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Out and About

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Out and About Empty Out and About

Post by Saber Claw June 9th 2020, 11:29 pm

Gun shots rang throughout the streets of New York City. Sirens blaring and lights flashing, filling the still air with chaos. Muffled between the commotion are what would normally be low level thief's but coupled with the tech that they don, make them more formidable to local Police Officers. They stand outside a bank, defending what is going on inside. "Tommy! Watch your side. They're trying to squeeze in on us!" One man yells to his associate. The thuds and clunks of the tech suit can be felt sending small tremors through the ground as they traverse that bank grounds. A bright red laser burns past an Officer and slices through a parked car causing it to explode, the concussion sending the Officer flying into the side of a building

"Come on! You got it yet?" One of the thief's yells impatiently to another inside the vault. "These lasers are supposed to be able to cut through the vault. Several clamps emerge from the arms of the associate cutting into the vault and clamp into the holes  and begin to extract the vault door. "Almost there. Why not go help outside? You're bothering me."
The other associate grumbles to himself as he heads outside toward the explosions and gun fire.

"We have a 10-45 in progress, we need back-up now control." The lead Officer on site yells into his radio as he ducks from laser fire. "We are completely out gunned here." He takes aim over he hood of his cruiser and takes several shots which ricochet off the tech suits. "Excuse me Officer." A voice rumbles from overhead. Energy-X lands beside the lead Officer.  "I'll do my best to assist." Energy-X grins and energy blasts fire from his hands knocking a thief to the ground causing the others to concentrate fire on Energy-X.
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