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Lukas Marsden (Phantasm)

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Lukas Marsden (Phantasm) Empty Lukas Marsden (Phantasm)

Post by Phantasm May 24th 2019, 6:26 am

Lukas Marsden

Lukas Marsden (Phantasm) Giphy

Basic Biography

Name:  Lukas Marsden
Codename:  Phantasm
Title: The Heir
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Piercing Blue
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 215 Ibs
Blood type: A -

The Looks


The Legacy

Self interest has always been something that dominated Lukas’ mind and all actions have been done through that lense. Intelligent, he’s the kind of person that measures a person as easily as a situation and calculates their worth. Despises the intellectually lacking, and the lazy even more than that. Work ethic is something that had been hammered into him and so he follows it without erring.  Holds a certain regard for art and all things associated with it;even those with their hands in creating this art.  Has no issue with using people and when it comes time to dispose of those people he has even less an issue doing away with them.

The Marsden family have been known for running their business for generations. A family with power within their veins for generations, going as far back as can be remembered. Strong metahumans, mages and anything else have been known to come from this prestigious line that the common man have not heard much of. Such a limelight has never been their kind of thing anyhow. This world of expectation and prestige was one that Lukas was born into, his father the current head and mother a woman of little consequence. Both of them had high hopes for their eldest son, higher than any normal human would be able to keep to.

He was born the eldest of three and held the brunt of the expectations. His life was a mixture of lessons mostly social lessons from his father. How to read a room, controlling people and things like that. Anything to help give him a leg up, considering that he was expected to be the one to lead the great work his family had built throughout the generations. To gain the great torch as it had been said, though he didn’t know what that meant.

His own metahuman abilities began developing around age ten, the average for when his family did but they were impressively powerful. It was a simple, versatile thing that his father took greatly to helping him form and control. A member of their family that couldn’t control their own gifts were not worth fostering any further, so that was lumped onto whatever else he was constantly expected to learn, though he did so with impressive verve. There was no way that he could disappoint the two people that had come to expect the most from him, so all his efforts went into meeting them.

It was by the time of puberty that he got into more personal lessons, becoming a silent tail within his meetings with “business associates” who were a little less legitimate than he originally thought. Not that Lukas ever thought that his father was by any means the shining example of humanity, but this was a glimpse into what he truly was. A cutthroat businessman with little interest in the legality or even ethical implications of some actions. That was how people got ahead in this world. Power came in many forms and it was best to have as much of each type of power as one could.

That was one of the lessons that stuck with him.

So gathering as much power within those little sections of his life proved more of a practice. Climbing atop the social ladder among the kids that called themselves his friends was just part of that. Others who were part of supposedly important families found themselves falling under his own manipulation through time and they were in fact the future of their own sections of the underworld.  As he grew, he slowly became more involved with the key players that rose and the one that impressed on him the most was a woman by the moniker of The Queen of Cinders.

Unlike most rivals to his family, she seemed to be more interested in actually forging these things called alliances and so their family became part of a small alliance with this unknown player. Even still, Lukas found himself skeptical of the woman and her intentions. Instead striking out in small ways to test his own aptitude. This mostly takes the form of peddling a new drug through the streets to see where that got him in the long run. So far it went so good.

Where it would go he didn’t know but there was only one way to find out.  

The Powers and Weaknesses


Vector Telekinesis: Lukas can produce invisible limbs of telekinetic energy from his back, capable of manipulating incredible weights with varying levels of efficiency. He can produce about ten of these tendrils, all of which he has complete control over and are capable of lifting a maximum of five metric tons each. Despite them being seemingly invisible, he can mold these vectors to be whatever shape he would want them so long as they don’t go beyond their size, able to extend around 10 meters each.

Human frailty: Despite the potency of his own ability, Phantasm is as weak to anything that would injure, debilitate and kill any other human.

Concentration: While close to telekinesis in design, he is required to control multiple limbs and stimuli that overload his senses or force him to focus on something intensely can force Lukas to lose control the vectors.

Physically fit: While he might not be superhuman or even peak human, Lukas does work out. He’s capable of bench pressing close to twice his own body weight and can handle himself when it comes to fist fighting your average humans.

Martial arts training: Has trained under various masters of martial arts to give him a cursory understanding of self-defense and can hold himself with a master, even if he cannot defeat them. Not on the level of many superhuman combatants but is recognizably skilled.

Genius level intellect:Is rather intelligent as far as humans are concerned and have scored rather well on many measures of intelligence that have been produced.

Has money: Through various family connections and his own, Lukas has a fair amount of money to his name.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

Status :

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Lukas Marsden (Phantasm) Empty Re: Lukas Marsden (Phantasm)

Post by Chellizard May 24th 2019, 10:47 am

Approved and moved.

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