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Michael  Empty Michael

Post by Cerek August 19th 2020, 2:31 pm


"Unity, order, efficiency."-Orion motto

The Bio

Real Name: Unknown
Villain Name: None
Title: Orion CEO
Alignment:Lawful neutral
Age: 57
Hair:Brunette, short and curly
Blood type:A+

The Looks

Michael  -it6tx10

The Personality

To your face Michael is a warm and charismatic man, a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. The great divide between what he was forced to show and who he was is the Grand canyon. There's nothing... There is nothing in Michael but cold drive and unhindered potential for violence if need be. He is the physical embodiment of a company striving only to be more profitable and efficient. The only time an emotion may show is when his company does badly or his plans have gone awry. Furthermore there is some psychosis at play, something that makes him believe he is somehow connected to his company, not by law or on paper but spiritually they are one. He has a particular disgust for none humans and frankly not ver fond of other races in his own species. Of course all hidden behind that friendly corporate smile.
The Story

The corporate head of Orion Tech&PMC is also the face of his company for the sheer charisma and linguistic skills he brings to the masses and board room. Michael had a rather tumultuous life living with his mother, he had a decent life minus the racial tension that existed in the small Louisiana town he grew up in. It was inevitable that he'd absorb some of it as his family for generations has held on to racists views against non whites. Despite his view Orion has never been affected even in hiring standards by any racial divide. There was always something else about Mchael that was a bit off as well, he wouldn't react to things the way most children did. He had a very quiet and observant demeanor and always curious about the workings of the world. He would roll away large boulders and look for ants and just stare, watching them move rank and file in their perfect order. Once in a while he's kill one and watch as others took it's place as the life of one didn't matter to the whole.

One day when he was 16 Michael came home to their country style house, his mother with her feet up on the couch having a drink and watching her "programs". She was too busy at first to notice the streak of blood he forgot to clean off his sleeve, but he didn't make it far upstairs before she caught the iron rich stench of blood wafting in the air. "Michael? Michael! What the hell is that smell? That reeks get it out of the damn house." Michael paused... He was typically very respectful and quick on his responses to his mother, not that he really cared for the "old bitch of a cow" as he out it. But just to play the part of son as he was expected. But this was a bit of a sticky situation as he stood halfway up the stairs with his mother coming. How would he explain if Marcie's body. All he wanted to do was see how long Marcie's parents would go on missing their daughter before they replaced her, creating life is easy as he read it so they could just birth a new Marcie and replace the lost one and return to maximum efficiency. It was pretty easy to kill her too, she was always kind of a bimbo and easily baited to the woods by fake texts from Harvey that jock prick.

To be honest he probably wouldn't have chosen her as his test subject if she wasn't such a stuck up bitch refusing his advances, like she was so damn great. Not like Michael wanted to marry her, she was such an airhead but had a great body. No great loss really, there were so many other girls for him to choose from. The current problem was his mother who by now realized the blood stain and that he'd done something awful. It was certainly not part of his original plan but it seemed mother had to die now, it was doubtful she would be cooperative or at the least passive about Michaels activities. It was odd though, she seemed to be fine at first if not in shock or simply deathly silent. Until dinner was ready and she knocked Michael out with a thick glass dish made for casseroles. He awoke hours later in the cellar bound in rope with a bad headache. Seems she was a bit sharper than Michael predicted and now the situation was growing more dire, if his secret got out his life was through.

Ma was a pretty old school kinda woman, didn't believe much in things like mental health or psychology as opposed to Michael. Her way of dealing with the ills of the world was the good book, pray away all the bad because God protects his lambs. She came to see Michael again when she heard him rustling around in the cellar and brought her black bound bible. It could have been weeks or days for Michael, he didn't keep count. He was beaten and tortured in ways that rival inquisitors of the Pope, the woman had little hesitance in whipping him and cleaving some flesh. Perhaps she was fueled by the news reports of a local highschool girls body found murdered and dumped like trash at a landfill. Tossed into a valley, broken apart by rocks and wild animals. He put on an act, the act he'd had to put on all his life as he cried and screamed and begged for his mommy not to hurt him, it even looked like it might have worked for a moment. But she was now too keen to her sons falsehoods and saw right through him. Even as she "made him repent" and prayed so hard, she was scared of him.

She came to the ultimate realization that this might be something she couldn't get out of the boy with God, it came to the point where she considered just killing her evil seed. Michael showed no remorse and ever a desperate need to escape his bonds like a trapped animal. It was particularly fortunate the police came by to question Michaels mother having found a medical bracelet for some ailment near the body of the young girl. When she didn't answer the door they took it upon themselves to enter the home upon hearing what could be muffled screams. It was a fast flurry of actions when the cops came upon a scrawny beaten and bloody kid on the floor before this larger woman. Her hand raised with a butchers knife in it just as the police entered the room, "Police! Drop the kni-" But before he even finished, maybe out of shock or desperation she swung down... But the bullet was faster. That was that, Michael had won this little struggle and would be free.

Decades later Michael had become a master of the corporate world, weaving and worming his way up. He left a swath of destruction where he went as lives were insignificant to profit, a number of bitter and vengeful people watched with envy the rise of Michael. His well ordered and highly intelligent mind gave him an almost inhuman advantage in his field and secured him a job with Orion. He proved himself numerous times as the companies stocks would show and was rewarded by being placed as the head of Project Hephaestus. Even other executives began to grow envious of the achievements of Michael, some conspired against him, though Michael did perceive this. In his bid for power and control Michael did not over reach his grasp, a lesson he learned when his mother nearly killed him. He would plot and sit and bide his time. It was a clear and sunny day when the CEO at the time June Carter fell from on high out of a malfunctioning helicopter. Truly a tragic incident, Michael even offered to pay for the funeral in all his grief. Of course there was no public mention made from any executives how Michael was now to usurp the CEO position. He had effectively claimed the throne through blood and back stabbing.

He now leads Orion with a machines mind and the iron gauntlet. A multi national corporation with it's own old secrets, Michael and Orion are like a single entity now who's purpose and origin are only known to a few.

The Powers

Clones: A secret Orion project, part of the genetics research branch. The cloning center operated exclusively by Michaels clones provide numerous bodies for his mind to control. To present the research teams involved have managed to incorporate 100 clones without overloading the master mind.
Hive mind: Michael controls all his clones seeing through all of their eyes at once. The complexities of attaching so many visual receptors telepathically to one massive brain causes a number of issues which are managed by staff.
CEO: Being the leader of a corporation puts many resources at Michael's disposal. There are limiting factors however with such a large and government monitored corporation.
The Weaknesses

Secrecy: Keeping his less than legal activities from government investigators can prove troublesome. Finding the deepest and darkest secrets of Michaels dealings could easily ruin him and the company he is so deeply tied to.
Psionics: Psychic powers disrupt the connection between Michael and his clones causing them to respond autonomously, sometimes connection to some is lost permanently.
Order: His absolute need for order manifests itself in less than desirable ways. He has a need to place objects in his environment in a certain order, if they are out of order his mind cannot keep focus on anything else.
Proper channels: Due to being a multi national corporation Orion and Michael are always under observation, this can make allocating funds for secret projects difficult. As such though Michael has access to vast wealth, using it for his personal ventures and problems is often a long and draining task. His personal wealth and the companies wealth are kept separate as well.

The Items

Teleport beacon: A tiny device surgically implanted in Michaels wrist along with his clones. It has a global range but only leads back to the secret cloning facility nd takes many hours to recharge.
The Minions

The entirety of Orion
The Fluff

-Over time the cloning process seems to have caused male pattern balding in each new generation of clones.
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

" />
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Michael  Empty Re: Michael

Post by Zonkes September 20th 2020, 9:09 pm

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