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Cebra "The blacksmith" Ulkenne

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Cebra "The blacksmith" Ulkenne Empty Cebra "The blacksmith" Ulkenne

Post by Cerek January 18th 2020, 12:15 am

Cebra Ulkenne

"I may get knocked down, but I always get up again. Ain't never gonna keep me down"

The Bio

Real Name:  Cebra Ulkenne
Hero Name: The Blacksmith
Title: None
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Age: 87
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg (Plant/cybernetic)
Hair: Black shoulder length
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'2"
Blood type: Unique chlorophyll like plasma

The Looks

The Personality

Cebra is a weird combination of things for what he is. He developed a fondness for country life in his years free of Orion, possibly due to his genetics or his want of a simplified purpose. He's pretty quite and pensive bordering on a mechanical state sometimes, a side effect of long stretches of solitude and living in his own head. When he is social Cebra is rather... Crude and perhaps lewd about things. Being a country boy at heart he likes to frequent bars and have a good time with local girls. He's not a complete dick though, more often then not he's helping out his neighbors and community with any mechanical things they may need help with. He also raises his own chickens, cattle and hops farm. He has a strong poker face and tends to hide any of his negative feelings behind that, as such it's hard for him to be in a relationship or get close to anyone. It comes from his overwhelming need not to burden others with his life.

The Story

ECMA-4 Project Hephaestus or as he calls himself now, Cebra Ulkenne was an Orion project into how integrated cybernetics can be with nature. Integrated to the point where the cybernetic and the organic behave as one organism. His genes come from the Ulkennis root, a rare species of plant found in remote regions of the amazon. Through a process of transmutation and synthesizing the right proteins the seed of life was made. It was planted in an artificial womb along with Orions latest nanobot tech. Over the decades the nanobots succesfully integrated into the organic form even affecting the physical appearance as intended. When Cebra was ready he emerged a man upright and ready, man on the outside and all cybernetics hidden within.

He underwent many examinations and tests before Orion the military weapons developper and PMC gave him a live test in a remote Middle Eastern theater. Cebra as well as being a marvel of cybernetics was built as a weapon and agent, a being that could contend with an army or sneak past it or in it. The field test was an overabundant success as Cebra laid waste to both military and civilian targets, appropriately framing Russian military forces in the region.

On the return trip Cebra's transport was ambushed by a group of mercenaries employed by the Russians as they had no proof Orion was involved in framing them. Also Orion was under the current employ of the US army. During the ambush Cebra was in a dormant state and not able to respond, when the helicopter went down Cebra was lost to the ocean. A few months later Cebra wound up floating into Florida. He had scattered fragments of some memories, mostly of Orion but nothing about who he was. He had no idea why he has the consciousness that he does and if it's his own or another artificial construct. Since his awakening Cebra has been at war with Orion as they try desperately to reclaim their prized property. They now requie Cebra since the incident in the middle east has brought a spotlight on Orion and prevents them from engaging in such contravercial research into cyborgs.

Cebra always carries the guilt with him of cold blooded murder, whether he was willing or otherwise. There is a drive in him to make up for the things he's done to a self destructive point.
The Priority

1. Agility2
2. Endurance1
3. Reaction4
4. Strength3

The Powers

Saxon energy- a newly developed energy by Orion tech is a sentient form of energy, not like an intelligent being but more similar to plankton or bacteria. This energy only responds the the unique brain patterns of Cebra and cannot be manipulated by an outside source. The energy still follows some rules of known physics ergo he cannot fire lightning or energy bolts, to affect anything including metals he needs to be within a one foot distance. The energy is abnormal as though it can turn metal into a liquid state it is also able to control the levels of heat associated with such a process. This energy also serves as fuel for Cebra's nanobots.

Metal manipulation- What is far more interesting however Saxon energies effect on ferrous metals, Cebra can manipulate these metals via imbuing them with saxon energy even turning it into liquid to mold weapons . The amount of metal he is able to control is dependent upon the amount of saxon energy contained in his internal storage and how much he can produce with his internal generators. Cebra is always researching new ways to try and upgrade his storage capacity and generator output.

Nanobots: The nanobots swarming in his body effecting repairs and maintaining maximum efficiency. With the use of the nanobots ability to synthesize  and Saxon energy Cebra can construct machines, devices, weapons he needs to fight, regenerate even from complete bodily destruction. When his body has been completely destroyed the nanobots will immediately search the area for organic plant material to synthesize human tissue and begin reconstruction. If none is available and the nano swarms energy starts to wane they will enter sleep mode until organic material can be found. Unfortunately if none can be found in a years time the nanobots will take ANY organic material in the area including humans and animals.

-S.E.M (spatial environmental matrix): A combat program in Cebra's mind, it slows down his perception of time while also using his computer half of his brain to make predictions. He can calculate th ricochet of objects, the likely movement pattern of objects and people, the trajectory and fire of a gun as well down to a fraction of a second

-Uplink: Cebra can link to most if not all electronic computer like devices, cameras, security cameras

-Internal cybernetics: The only permanent cybernetic part of Cebra is the left half of his brain. The other enhancements can be removed or added via ingesting the liquid metal and forming the cybernetics on the go. His body is designed to accommodate the movement of the metal past his organs causing no harm or discomfort.

The Weaknesses

1- EM weaponry is the golden bullet. It effectively shuts down his nanobots and Saxon energy generation. If it's a weak source then his abilities will be affected but not stopped entirely. A strong enough blast will shut down his abilities for a day or two. If he dies in this state the nanobots will not get recharged and he will be permanently dead
2- If he absorbs a lot of metal it can slow him down considerably, he must compensate by exerting more energy which can cause him to overheat and lose consciousness after a time
3- Non ferrous metals like silver are immune to Cebra's control and can pass through a saxon energy barrier with ease, Cebra has not devised any means of defense yet besides evasion and physical barriers. If he is pierced by some non ferrous metal it can keep him crippled in pain for some time until the nano bots eat through it, repair the wound and painfully purge any shrapnel from his epidermis
4- Though he is capable of melee combat having a small degree of martial arts knowledge, it's pittance compared to even a well trained human. It's highly likely if an emp weapon were to disable his powers taking him out in hand to hand wouldn't be too difficult
5- Even though Cebra can bypass most firewall defenses in any computer he is also quite susceptible to viruses that can damage or impair a number of system inside him. A well made virus could even seize control of his mind, there is the potential for the nanobots to act independently and purge the virus but that depends on the sophistication of the virus
6- Magic is beyond Cebras understanding for the most part and has zero defense against it besides evasion
7- though he can manipulate ferrous metals and synthesize materials into weapons he is limited by the blueprints in his cybernetic memory and the amount of energy he is able to generate and store. Cyco will not grant him access to higher tiers of construction until Cebra is able to increase his generators output and storage capacity to accommodate the larger amount of energy needed.
8- Telepathic assault is a particular issue when one has three layers of conscience. His memory can be quite easily affected and changed, if someone were to convince Cebra that someone or something were a direct threat to his life Cyco can be convinced to terminate that target effectively making Cebra the tool of war he never wanted to be
9- Cebra can actually b e quite a conductor of electricity, though he can store a lot of saxon energy inside him pure electrical energy is highly damaging, the electrical energy can damage his memory and organs even fusing cybernetic part inside him rendering him offline until the nanobots can begin a reboot after repair. He can even be struck by thunder storms if he's not careful

The Items

Cebra can only manipulate metal and materials into things he has the blueprints for.

- Longsword (most kinds)

-shortsword (most kinds)

-daggers (most kinds)

-Hand guns (most kinds)

-Rifles (most kinds)

-Shoulder fire laser guided missile launcher

- Various tools including basics like wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers to more advanced like motion detectors, light sensors, plasma torches and comm jamming devices.

-RK-RL3 Ion bolt rifle

-Laser generator gauntlets

-Dragoon-22 mobility combat armor (comes with jump jets)

-Phoenix-01 mechanical combat armor (thick cybernetic armor with it's own independent computer, energy shielding, thrusters and wings capable of mach 4 speeds, Saxon amplifier bomb *a device that amplifies the Saxon energy and expels it in a large blast*)

-Phoenix shield: Four inch thick alloy platted broad shield resistant to high temperatures (583c)

-Phoenix feather blade: Heated to 490c

-Phoenix corona rifle (A plasma rifle firing bolts of super heated gases)

-As well as weaponry Cebra is a highly competent martial artist, marksman and swordsman.

The Minions

The Fluff

Oh so many hick stereotypes, including speach patterns.

The RP Sample

A quiet day is broken in the hills of the farm country, the mutant population keeps spilling over into rural areas and they can get quite nasty. But that's what happens when ndustries dump waste into the water supply, this was just life now. In a clearing our good lad Cebra stands before a twelve foot duck with three heads, one head looking stunted in growth. But the other two eye Cebra like a worm... There's an awkward silence as the two stare at each other.

"What the quacktual fuck?"

The duck bill comes crashing down and crushes Cebra under it.

"I deserve that."

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Cebra "The blacksmith" Ulkenne Empty Re: Cebra "The blacksmith" Ulkenne

Post by Zonkes January 30th 2020, 11:12 pm

Approved and moved.
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