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Joe Tezuka - Grav

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Joe Tezuka - Grav Empty Joe Tezuka - Grav

Post by Phreeze on March 24th 2019, 12:53 pm


"Am I really cut out for all this..?"

The Bio

Real Name: Joe Tezuka
Hero Name: Grav
Title: None
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

Joe is a lanky fellow. At six feet with no real combat or endurance training, but able to move with a little more ease due to his light weight, this toe headed newcomer tends to give off the air of weakness and awkwardness. He's often picked out as the weakest link as a result. With a wide nose, and a rutty complexion, Joe can't always be seen as intimidating, given his thin figure. Joe's facial hair has yet to start fully growing, and thus, he's often clean shaved, looking a little younger than he actually is. Joe's eyes aren't a dark blue either, they're abnormally bright, more reason to be singled out. Often, though, Joe dresses well enough. Flannel shirts, dark jeans, and converse are his go-to for any situation, but when suited up, he takes on a homebrew superhero suit. A long, old coat, sweatpants, and a single, hand-sewn mask, Joe's suit is nothing short of absolutely shabby. He's definitely overdue for an official suit, but lacks the patience, funds, or knowledge to fully realize this dream.

The Personality

Shut in, reclusive, and unsure of himself, Joe is always at odds with his own capabilities. Raised in a sheltered lifestyle, pampered and given what he wanted, but soon having it all taken and given back through the course of his life, Joe never really knew what was permanent or what was going to be gone. Taught to savor the moment, Joe is very emotional, and incredibly personal with just about anything in life. Naive to a fault, he often finds himself trusting easily, or at least, getting to be friends with others far faster than normal folks would. That isn't to say he can tell who is a true friend and who'll make fun of him behind his back. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, and having a lot to say, Joe never really had friends, and thus, had little practice socializing. As a result, he tends to ramble, and when not rambling, tends to be unsure how, when, where, and what to talk about and with who. Quick to assume, and draw conclusions, he'll find himself swiftly interrupting others to act as though he knows where the conversation is headed. Nine times out of ten, he doesn't. Joe's simplicity and black-or-white sense of self tends to lead to coming off almost like a little brother.

The Story

Joe grew up shifting between lower class and upper middle class in the United States. From the start, he'd been capable of wielding the powers he has today, but the gestation period to realize these strengths far outshone any other Always a recluse, and raised by a former scientist for a large metallurgist industry, Joe had both parents going in and out of the household, as well as most of the luxuries or pain of each. It wasn't until Joe turned nineteen that he discovered his powers to manipulate vector currents. With this knowledge in his pocket, Joe took to getting his father to help him build a suit, only to have him turn down the idea of putting his son in danger. His mother stepped in, and with a bit of a hodgepodge effort, built him a suit that could at least conceal his identity.

Now Joe uses his newfound powers to try and do good, to bring some justice to a world he views as dangerous and broken.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Vector Redirection - In a consistent, five foot radius around Joe, all vectors are perceived and fall immediately under his partial control, even his own. Using latent psionic power, Joe can redirect, add, and subtract a great deal of force from any given object. While not capable of fully stopping bullets, trains, or cars instantly, hand to hand combat is a cinch for him, while stopping larger objects becomes a bit more effort-inclined. This also allows him to move, and launch static objects, which requires a greater deal of effort. The only feasible combat application for this power would be to launch small objects, like the marbles he carries around, at his foes, or to redirect bullets. The effort exerted onto himself is five times as great, and Joe even uses this to fly, or to increase his movement speed or striking power. The effected area of his Vector manipulation will spark with blue electrical arcs. Harmless in their own right, it's a dead giveaway of where he's using his powers.

The Weaknesses

Not Superhuman - Joe's lack of any superhuman traits aside from his ability to redirect vector currents means he's incredibly frail compared to most heroes.

Surprise Attacks - While Joe can sense vectors in that radius around him, it doesn't mean he's omnipresent. He lacks supernatural situational awareness, and his lack of training means he can be ambushed.

Poor Power Handling - Joe is very new to handling his powers, and hasn't quite gotten a grasp on how to fully realize his potential. His power is often limited, but when pushed, can briefly push himself to his theoretical limits. Not without taxing himself greatly though.

The Items

Bag of Marbles - His signature "weapon", if you can even call it that. Joe uses a bag of marbles to launch at his foes using his vector redirection abilities, adding intense force to them. While not fatal unless shot at the eyes, nose, or mouth, they're definitely incapacitating to the average person. They are marbles, however, and don't exactly have lots of durability.

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Joe Tezuka - Grav Empty Re: Joe Tezuka - Grav

Post by Silus on March 24th 2019, 8:19 pm

A new Hero from the woodwork. Lets see if you can keep your marbles in this crazy world. Approved until stated otherwise!

Joe Tezuka - Grav Lucife10
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Mega Poster!

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