continues the fight. When possible, Argo will do anything to assist them. He actively donates to schools, funding for children's charities, and visits a hospital once a week in Minnesota. Argo will limit his strongest attacks in populated areas and areas that he is aware children should be such as schools. Argo will actively antagonize villains in such areas in order to lead them away from the area.

The Items

Argo has access to many items, including private jets and cars.

The Fluff

Argo is the CEO of a fortune 500 company known as Gen-X power solutions.

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Argo Maxx Empty Re: Argo Maxx

Post by Kubi Tsuru September 18th 2020, 12:10 pm

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