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Riser [Character App]

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Riser [Character App]  Empty Riser [Character App]

Post by James311 on August 17th 2019, 1:54 pm


"A Heroes Hero"

The Bio

Real Name: Morgan Oberon
Hero Name: Riser
Title: A Heroes Hero
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Metahuman)
Hair: Short, neat and blonde
Eyes: Originally green
Height: 6'0
Weight: 187
Blood type: AB Positive

The Looks

The Personality

Kind, patient and understanding. That would be the short version, in longer terms Riser will always treat others well unless given good reason not to. Even then he's quick to forgive, though he doesn't forget. Beneath his kindness lies a lonely core, all he wants in life is good friends and someone he can trust to share his life with.
The Story

Life was very kind to Morgan at the time of his birth. He was born into the Oberon family, a family that had a long history- they'd always been well off but things truly took off for them when Morgan's father became a hero. Endorsements, merchandise and a number of wise investments left his family practically swimming in capital. But the catalyst the propelled them into fame was when his father met his mother. Their abilities were beautifully harmonious, his father was blessed with super-strength that grew or diminished according to the amount of noise in the surrounding area. His mother on the other hand possessed a supersonic scream which on it's own could debilitate an enemy. Both were formidable working alone but they were singularly powerful working together, making headlines as one of the nations finest duos. They were beloved by many and their finances reflected this. To the world it appeared that things could only go up for them and the birth of their son did nothing to diminish this, he was healthy, he wanted for nothing and the public adored him almost as much as his parents.

However, all good things must end.

For every ten people that loved "The Sound" (his mother) and "The Fury" (His father) there was at least one who despised them. Eventually their enemies caught up with them. Their nemesis, "Mistress", snuck into their home in the night and stabbed his mother repeatedly in the abdomen while she slept. She died quickly due to blood loss and her mortal wounds, but her death had not been peaceful. The violence had awoken Morgan's father who found himself powerless. "Mistress" was a well trained assassin, she knew her targets intimately and knew that without sound he was no different from any other human. She had brought with her a device of her own design capable of absorbing the very soundwaves from the air at a speed where they couldn't reach him in time to grant him strength. Not realizing this he attempted to take her out, quickly realizing his mistake. In the ensuing  combat he managed to mortally wound her, though not before she was able to strike a similarly devastating blow. In his last moments he was able to call the police and they would later arrive on the scene- too late to save anyone. His last words, if indeed he had any, were unable to be recorded.

This destroyed the young Oberon, who was consequently raised by those who remained in service of the Oberon estate and his grandmother, who moved in following their death. As time went on Morgan's own abilities began to manifest, the ability to fly and energy abilities that made his eyes glow and crackle with barely contained power. For a long time he was angry, enraged but over time he came to understand. "Mistress" had been deranged and suffering, filled with the same kind of hate he felt. In an act as great as any hero can make, he chose to forgive her for what she did to his family and set out to become a hero- both for the victims of villains and the villains themselves.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Energy Manipulation
His energy abilities it takes two forms, the ability to make simple constructs made of said energy and the ability to shoot a blast of supercharged energy similar to a fireball. Damage can persist for multiple minutes as it covers them- it works similarly to acid damage. His energy blast has a range of 30 feet. Constructs have a similar range and line of sight must be maintained or they dissipate.

Average flight speed can range from walking speed to 60-70 mph, he is capable of flying at higher speeds but risks physically damaging himself from wind resistance alone. He is able to fly at any heights, but is constrained based on temperature and oxygen content. He cannot fly at heights or speeds that would not otherwise damage or incapacitate a average human.

Minor durability
(thicker skin and stronger bones, nowhere near invulnerable but more durable then a peak human.) a bullet can pierce his skin but it won’t go far, he can survive a fall from a third story building or a major car crash but with significant injuries like broken bones or lacerations.

Minor Healing Factor
Minor wounds heal over a span of 20-40 minutes. Major wounds heal over 2-3 hours and near mortal wounds heal over 3-4 days.

Minor Telekinesis
Capable of lifting and moving objects the size of a apple or smaller, though they are moved with no more speed or force than if moved by human hands. Can also be used to shove enemies remotely, is constrained by his line of sight. He cannot use it against something if he cannot look at it. Requires no hand motions and can be used for more complex processes like typing in a keyboard or using a door/using a key. Cannot be used on the inside of things, for example he cannot clog someone’s arteries with telekinetic fingers or reach into a closed box.
The Weaknesses

Personal code
Riser considers life to be sacred and will not kill unless given no choice. Killing will cause him to become unresponsive for some time.

Stationary energy
With the exception of his energy blast, any energy constructs he produces can not actively change or move location. For example, he cannot crate a cage around a villain and shrink it to kill/injure them.

Brittle Constructs
All Riser's constructs have about the strength of thick porcelain or glass, the thickness of the construct effects this as well. Defensive constructs (barriers or shielding) tend to be thicker and more difficult to break being closer to bulletproof glass, other constructs are easier to destroy.

Public Identity
Riser doesn't have a secret identity, while he does have a heroic alter-ego he makes no attempt to disguise his identity. It would be futile anyways, his eyes are a dead giveaway. Makes him a very poor choice for undercover stings.

Aversion to Lead
Attacking one of Riser’s constructs with lead or items containing significant amounts of lead will immediately shatter said construct. It will also deflect his energy blasts. Injuring Riser with an item containing lead will also negate his regeneration, though not his durability.
The Items

Suit w/cape
Not specially designed and offers no more protection than other articles of clothing
The Minions

The Fluff

Eyes glow orange. Other than that, appears normal.

Similar to some reptiles he possesses a nictating membrane that covers his eyes during flight without obscuring vision. This is translucent and largely unnoticeable when covering the eye.

Also has a few close attachments among his household staff, including:
Oberon Estate Butler
Oberon Estate Groundsworker
Oberon Estate Groundsworker
Oberon Estate Chef
Grandmother Oberon "Lily"
Particularly good at gardening. Otherwise completely average.
None of the abovementioned individuals possess above average or supernatural abilities.
The RP Sample

Riser floats above the city, watching people pass below, smiling passively. He's always enjoyed watching commuters walk here and there, his favorite is people who very clearly have a story to them. "you..." he says to himself, pointing to a man in the distance who walks with a bounce to his step "I bet you just got promoted. Or maybe you're heading home after a particularly enjoyable date..." he laughs to himself and shakes his head. Out of the corner of his eye he spots movement in an alley. He flies overhead and finds it wasn't the mugging he feared, but is instead merely a homeless man trying to keep warm. He flies down and undoes the clasps of his cape, gently draping it over the person's shoulders. Standing him up he says "come with me buddy, let's find you someplace safe for the night."

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Riser [Character App]  Empty Re: Riser [Character App]

Post by Zonkes on August 18th 2019, 2:55 pm

Approved and moved.

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