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Royal Flush

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INV ONLY Re: Royal Flush

Post by Ai Kon January 5th 2021, 7:16 pm

Broken … yes, she could feel it, the dark tentacles curling around her head, twisting and warping and corrupting her in ways no polite lady could possibly stand. The way he spoke, breath like worms crawling against her skin, made her feel sick; it was as if he was her property, her little play thing. Yet, as she wanted to curl away, get away from the horrid voice smelling of sulfur and rot, something corrupted inside her was thrilled at the words. It hissed in satisfaction, wrapping it’s jagged claws deep into her psyche, whispering it’s twisted joy.

He wantss you. He needsss you. Can you feel it? His dessssire?

And she could. Gone were the flickers of love within all living things, the wisps of joy that signaled life around her. Now, she could feel their desire, their obsession, ghostly tendrils of rose-gold stretching towards … her? Yes, she could feel it. The animals, the insects, all living things, and … Jack, too. Somehow, someway, she had become the target of their obsessions, she stoked their desires and became, to them, everything important in the world. It terrified her. The fear in her hair and eyes spread, taking over even more real estate; soon, she would be more blond than not.

As streaks of yellow reached the base of her scalp, her outfit changed. Born of her pink energy, it would, of course. Black and yellow instead of the white and pink, the dove wings on the collar changed to the leathery image of a bat. It was a complete transformation; even the way she held herself changed. The utter confidence and ignorance faded, replaced by something much darker, a sort of psychosis that suggested though she was terrified of him, Jack might also be the most wonderful thing in the world.

”Jack …”

Her words were more sure now, less a frightened scream and more the cracked cry of a mental patient. The pumpkin-headed demon wrapped around her, body twisting supernaturally, but Aisha embraced it. She didn’t recoil, nor did she try to escape. It was, to her, a hug from a lover to another. A deranged giggle escaped her lips, and she wrapped her arms around him. Despite her appearance, she was … strong. Very strong. Judging from the way she was squeezing him, this little girl would have little problems moving entire vehicles with her bare hands.

”Oh Jack! I knew you loved me!”

Ai Kon

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INV ONLY Re: Royal Flush

Post by Zonkes January 7th 2021, 11:59 pm

It had been forever since Jack felt the way he did now. Since a small orphanage in Ireland and a red-headed girl. That was how he felt now as he strangled the life out of this pink haired college student. Nothing less than pure joy as her life slipped out from under his coils. That was until he started feeling something else.

Something tugging on his psyche. This was a stronger obsession than before. He needed this young woman. Genuinely needed her. He couldn't breathe without her anymore. If she wasn’t in his life, he simply did not know what to do with himself. Suddenly, Jack realized that he couldn’t just let her go. He needed to ensure that he took her life. That she was his to steal away.

”Always mine.” Jack whispered in her ear, his voice the epitome of desire. ”My Queen of Nightmares.” He said and raised a clawed hand to strike her in the back of the neck. It would be quick, nothing that she could even react to. He would put this woman out of her misery and add her to the graves that he had created.

”Jack …”

Her voice brought him back to reality, even momentarily. Long enough for his brain to kick in, and his concentration to fade on the fear created claw. His hand turning back into the gauntlet covered digits.

Jack needed to get his mind under control before… before… His neck extended like a cobra ready to strike, and his mouth opened to reveal glowing pink flames… Whatever Ai was doing to him, it wasn’t natural.

”Oh Jack! I knew you loved me!”

Jack suddenly felt his bones crack as the hug from the small framed girl forced herself on him. Suddenly, he deflated and became roughly man-shaped again. ”Love you?” Jack asked suddenly, trying to phase through her grip so she wouldn’t end up killing him with kindness.

”I do not love you, I love Kitty.” Jack said, as his green flame eyes sparked pink. ”But I do desperately need you, Ai.”

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INV ONLY Re: Royal Flush

Post by Ai Kon February 9th 2021, 4:05 am

”Kitty …?”

There was mingled rage and surprise in her voice. Who was this Kitty, and how dare she steal Jack from her?! As Jack’s whispers settled in her mind, there was a physical change to her, the corruption present in her body increasing even more. The yellow in her hair had nearly taken over now, only streaks of pink left, and her eyes were similar, the heart-shaped pupils turning into those of a bat and surrounded by citrine, as if stone. And more than that; though no further changes appeared on her clothing, a staff appeared, one of yellow and gold; the pulsing orb at the tob, held in place by four perpendicular claws, cast a soft golden aura across them both.

But it was more than that, so much more. The eyes of the innocent teenager turned from fear and hurt to obsessive allure, turning to her pumpkin-headed master like a possessed doll. Oh, her features were positively porcelain now, perfect in every way, but oh-so-unnatural; the type of face wars are started over, that goddesses in fairytales wishes to possess. Eternal beauty, and the full breadth of it was currently thrust at Jack. Long eyelashes, prodigious bust (made all the more apparent by the low-cut corsetted dress), and the full lips stared at him breathlessly, wordlessly, as if he were everything.

And then he was struck.

Like a truck hit him, the tip of her wand smacked into his chest, scattering the Archadian across the room. And the second he hit the wall, gold-rose vines surrounded him, bursting through the very wall and ground to entangle him, entrap him where he stood. And then she was there, faster than any human possibly could be, her voluminous streaming out behind her. And she stood, panting, lips stained black parted ever so slightly as she stared at her Master. Her god. A single finger, shivering from anticipation, touched his chest, and the reaction was almost visceral. Orgasmic pleasure shook her knees and a loud gasp thrust her chest out, nearly pushing into him. With careless abandon, she slammed her hand into the plaster of the abandoned house, reducing the wall to rubble.

”Kitty. Kitty-kitty-cat!” Her voice was a serpents whisper, dangerously seductive in its lull. ”That’s all I feel from you, JACK!” She yelled his name, face contorting with rage, and her heeled foot struck out, sending a squirrel that had snuck a little too close through a window and skittering off into the horizon. And in an instant, the rage faded, turning again into the full-lipped, pouted look of adoration. Her hand caressed his face, nails like daggers scratching against the gourd-like skin.

”Oh, no no no no, don’t worry, Jack! I’m not gonna hurt you! No, no, no no no NO!

She screamed the word again, and the rage shattered the floor, vines like bramble bursting through the floor in a thick carpet from Hell. A million screams echoed hers as the various animals that had snuck in got trapped, dying in the wicked thorns of her making; but she cared not. Eyes large as saucers watered as she spun madly in place, swinging her Nightmare Wand fast enough to create gusts of wind that ruffled her hair.

”Quit thinking about her!”

She screamed again, whirling on Jack and pointing an accusatory finger at him.

”I know what she did, she broke your heart, shattered it into a million pieces, Jack, but what remains still loves her!” Her lips parted desperately, wantonly, almost sexually as she leaned against him, pushing her body against his prone and trapped form. ”Why can’t you see she’s toxic?! Why why why why why!?!” With every desperate scream, she slammed her fist into the wall, each subsequent thrust destroying more and more of the house, eventually only leaving the mismatched roof and Jack, held prone still by the obsession.

And then, she stopped, she seemed to calm and adjust herself, lightly brushing down the many skirts of the dress, and threw Jack a smile; only, it was a smile that could make Jeffrey Dahmer call for his mother. There was a casualness to her actions that was more threatening than anything, like watching a predator casually tear into a gazelle. The wand was swung back, forth, back, forth, a mesmerizing simulation like a metronome. And then, she pointed it at him.

”You’ll understand … I’ll make you. You’ll see. That bitch is toxic, poison, and I’ll make you see that.”

And then, another construct; webs entwined themselves a million ways, growing thicker, stronger, larger than a grown man. And eventually, a chrysalis was formed, like one might find a beautiful butterfly to emerge from. But while beautiful, this was no butterfly that came forth. A hissing sound, release of pink and yellow energy, and a flash of rose-gold, and through the mist and amid the silence, a figure walked out. In the instant it did, Jack would recognize the gait, the cocky arrogance she held herself with, and the figure moved from the light, revealing the one person who had been on his mind more than anything.

”Hello, love.”

She had never looked more beautiful, dressed up in a way he had never seen. A shimmering silver dress clung to every curve, hair hung in long ringlets and decorated with flecks of gold, and the matching silver heels added a few inches to her height. But it was the smirk, the accent, the way she raised half an eyebrow at him that would tell him the truth; this could only be Kitty, the real Kitty. And there was something else, an insistent tug on his brain to go to her, to lose himself in her. It was damn near impossible to resist, but why would you? It promised everything was going to be alright, everything was going to be perfect, if only he’d go to her. Who could resist such promises?

”Isn’t this everything you want, my Master?”

As if from nowhere, Ai appeared behind the black-haired seductress, her fingers running across every curve of the older woman. It was a display of seductress meant to do nothing more and nothing less than arouse Jack, and Kitty was playing on, letting her own painted nails scratch a line across Ai’s cheek. The sharp intake of pain and mingled pleasure from the Descendant brought a smile to the sadists cheek, and suddenly Ai was yanked in front of Kitty, body splayed against her, as one knee of the villainess split the skirts of her dress and her hands forced Ai to bare her neck. The college student gasped in surprise, but not disinterest, and her hands clasped at Kitty.

♥What’s wrong, my love? Come and play♥”.
Ai Kon
Ai Kon

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