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Augustine Storm, The Ageless

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Augustine Storm, The Ageless Empty Augustine Storm, The Ageless

Post by August Storm April 12th 2019, 1:40 am

Augustine Storm
Augustine Storm, The Ageless Ot0ti910

Basic Biography

Real Name: Prince Ladislaus Hunyadi (Goes by Augustine "August" Storm)
Titles: Grandmaster, The Blood Prince, The Ageless
Alignment: LE
Age: 587 (Appears about 20)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Hungarian
Hair: Platinum Blonde (Dyed)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 145Ib
Blood type: B-

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Flamboyant and mischievous, August is an unpredictable force that never fails to lighten up a room. Despite his rich and powerful royal background, the Prince is anything but proper. He'll say things just to provoke a desired response, or do absurd things just to keep himself entertained, especially around serious individuals. Even when going about important endeavors, he just never seems to care. He's laid back, light-hearted, and living life casually. He says he's spent enough time involving himself in politics and ideology, and is just plain sick of everyone acting so stiff towards everything. But whatever the reason, he just doesn't seem to place much stock in existence. Live, die, or suffer, he's going to do it enjoying himself.

It should be no surprise that someone like this has absolutely no regard for life, at least as a general concept, or that the ancient order he leads finds him a bit, well, heretical. He's transformed the once traditionalist and grave organization into his personal posse, often using it's power for personal gain, or just to screw with people. He's off the wall and eccentric, paying no mind to the petty games of mortals. He's a villain only in the sense that he does whatever he wishes without regard for anyone or anything else, and has no real master plan other than having fun.

History: Long ago, Ladislaus Hunyadi was the first born to John Hunyadi, then governor of Transylvania and later the King of Hungary. He along with his brother Matthias were raised in luxury, yes, but their life was certainly not easy. From a young age they were both expected to be the finest of nobleman, accompanying their father on campaign, engaging in politics, and forging the skills they would need as members of a royal family. Indeed, their father wanted the best education for his children in what seemed to be every possible subject, and when the great scholars of Europe dried up, the King turned to legend.

Nicolas Flamel did not stay in Hungary for long, but his impact on the two boys was huge nonetheless. This was when the man was new to the intricacies of alchemy, and shared his knowledge much more freely. Being paid in all manner of stones and artifacts, Flamel taught the boys practically everything he knew at the time, not yet privy to the dangers of doing so. He taught them what he knew of the mystical arts, of science, and of alchemy.

By the time Ladislaus was eighteen, Flamel had left their council, but the boy had forged himself into a dashing, powerful, and knowledgeable Crown Prince, worthy of his father's name. He involved himself further in the processes of his kingdom, and seemed set to be it's best ruler yet. He even took his younger brother under his wing, becoming the younger male's mentor in all things. It seemed they would be a force to be reckoned with. The wealth of the nation shot up, their territories expanded, and Hungary was quickly developing into a superpower.

Then their father died.

The death of their heroic patriarch sent tremors through the region, with powers quickly moving opportunistically.  Suddenly, their safe haven was exposed, with enemies all around them. Ladislaus fought many of them off, both politically and militarily, but he soon realized he needed more allies. He made connections with people he thought he could trust, but he still had a boy's naivety.

Lead to a secluded city by a foreign leader, Ladislaus was charged with the all-encompassing crime of treason, and put in chains to await execution in three months. In this time, thinking him dead, his brother was crowned King.

Opportunities for escape did not present themselves until the day of Ladislaus' scheduled execution, when he cut himself on one of his chains. Staring at the red fluid, his curiosity was piqued. He attempted to write alchemical runes in blood, and found that not only did they work, but the effect were much more aggressive than usual. Perfect for an escape.

With blood trailing behind him, Ladislaus was lead out to be beheaded. Many there say the Prince was indeed killed, but others say he used the power of witches to kill his captors and implant false memories in the witnesses. Those few individuals seem to be the ones the young Prince missed.

Free as he was, Ladislaus had a decision to make. He could return home and attempt to reclaim his throne from his brother, who he suspected would not take kindly to that, despite their love, or go into exile. The choice wasn't difficult. He would not fight his blood for something as petty as a chair. He never wanted it anyway. Him returning to Hungary would only cause civil war and death, and that's not something he felt like engaging in.

The young man instead wondered, using his teachings to live a luxurious life which he would eventually extend to practical immortality. During all his years, he expanded his knowledge, his collection of artifacts, and his power to the point where he became a match for his great teacher—Nicolas Flamel. They have come to many blows over the years due to the Prince's selfishness and disregard for human life, not to mention his interest in dark occult magics. They still consider each other friends to some degree, however.

Now calling himself August, Ladislaus runs a club in LA along with his Knights Hospitaller, which he became undisputed leader of centuries ago. What started out as a simple project has turned into a world wide network that allows August access to one of the largest wells of resources, information, and allies in the world, but more importantly, the Order's ancient knowledge has allowed the Grandmaster to even further increase his power. No, he is not what you might picture a Christian Order Knight to be, but he is nonetheless their leader, and they do his bidding without question. August is involved with crime, politics, big business, and the vast magical underground, and he doesn't seem to want to stop getting his claws into everything he touches.  

The Powers and Weaknesses


Vast Knowledge: August has vast knowledge of all things science, magic, alchemy, history, lore, and secret societies. He's an encyclopedia of forbidden and arcane knowledge. This allows him to perform many plot based spells, rituals, alchemical reactions, and magical feats that may not be listed here, so long as everyone in the thread is alright with it.

General Spells: So long as August has a form of mana, he can perform a wide range of magical spells on a master level. Other than mundane, none-combat utility spells like changing the colors of things, changing his clothing, turning lights on, or producing food and water out of thin air, August can use this mana to fuel the following magical abilities:

  • Telekinesis: Allows mana to be used to perform actions telekinetically. The power and range of this spell is directly proportionate to the amount of mana used.
  • Elemental Attack: Allows mana to be used for an elemental attack, such as a ball of fire, a wave of water, a gust of freezing wind, or a whirling miniature tornado. The power and range of this spell is directly proportionate to the amount of mana used.
  • Portal: Creates a portal to a specific location no warded against magical entry. Range and size of the portal directly proportionate to the amount of mana used.
  • Sanctuary: Allows mana to be used to bring specified people  into a frozen moment in time, with no effect on the the world around them. Usually used to 'pause' the world in order to have a private conversation. Permission based. Duration directly proportionate to mana used.
  • Purify: Allows inanimate objects to be purified of poisons, curses, and other harmful things. Effectiveness directly proportionate to mana used.

Main Mana Source:

Blood Sorcery: August's favorite form of magic is his Blood Sorcery. This allows him to use the blood of either willing or freshly killed individuals to perform spells. He does this by taking it into his body and then using it as a sort of mana to fuel his magic. Though the potential of this could be limitless, Augest has only been known to use the following Blood Sorcery abilities:

  • Mana Burst: Allows absorbed mana to be used in an energy attack which is capable of punching holes in tanks with ease, or killing the average person with a slight hit.
  • Heal: Allows absorbed mana to be used to heal himself or others at a rate directly proportionate to the amount of energy used.
  • Corrupt: Allows absorbed mana to poured into a person in order to corrupt and control their mind. Those affected are sadistic and nearly completely under August's control. Effectiveness directly proportionate to the target's mental strength and the amount of mana used. Obviously permission based for player characters and player NPCs.
  • Enhance: Allows absorbed mana to be used to enhance a person's physical capabilities. Effectiveness directly proportionate to mana used.
  • Purge: Allows mana to be used in an attempt to banish supernatural creatures from the area. Effectiveness directly proportionate to the power of the creature and the amount of mana used.
  • Bind: Allows mana to be used in an attempt to bind supernatural creatures to an area. Effectiveness directly proportionate to the power of the creature and the amount of mana used.

Mana Source:

Blood Alchemy: By using the mana created by absorbing blood to create a Philosopher's Stone, August created a new form of alchemy that he calls Blood Alchemy. This allows the reanimation of corpses and produces the most aggressive alchemical reactions yet seen. August can perform alchemy normally with runes, which transmute an object into what the rune specifies when written on or within ten feet of it, or he can use his or other philosopher's stones with the skill of a master. Although different stones have different specialties, they all generally just allow any kind of alchemical reaction within twenty feet simply by focusing and ignore equivalent exchange so long as they have enough energy to substitute. Yes, this means the alchemist does not have to write runes out or worry about things people equal to produce any transmutation they can think of. The only limit is imagination, a stone's energy, and a stone's specialty. Blood Stones are capable of highly aggressive and extraordinary biological reactions, but they have very low energy reserves, meaning users must carry many with them.
Main Philosopher's Stone:


Focus: All magic and most alchemy used by August is focused based. If that concentration is broken, so too will the spell be.

Human: August is physically human. If taken off guard he can be killed as easily as anyone.

Mana: August's magical spells need to be fueled by mana. If he does not have access to a source with sufficient energy then he cannot perform magic.

Equivalent Exchange: The rules of Equivalent Exchange state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, therefore when a rune transmutes something without an external source of energy, the amount of matter must stay the same. They also state that something cannot be changed on a fundamental level, therefore water for example can't be changed into metal. These rules cannot be bypassed, however, a Philosopher's Stone gives the illusion of doing so. Without one, August is limited to basic rune alchemy, which must rigidly abide the laws and has to be written near the affected object manually for every specific reaction

Flamel's Curse: Flamel long ago cursed August. He cannot carry with him more than one Philosopher's Stone or store of mana, otherwise neither his magic or his alchemy will work. This means once he has exhausted his Mana Ring and Blood Stone Ring, he is severely limited in what he can do.

Blood Lust: Using Blood Sorcery slowly sends August into a lust for absorbing more blood, making him liable to attack friend's, civilians, and other people he otherwise wouldn't

My Poison: August's form of the Elixir of Life does not stop being effective over time like Nicolas Flamel's does, no, but it must be consumed much more often and has an addictive quality. Without his elixir, August will go into crazed withdrawals and will eventually die in the matter of a day.  


Spear of Longinus: Said to be the spearhead that pierced the side of Christ during his crucifixion. Lesser minds follow and fight for it's wielder, and are deeply persuaded by it. Permission based, obviously.

Hospitaller Order Ring: A ring that allows a member of the order to channel any magical energy they may have within them into weapons to improve them quite a bit. A knife might cut through the cutting board, and a bullet might just go right through that Kevlar vest, but beyond about tripling the damage mundane items do, it has little other uses.

Suit: Suit made with magical yarn and other materials to prevent the user from being detected, by technology, alchemy, magic, and other things that aren't normal senses. He's effectively invisible when wearing it except to standard forms of perception.

Eye of Horus: The famed Eye of Horus. Or at least, an amulet that has it's name, Said to be fashioned by a God for the knight Sir Guy De Levi. It provides a huge resistance to magical and supernatural attacks, even damaging creatures that make contact with August with malicious intent, such as spirits or even vampires. But, most of the time it is just used to redirect a decent quantity of magical energy sent toward the wearer.

Benedictine Dagger: A dagger used by some of the first exorcists to end a failed subject. This was meant to send the demon back to hell as the host died so it wouldn't latch onto anyone else. It does heinous damage to demons, burning and causing intense pain. If driven through the heart, it sends even demon Lords back to their realm of origin in an injured state.

RP Mechanics

Club Valhalla: August is the owner of Club Valhalla, a nightclub in LA. Besides being the 'it' scene in town, it also houses the Hospitaller Order's main lodge. A few floors underground, you have a magical and conventional armory, libraries packed with secrets, and luxurious Old World living spaces. It's a castle underground, guarded around the clock by Knights of the Order.

Knights Hospitaller: August is the Grandmaster of the resurgent Knights Hospitaller, a medieval Order of Knights founded even before the Crusades. The Order has chapters around the world, membership in the thousands, untold resources, and some of the most complete magical, historical, financial, existential, scientific, and general information indexes in the world. Because of this, they are the keepers of many of the world's greatest secrets, as well many legendary objects. They are a secret society, and pull the strings behind many of the world's happenings. Their presence and influence is clear, but their motives are not—not even to many of the Order's leaders.

Elixir of Life: Augest's brew of the elixir of life has some advantages and some disadvantages. It makes him ageless, unlike Flamel's which only makes him younger when used, and it does not wear down in effectiveness. However, it must be used much more often, has an addictive quality, and apparently drives it's users mad over time.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4
August Storm
August Storm

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Augustine Storm, The Ageless Empty Re: Augustine Storm, The Ageless

Post by Arcana April 12th 2019, 2:17 am

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