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Post by Dracul February 26th 2019, 5:49 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Samuel Sabbat Smyth. He goes by his middle name.
Villain Name: N/A.
Title: The Beast, Son of Perdition, The Antichrist.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Age: 13.
Gender: Male.
Race: European-American.
Hair: Black, medium-length.
Eyes: Amber.
Height: 5'1.
Weight: ~100 lbs.
Blood Type: Rh-null.

The Looks

The Personality

The Story

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Possession: Sabbat is able to force his will to inhabit the bodies of others, hijacking their bodies and mind. He can manifest physical ailments, such as aneurisms, within the bodies of victims and cause sudden death. The blood vessels in the eyes of those under his command will burst, displaying that they are indeed possessed. [PERMISSION REQUIRED]

Psychokinesis: Sabbat can influence physical systems with his will, allowing him to produce physical change without physical interaction. This can include lifting objects, accelerating atomic vibrations, making water flow in reverse, etc. His change most be realistically plausible, as he is not manipulating reality, only using the energy he produces to effect his environment.

Nigh-Immortality: Sabbat can survive most fatal injuries and make a nearly full recovery, such as bullets the chest, stabbed in the heart, etc. He is immune to most minor and major ailments, seems to be unaffected by most injuries, and has an incredibly high pain tolerance. Once he reaches eighteen he will age slower than a normal human (1/20), but does not seem to get weaker than he currently is, or fall victim to age related fault

Abyssal Emanation: The power channeled through Sabbat isn't completely contained, it seeps out and unconsciously warps the world around him. Those who can't resist his presence may fall victim to it, completely unbeknownst to the victim or to Sabbat. He cannot control these occurrences like he can with his other powers. (As such, permission is required for the stuff that might effect another PC.)

Sabbat's Effects:

  • Sabbat is incredibly influential to those affected by his presence. He can make soldiers turn on and shoot their comrades, store owners give away their most valuable items, and cause much more mind-bending actions. This is different from possessing them in that it isn't a conscious inhibition, only manifesting his intentions in the mind of those he affects.

  • Freak weather and accidents often follow him, there's just something about him that causes pure chaos. When he gets pissed, there might be a huge thunderstorm or the target of his anger may slip and bust their head. Sinkholes may open up in unexpected places, heavy fogs, or masses of frogs or rats may come up from the drains.

  • Animals, especially those traditionally associated with Devil figures or evil, are affected by Sabbat's power. They are his fierce protectors, regardless of their ownership or level of obedience training. They can understand him, his intentions, and he can unknowingly summon them in his time of need.

  • People are more likely to follow him, like a leader or even a god. Some become fanatically obsessed with him and would even kill to protect him or his interests. Those who are inherently lead by him will darken and become more in his likeness, his metaphysical smog reverberating in them.

  • The mentally disturbed, deranged, and criminally insane will be aware of his identity almost immediately, leading to strange encounters. They may tell him future prophecies, even the most catatonic absent-minded folk will come alive with a strange possession. They may harm themselves, get incredibly violent, or attempt to take his life.

  • Evil spirits and creatures respect the authority inherited from his father, fearing punishment for harming the son of their master. His power gives physical form to incorporeal spirits such as demons, allowing them to interact with him and deliver messages. He also has an easier time in occult ritualism, especially when calling forth demons or dark powers.

Abyssal Causality: When Sabbat willingly draws power from his father, he can change the world in accordance to his will. He could give life back to the dead, cause whole armies to disappear, and a whole slew of other falsely divine miracles. While he's potentially limitless, he's limited by his intelligent, yet human, mind. (Cannot be used to kill/auto-defeat PCs without their RPer's permission.)

The Weaknesses

Witch's Mark: When Sabbat willingly uses his powers his eyes turns black, his voice deepens to inhuman levels, and the veins in his face bulge. The longer he uses his powers, and the more he uses them, the longer the features will take to fade away. This is somewhat avoidable with sunglasses, but the demonic voice and bulging veins are hard to miss.

Crucifixes: Sabbat has a harder time manifesting his father's powers when in the presence of a crucifix, often feeling the compulsion to turn them upside-down. Held to his skin, he will writhe in discomfort and pain, and his skin may even form a rash.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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