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Lord of the Dead

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Lord of the Dead Empty Lord of the Dead

Post by ghost April 28th 2020, 8:13 pm

Lord. Tillman

"Lord of the Dead"

The Bio

Real Name: Gashtin H. Tillman
Hero Name: - - -
Title: Lord. Sir.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 205
Blood type: A+
Astrological sign: Scorpio

The Looks

His hair is cut short, a military style medium fade. He has a light scar that starts at the top of his left ear and disappears into his hair, the other end could be seen on the other side of his head showing that it goes from ear to ear. Gashtin's skin is tan, his hand's are callused, and there are small scars on his fingers and palms, signs of his hard work on the farm when he was a kid. He doesn't speak with a southern draw even though he was raised in the deep south of Georgia. He usually wears a wide brim fedora and a trench coat. Under all of that is the usual priestly garbs, a black button up shirt with whit color, black pants, and basic black dress shoes. His weapon, usually a .45 handgun, is either tucked under his arm in a holster or concealed behind his back tucked into his pants.  Gashtin is usually clean shaven but has been known to let scruff up between business meetings. He tucks a silver cross that hangs from his neck under his shirt and usually has a rosary in his pocket. It's made of fish bone... or so he was told. A pack of cigarettes can often be found in his coat jacket, he likes to smoke when he thinks.

The Personality

By the Law: He follows the law as presented to him by the Church. Some things, though they may seem to be evil in the eyes of mortals, are God ordained and required of him. The death of people for the furthering of the church may be needed and he takes out the targets he is presented with. He tries not to think or question what they present to him even if it does give him nightmares from time to time. Gashtin does keep the laws of the land as much as possible, tires not to speed, doesn't give alcohol to the underaged, he would even do his best to help an old lady across the street.

Calculating: When presented with a problem Gashtin thinks a lot about it. He goes through all of the what ifs and what to do if they happen and plans accordingly. He has been known to take an extra step or two before walking doing what is required of him. He is also really good at chess, learned it when he was a kid and never gave up on it, his cardinal used to pick on him for it. This characteristic can also be seen in how he keeps things around the room tidy and clean. His weapon is always ready to be fired. His car is always prepped for travel. He has Go bags stashed in multiple airports around the world, and those are the ones the church doesn't know about.

Doubtful? Maybe a little. When you are in this line of work for more then ten years it starts to wear on you. He has thought about the black arts and their strength. Has even meditated and centered himself, whatever that means. He has been known to dabble in things that the church might not find so fond, but his past was no help, it's like he was predisposed to the dark end of things. He holds the opinion that, yes he is a Priest, but for that reason alone shouldn't he understand what his enemy believes? Or is that just one of the excuses he uses to practice what he wants?

Family oriented: Gashtin has a long and wide family tree. He is close to most of his cousins and almost all of his immediate family. He is the youngest of twelve, he has three uncles and four aunts, each of them have kids, both his father and mother are still alive, and so are his grandparents. It is even rumored that his great grand parents are alive as well, but no one has seen them in years, disappeared into Asia maybe. Though it is large he tries his best to stay in touch and cultivate his relationships with them.

The Story

Born into a loving family, Gashtin thrived when he was a child. When he started school he was quickly noted as one of the brightest in his class. Skipping 9th and 10th grade all together he graduated early and eventually went to college, Harvard to be exact. Traveling to the united states from Europe was hard on him and he quickly found himself drawn more toward the religious aspects of life. Ever sense he was a child he dabbled into the unknown, his family knew full well what was going on and even supported him. They were not a Christian family. When Gashtin was 18 his father invited him to join him in ritual, his father was a high priest of the Chaos Magicians order High Sparrow. Gashtin, wanting to please his father and curious at heart joined in with no questions asked.

When he found himself at college it was odd for him to be drawn toward Christianity. There was something about it though, a stability that he liked. After he started classes at the local monastery he was soon baptized. He eventually changed his major to Christian studies. Once he earned his bachelors degree he quickly applied to seminary and was accepted. The last few years were difficult. He learned ancient Greek and Latin, studied history of the church and took great interest in the middle ages, even if he did get his lowest grades in those classes.

Once he was ordained, Gashtin was sent to pastor a church in Alaska. Spreading the word of Christ he won many souls and quickly found himself leading a church of thousands. The Cardinal noticed this large movement and started to fund some of his outreach programs. A few years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, he was invited to see the Cardinal in Vatican City. His relationship with the man started slowly. He was first given medial tasks, like getting coffee, teaching his nephew ancient Greek, and talking to the man in English for practice. After a few years, after they got to know and trust one another, he was tasked with more difficult missions. The first one was to convert a local pastor to Catholicism, he used the presents of force, showing him an AK-47 and threats. The man fell into line. Later Gashtin was tasked with killing a leader of a rival church. He found the mission more difficult than the last, he knew that if he past it he would be welcomed into the Cardinals inner circle. He did what he had to do.

It was at his last meeting with the Cardinal when it happened, when he touched him on the shoulder. A power seemed to flow through him, he couldn't control it, it was like a wave, he had to fight to breath, fight to swim to the surface, and by that time it was too late. Creatures stood all around him. No, he wouldn't dare say they were people. Though, they were humanoid and had all of the features of normal humans, but their skin hung from exposed bones, their skulls open to the air. The noise they made, the moaning was almost maddening, like a baby crying, yet, this sound made him want to run away, not toward. He was almost out of the door when the Cardinal had stopped him. He explained that it was a gift from god, that he was awarder it for his duties to the church. With a kneel Gashtin accepted.

To this day Gashtin spends what time he can with his family, when not with them he is off doing the missions the Cardinal gives him. He often wonders weather or not his truly are from God, but who is he to question the Church?

The Priority

1. Reaction    
2. Agility        
3. Endurance
4. Strength    

The Powers

Necromancy: Gashtin was given the ability to animate the bodies of the dead. This effectively makes them his slaves, though they can be difficult to control at times. The souls of the people have already past, the people are animated by a different means. They can be animated in part, arms only, or in whole, the entire body. Only able to animate 20 at a time.

Arcane Casting: Gashtin has at his fingertips the power to bless and curse, it has been given to him by God through the hand of the Cardinal.

- Blessing: Gashtin is able to bless objects, buildings, or a space around him that extends 20 meters in diameter. If the building has multiple floors, the one he is on is blessed along with the one above and the one bellow. Whatever is blessed, if it is held (like an object), or if a person is within the 20 meters around him, if they have ill will towards Gashtin they become weak. Their muscles become sore and they become a level weaker than they usually are (Super strength turns to Olympic strength, Olympic strength turns to bodybuilder, and so on). Ill will is defined as wanted to do physical harm to Gashtin specifically, raising security because they think they are being threatened does not count. The effects are opposite for Gashtin, his strength increases by one and when injured the pain takes longer to be felt (one post). If he looses an arm, his arm will be gone, though the pain of the attack will be postponed. - Lasts for 5 posts - 2 post cool down - PERMISSION BASED


- Curse: Gashtin can curse objects, buildings, or a space around him that extends 20 meters in diameter. When touching a cursed object or when within the cursed space all people (other than the castor) is filled with dread and fear, a pain creeps into their body that will become unbearable in 3 posts. The pain will start were contact was first made with the object or space and will end 1 post after they leave the space or drop the item. - Lasts for 5 posts - 2 post cool down - PERMISSION BASED


The Weaknesses

Heights: Gashtin is afraid of high places. He freezes up, he can't think clearly, his body becomes sweaty, his stomach turns, he almost becomes useless. He does fine as long as it isn't obvious that he's so high up. If he is on the third floor of a building, it would be ok as long as he doesn't look out the window. Because of this he also avoids airplanes.

Power Instability: The creatures that he brings to life are difficult to control. They tend to attack everyone when given freewill, so he limits how many he summons and it takes a considerable amount of mental ability to guide them in the direction he needs them to go. When they are summoned his attention is easily divided, this has left him open to attack in the past. Not to mention the mark on his shoulder throbs now and again when he uses the ability, this adds to his distraction.

Over Confidant: After Gashtin learns something, like fighting, a new spell, or whatever it is, he tends to be over confidant in his abilities, going into situations without fully thinking things through. This tends to be the exception, but it does happen.  

Magic Vulnerability: If one of the curses/blessings are effected by a magical item the attack backfires and Gashtin becomes the target of a curse.  

The Items

Rosary: The item was blessed by the Pope himself. When used a supernatural peace washes over Gashtin. When he is worried or stressed, when he is in pain or anguish, he can always rely on the rosary to bring him back to center and allow him to think. - This is a non combat item - effects last 5 posts - 5 post cool down -

Cursed Coin: A normal looking quarter that Gashtin keeps in his pocket. He likes to toss it to an unwitty target to make the job a little easier. - See Cursed -

Cross: Around his neck hangs a silver crucifix.  

Vile of Holy Water: Holy water, though it can be sprayed on the possessed and maybe even vampires, it is also able to heal minor wounds. Large cuts (non-arterial) and scrapes can be healed completely while larger wounds like a missing limb or organ it may only be able to stop the bleeding. It takes 2 posts for a wound to fully heal after the application, on major wounds the bleeding will stop in one post.


Handgun: The handgun is a .45 Sig Sauer P220 Legion. Black. 8 Round magazine.

Basic Spy Equipment: He has a bag full of armature spy equipment, a large camera, a camera the size of a pen, two vehicle tracking device and their receivers, phone jacking equipment, and 10 trackers able to place on clothing. In the bag is also three sticks of C4, their detonator, and a watch capable of connecting to each of the trackers and the explosives.  

Mark of the Beast: On his shoulder Gashtin has the mark of a white hand, it'sthe last place the cardinal had touched him. Sometimes it burns when he uses his necromancy. Sometimes he wonders if the mark means something more...


The Minions

Zombies: The living dead, though, these creatures cannot transfer their state to others; It is not an illness; these things are raised by other means. They rely primarily on numbers to overwhelm their target, pulling, biting, scratching, or anything else to harm their opponents. They are not smart enough to open doors or use complex weapons like handguns, and it is rare to see one grab ahold of something to swing. They only last five posts after being raised. In order to be raised the castor needs to be located in an area known for death, such as an old battlefield, morgue, cemetery, or blessed and holy ground.

1. The zombies are extremely vulnerable to fire.  
2. They are not the smartest creatures, this makes them more vulnerable to trickery, or being led into traps.
3. Being struck by pure silver can render the body parts hit useless.

The Fluff

Knowledge of Witchcraft and Sorcery: Being raised in a family full of magic users Gashtin knows his way around when it comes to magic, how things tend to work, the use of herbs, the drawings or writings for mystical uses, and others. This knowledge isn't exhaustive, but he is able to pick up some of the nuances of magic.

Knowledge of Combat and warfare: Before being sent on his first mission the cardinal sent Gashtin to a special training ground, there he learned the basics of the handgun and rifle, larned how to work in a team, and even how to effectively use his abelites, even if they are hard to control. He was trained in hand to hand combat but is still working on achieving his black belt. His skills would look more like a police officer or a low level military man.

Bodybuilder Strength: He has always stayed fit. Going for long runs is part of his normal daily routine. Working out has always been one of his main stress relieving activates. The most he can lift would be around 350-400 lbs, and that is under considerable strain.

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Lord of the Dead Empty Re: Lord of the Dead

Post by Zonkes May 1st 2020, 8:15 pm

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