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Victor Marsden (Geist)

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Victor Marsden (Geist) Empty Victor Marsden (Geist)

Post by Phantasm July 12th 2019, 6:59 pm

Victor Marsden - Geist

Victor Marsden (Geist) XTiU

Basic Biography

Name: Victor Marsden
Codename: Geist
Title: The Shadow Smoke, The ghost in the smoke (Might have been given to himself)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (Gold contacts when Geist)
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135 Ibs
Blood type: O -

The Looks

Geist Outfit:

The Legacy

Victor has what you would call a strong personality. He’s the kind of person to set his mind to something and go for it regardless of what people around him might think about him.  This way of going about things has created an air of self confidence about him that could even appear unbreakable. This confidence is however mostly  a shallow facade to hide the fact he has a great many insecurities underneath that. These range from the simple ones that people suffer through to even whether he’s doing the right thing in going out dressed up to essentially fight crime.

One thing he is known for is a strong sense of justice that strangely managed to develop despite the fact of who his family was. Purse Snatchers, serial killers and almost any crime he would go out of his way to try and stop despite how much that might put him in danger. One could that he is even reckless in how he pursues this sense of justice, seeing helping people as one of the greatest acts of heroism that a person could do. Mostly inspired by the escapades of heroes he heard about on the news and read about on the internet.

He’s the kind of person to wear leather jackets, ride motorcycles and occasionally smoke cigarettes (because he has a nicotine dependencey.) Those aside he’s also the kind of person that enjoys Star Trek, anime and various other nerdy pursuits because that was just how he worked and what caught his interest. A contradictory image one could say but he just takes that as enjoying what he likes and not caring too much about what people think. Has a bit of a counter culture streak to him, though he argues that just comes with who he is. Give him a cause to fight for and he’ll do it; especially if it’s a good cause.

People are born with expectations in their lives.

Sometimes they live up to them and other times they don’t. Victor was born in the category of the latter with his mother constantly exasperated by how he held himself and his father was more interested in making sure his eldest son was prepared to run the family business. He was supposed to be a potentially loyal lieutenant that did what the head of the family wanted.  It was all something that he didn’t really take an interest in, because the concept of criminal enterprise just wasn’t that interesting. Lukas was the strong and silent type to everyone else but to his family, Victor found that he was always appreciated by his sibling. Protected from the kids at school who didn’t like him and just the many small things of childhood.

Awakening his metagene didn’t change anything really. It was useful but nothing that his father took interest in. Nothing that could allow him to harm other people, so he got the minimum amount of training. Even a failure in a family line of metahumans was expected to be able to hold his own. So he was sent to train with many different practitioners of martial arts to defend himself, though his guardian was the one to make sure they were funded. Anything to make sure he could take care of himself against the people that had something against their family. Those ancient enemies that tended to rise from the shadows.

The first example of that happened when some people tried to kidnap him. There was one thing he couldn’t resist and that was drugs; which lead him to spending some time in a dark room until his family tore through the place to retrieve him. There was so much blood and he couldn’t even look at it straight. Lost in a dizzy haze until he was brought to his bed and had some idea what his family was truly like. They were nothing more than killers, though he didn’t have any room to talk. Didn’t he approve of it anyway?

That wasn’t the first time he heard of what his family did but it was the first time seeing it. Knowing that they were very capable of killing people without any real regard for the fact they were people. Maybe he should have considered these people kidnapped him but in the end all that mattered was the sight of blood and body parts.

Next thing he knew he was running through the streets dressed in a roughly made mask. Beating down the people that worked under his father and his brother. People that were criminals that probably deserved it. He realized that he liked the feeling. Beating people up and having the moral excuse for it. Thus with the name thought up by a friend from school he began to work through LA as a vigilante by the name of Geist.

He might have been responsible for making that a thing.  Very definitely responsible.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Body of smoke: Victor’s meta-gene took the form of being able to shift his body and objects connected to it into smoke. This can go between turning just a single portion of his body into smoke or the whole thing, which would allow him to slip through small cracks easily. Bullets, blades and most if not all physical items pass through the parts of him that are smoke without causing any harm.  Inorganic objects such as clothing, or anything large enough to be held by him also can be turned into smoke; anything organic will be unaffected by the change aside from his own body.

A strong breeze:  Strong winds or powerful breezes tend to mess with the movement of his smokey form and forces him to keep sections changed into smoke intangible until he can come back together.

Unexpected: He has to be expecting something to be able to avoid it by turning to smoke. Sneak attacks and the like usually get around his seemingly invincible defense.

Geist outfit: A solid black outfit with various contrasts of gray and white. The vital areas such as his torso, legs and arms are laced with a composite of carbon fibers, kevlar and other materials meant to withstand the possible bullets that might somehow make it through his defenses. Mostly stops a few small caliber rounds as well as keeping higher caliber rounds from being immediately fatal. Repeated hits from ammunition can lessen this effectiveness and things such as knives have a far easier time punching through his outfit. Has a rudimentary voice changer in the mask.

Physically fit: While he might not be superhuman or even peak human, Victor does work out. He’s capable of bench pressing close to his own body weight and can handle himself when it comes to fist fighting your average humans.

A good bit of training: From a young age he was passed through a few masters of the martial arts. Honing and training his body to allow him to be able to defend himself. He is functionally a master through a combination of styles he trained in and has skill with a few bladed and blunt weapons.  He usually finds this enough to deal with most human criminals even without relying on his power.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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Victor Marsden (Geist) Empty Re: Victor Marsden (Geist)

Post by Red July 13th 2019, 12:29 am



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