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Back in the Game

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OPEN Back in the Game

Post by Progidius February 19th 2019, 3:16 pm

It was a fresh night, far more colder that those Slasher had known in his youth. He thought for an instant if there was some truth in what all those ecologist said, that Humanity was slowly destroying its birthplace. He shrugged. Someone would fix it at some point, be it a wannabe messiah or a dangerous, psychotic eco-terrorist bent on destroying Mankind from the face of the earth. In both cases, he wouldn't try to interfere with whatever moron was planning to do this kind of stunt. For all he knows, maybe nobody would have the guts to try anything about it.

He shook his head. Now wasn't the time to get distracted, it was his first job in a while and he needed it to go without a hitch. He was on the roof of a small apartment building, the kind that you always find in the middle of a city. The moon was full on this night and allowed Slasher a full view of the surroundings. He watched his prize, a modest jewelry shop, not the kind that would allow you to retire comfortably and live a life of obscene luxury, but it would suffice as a training target. To see if he wasn't too rusty.

The night was calm and except for the usual car passing on the road, nothing seemed to trouble the evening. All he needed to do now, was to wait a couple more minutes, waiting the last lights to turn off. In preparation, he checked his arsenal, as well as his bag, verifying if all of his tools were responding. Everything seemed in order. The excitation started to invade his brain, as he found himself filled with anticipation. Finally, it was time to act.

He took the fire stairs, until they stopped ten feet from the ground. He jumped without giving a second thought and landed quietly on the ground. Leaving what was like a small alleyway, he walked over to the other side of the road. Soon he was faced with the rolling shutter, itself protected with grilling. He wasn't worried all he had to do was to be fast and not make too much noise. He actioned the blade on his right robotic arm. The sharp instrument came out in a matter of microseconds, shining under the moonlight. With a quick slash he cut himself an opening, allowing him closer to the jewelry shop shutter. He prepared himself for the second slash, as it was getting to the serious part. With an agile movement of his right, he shoved his blade into the metallic barrier. Soon the wall of steel was wide open and slasher rushed into the store, opening his bag. Ready to fill it to the brim with stolen goods.


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