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Mad Dash

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Mad Dash  Empty Mad Dash

Post by Puglife43vr June 11th 2019, 12:22 am

Mad Dash

"What is it? Afraid? I've felt it before. I want you to know, this is really, really personal."

The Bio

Real Name: Markus Diamanten
Villain Name: Mad Dash
Title: Speed Demon, Fear Monger
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 16
Gender: M
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

As a kid, Mark is extremely studious and kind. He's somewhat timid, usually hanging in the backs of crowds, attending parties and sitting on a stool at the counter, and sitting at the back of the class, never raising his hand. Quite the opposite of his other half. He truly lets loose as Mad Dash. Mad Dash is extremely talkative and you probably couldn't shut him up! Him and his big mouth. He also likes popping out before people, just as a way to generate a bit more panic.

The Story

Mark was just a boy when New York fell. Villains and heroes clashing tore the city to the ground. He was in a great deal of fear as he had lost his parents. Mark curled up under some rubble and shed tears. Buildings crumbled around him and blocks crashed down on his shelter. He screamed out in a panic. He was so small compared to the chaos around him. A local caped crusader landed before him and cleared the rubble. He picked up the boy and bounded a few blocks away, setting him down. He kneeled.

"Don't worry, child! I, the protector of Queens! You're safe now."

The boy looked up and quietly asked his idol the question that would change his life.

"Do- Do you think I could be like you one day?"

"Are you a metahuman?"

"No, sir, b-but I'm a-"

"No! Stick to normal jobs like accounting! Good luck, boyo!"

The hero bounded off to go fight more bad guys or whatever. What a douche.

Well, now Mark is just a shy kid. Never really one to participate and had nearly zero friends. His idea of fun is staying at home on his state of the art gaming PC. But the real fun started when Mark got into substances. The boy was shy, but still had a few pals that were a little… off.

Mark's pals were into substances and when he appeared at a party they offered some to him. He was reluctant at first, but he later gave in. Mark was hit hard by the effects of the drug. He stumbled out onto the street and saw a swirl of colors. He assured his friends that he was fine to drive and headed across town back to his home. In his car. He ended up in a crash downtown before a gunfight in the streets.

Markus stumbled out of his car and wandered over to a crate. His head peeked over the edge of the crate viewing the massive battle in the streets. He was completely useless as the metahuman gangsters battled it out. Fireballs, lasers, acid, flying between them. A ball of acid landed on his body, melting away some skin. He gripped his arm and cried out in pain! And then a ball of flame hit the crate.

There was a BOOM as the crate burst into flames and exploded, sending Mark flying into a vehicle. In the very moment the explosion occurred, a spirit took it upon itself to take advantage of his extreme fear. However, instead of absorbing his fear into the Fright's Might, the spirit was pulled into Mark's body forcefully. Now back to him flying into a car.

The hit was intense and his spine took severe damage. He was out cold. He woke up in a mountainous hellscape that was void if any life. Everything was still. And then he saw a black and red being standing before him. It's appearance was stereotypically demonic and quite frightening to the young boy Markus. He was shivering in fear as the being stepped towards him.

"Look, buddy, somehow I got thrown into your mind and body. I've never really had a physical host before, but you seem like a fun guy."

"What are you? I died.. Am I in hell?" He asked in a panicky tone.

"I'm a Fear Mongering Demon, I feed off the stuff. You see, I can power up using others' fears. Right now in the meta world I should be high in power,but with all the heroes popping up I'mma need to use ya as a way to generate fear. Also, you're in your own mindscape. Ya dig?"

Mark squeaked, "Mindscape. Demon? What can I offer you? I'm just a poor boy.."

"From a poor family, yeah I like the song too, pal. However, you just got exposed to a fuckton of Spark, a new drug introduced in this dimension. I looked in your memory, you know a bit about the biz in Tokyo. You unlocked dormant meta powers."

"So, I'm a metahuman now?"

"Yep. You're already generating some power for me by being a scaredy cat about everything. My very host generates some power! I never really expected it to get this good. Anyway, yeah, your body's metabolism has accelerated and you're healing from the injuries that you sustained from a goddamn explosion and getting your back thrown into a solid objects at high speeds, so it's reasonable to assume you're not a normal human."

"W-wow! So I can heal injuries and stuff? My parents are gonna freak! Some of the other meta kids at school have been bullying me, do you think we can hurt them back?"

"Can't let them connect your powers to the new persona I created."

"What's there to connect?"

"You know that if you reveal your powers they could learn about our activities."

Mark gasped. "What if I get arrested! And what activities?"

"Kid, I got this in the bag. It's all good."

Mark's eyes would pop open and he would be before a man, a black shard in hand.


"What the hell is going on?" He pondered. He wasn't trying to say that, he wasn't in control.. The fear demon guy. It he's in his head, he must be in his body as well.

"Yeah, Mark, I just went for a test drive of your body and this thing is amazing! You should see the speeds I can travel at with the Fright's Might in ya."


"You're a speedster, dipshit. You go fast. Makes sense why you can heal fast and burn food fast. Had to raid a hot dog stand earlier. With your power and my Fright's Might, we might make a good team. And I can show off my slick body to my demon friends."

"Body?" Mark would somehow see his body from a third person, seeing a black and reddish-orange colored body with jagged edges and multiple eyes. His tongue waves about, hanging loose out of his mouth. It swirls around his mouth as he licks his lips.
"That's the scariest thing I've seen in my life. You have to get out of my mind and let me go!"

"My auntie with a flip flop is my biggest fear. They always said it takes a village, but in my case, it took an aunt. Anyway, let's go Rob banks and stuff. It's not like you have a choice. I leave and I go back to being a bodiless spirit. I've merged with your mind and I'd be taking you with me. I would get torn another rear for bringing you up there."  

"I'm taking my body elsewhere."

"This is a once in a lifetime experience. You can get serious babes if that's what you're into. Run and grab some new Vidya games from GameStop's back room, whatevs. You do you with super powers, I'll do whatever, creating fear and stuff."

"Maybe we can have an agreement. I once got told by my idol that I'd be nothing. I want everyone else to feel like nothing compared to me. Compared to us."

"Yeah, I saw it in the back of your mind. Us two, we can do something great. Now, back to robbing this bank."

Mad Dash flies through the city streets, a hot orange streak following them along with a mile long stream of police cars chasing him down.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

The Fright's Might
The Fright's Might is a cosmic force powered by panic and fear on Earth. And using the power generated, a metahuman could potentially draw power from it to boost their abilities. Essentially, the more fear there is in the world, the more powerful a metahuman connected to the Fright's Might becomes. The closer the fear and panic is to the user of the Fright's Might along with its intensity will determine how intense the boost is. Mad Dash is able to enter the mindscapes of those in extreme panic or fear. It will take the appearance of a place matching the personality of the individual in fear. While in the mindscape, Mad Dash has access to their most embarrassing insecurities and fears. While in one's mindscape, a second in real time could last up to 20 minutes! (Permission Based)

Superhuman Agility:
Drawing from the Fear Dimension, Mark is given agility allowing him to dodge high speed attacks, see objects moving at high speeds as well as the ability to run at high speeds up to his maximum speed! Based on the Fright's Might, his speed can change. Essentially, the more events that incite fear in the world, the faster he can run. And currently with the demon events and past villain attacks, Mad Dash can run at an extremely quick Mach 15 while those around him are at an intense level of alarm. Any faster and he'd be uncontrollable. Probably wouldn't want to try any more of that Spark stuff. In a perfect Utopia without fear, he can get a mild Mach 10. He can run up walls and over water as well! Also, by quickly accelerating from a low speed to his highest speed, he can leave after images behind himself!

"Let the Madness Ensue!"
This ability allows Mad Dash to use the fears and insecurities he's taken from the minds of his enemies and create a twister of negative emotion around them, showing these things to everyone that can see within the thread. The physical twister is an EF2, causing severe damage to nearby structures. And the cherry on top… The parents of the individual affected by the ability appear before them to tell them exactly what they think of them. Even if the hero or villain he's fighting is a successful individual, the fake parents will find something to lecture them about. Something close to the chest. And everyone gets to see it. (Permission Based)

Intense Perception:
Mad Dash can analyze the moves of enemies in extreme detail. 1 second in normal time is a minute in Dash's. This essentially allows him to analyze and respond appropriately and tactically in combat situations as long as the Fear Mongering Demon is there to help Mark out. He could have a whole conversation with the demon up in his noggin.

Enhanced Healing:
Mark's body has gained the ability to heal extremely quickly. He can heal a broken arm in mere minutes! However, anything too damaging to a normal human could likely kill him.

Tough Exterior:
As Mad Dash, you may notice Mark's appearance shift to look extremely weird. Mad Dash's tough Skin allows bladed weapons like knives to glance off his body or get stuck in some jagged armor on his body. Also, these pieces grow back quickly allowing Mad Dash to break them off and use them as throwing weapons or for CQC.

By using his extreme speed to vibrate all of his molecules at an atomic level, allowing him to pass through solid objects! He can vibrate certain parts of his body or his whole body just by thinking.

The Weaknesses

Super Metabolism:
Mad Dash's enhanced metabolism also forces him to eat a great deal. His parents think there's something wrong with him when he asks for seconds, thirds, fourths, and more at the dinner table.

Mad Dash is speed based and the cold could cause slippage or freeze him solid.

The Air:
While in the air, Mark can't really use his legs. An individual could drop him from a height and he wouldn't be able to do anything.

Telepathic Attacks:
While in the mindscape, the individual whose mind he's invaded can mentally fight back depending on their mental strength. His mind is left open to attack while in the mindscape of another.

Bringing up the attacks in New York will cause Mark to temporarily freeze up whether he's in a fight or having a meal in a high society dining establishment.

Extra Dimensional:
Extra Dimensional attacks from other superhumans can temporarily interfere with the Fright's Might, literally halfing Dash's speed. It'll also temporarily knock out the fear mongering demon. He won't be able to advise Mark, leaving him without strategy.

Personality Disorder:
Almost always, the two personalities in this one body clash due to them being close to opposites. This will take up time even with their enhanced perception of time. Other speedsters could definitely take advantage of it..

Energy Signature:
Mad Dash with his extreme speeds is able to be easily tracked in his demonic form. Energy pours off of him!

Phasing Counter:
Using an electric weapon on Mad Dash as he phases will stop the phase and turn him solid again. If stuck in a surface, he will be propelled out of the object using the shortest route possible.

The Items

Fear Absorbtion Unit:
Who knew fear was tangible? Well, this machine can be set in the middle of a crowded area while a great deal of people are in intense fear. It will save the fear of the individuals in the area and allow Mad Dash to absorb it later. It takes a great deal of in character time to do so and the device is also extremely vulnerable to other attacks.

After being hit with the super drug, Mark has started joining up with dealers to obtain more. He wants to understand its chemical makeup in order to perfect it...

The Fluff

Mad Dash is really just a teenage boy, meaning he has to attend classes at certain points in the day. The more excuses he makes for skipping classes, the further he falls down the rabbit hole of EVIL!

Also, Mark and switch between his demon-like appearance which in of itself is meant to incite fear into those viewing him. All it takes is a thought.

There are essentially two people in this one body. There's a lot of fighting for control but some times, they work together. Usually, in the demon form the Fear Monger does the walking and talking.

Markus is near top of his class in chemistry and the sciences in general. He may be quiet but he isn't dumb. This knowledge may be useful in increasing his speed.

Mad Dash likes his babies friend rather than steamed.

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Mad Dash  HRN5OeL
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Mad Dash  Empty Re: Mad Dash

Post by Silus June 15th 2019, 7:48 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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