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Damian Whitton (Architect)

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Damian Whitton (Architect) Empty Damian Whitton (Architect)

Post by Nergal January 31st 2019, 11:46 am


Damian Whitton (Architect) Tumblr_oa02puVx3O1v014w9o1_500

Basic Biography

Name: Damian Whitton
Villain Name: Architect
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Left eye green and right eye blue)
Height: 5’4
Weight: 129 lbs
Blood type: O -

The Looks


The Legacy

Damians common manner is a strange kind of quiet, as if constantly stuck within his own head. Expression is always more neutral and measured when it comes to dealing with other people. Sometimes even unsettling in how he can come off as emotionless when not stimulated or given a reason to fake something. What he finds comes easiest to him is a kind of malevolence, reveling in another person's misfortune or even just their simple pain when the former is lacking. Everything really is based upon his own desires and if he is willing to put the effort towards something. Energy spent and reward gained is the only thing that really informs his decisions and what he would do. Pleasure however has always been the thing that drives him more than anything else.

Has come to become a kind of actor, knowing how to act and in what way to act to get desired results. A smile when he feels he should and how to even “fake” emotions, though he never really feels the need to do so most of the time. His life has taught him more than anything else that love doesn’t really have any place and at times not even tripe loyalty. Parents don’t need to love each other or even their children, and to an extent he isn’t sure he could feel those feelings even if he truly wanted to. As if they had been trained out of him through the life he found himself placed in. Believe that power is the most important thing in the world and those with power deserve to stand over those without it; even crush them should that be their desire. It’s how the world is and nothing can change that, even if people would want to do that. The cold truth of the world that he came to believe was normal. Obviously he believes he has is a kind of exception to this rule naturally, because he can’t be one of those weaklings.

He’s the kind of person who does what he wants so long as it doesn’t break the absolute limits of his life and enjoys almost anything. Drinking, setting things on fire, murder, jaywalking, drugs and even sex with strangers so long as he gets some kind of enjoyment from doing so. A manner of hedonist, though something that he enjoys more than anything else is extending some kind of control over the people around him. They don’t always always manifest as the most overt displays of domination, though anything that makes him feel larger is something that he ends up doing. Manipulation has become the weapon he needs because he is more than aware he’s not big or strong compared to others.

Despises the self righteous and finds himself unable to trust those he perceives as a goody two shoes. Something about people who are genuinely strange confuses him to no end, enough to actually throw off his otherwise calm demeanor and leave him staring in abstract confusion as if that isn’t something he can fully comprehend. Nothing in his life has ever explained why someone would act that way, so he believes anyone who does must be wrong in some fashion. Believes that everyone is to some degree intrinsically selfish and wants something from someone else with each interaction that they hold. Even he runs by these ideals and always has a reason for talking to someone, even if it’s something as simple as alleviating the boredom plaguing him. Trust, and even love are something that have no real place within his life. Relationships of convenience are easiest and most natural for him; as if nothing else truly comes to mind for him.

One thing that does absolutely break away all these pretensions of control and dark calm are losing control. If someone wants to see the man lose all control that is the easiest way. Rage and violence are the only ways he could even think to conduct himself in those moments and so he always tries to avoid these moments. To allow his own world to fall apart like that is unforgivable after all. In those moments he becomes nothing more than a demon of hatred hoping to kill or harm everything that would dare harm him like that.

Damian was born to a seemingly normal family. His father was a workaholic sort, more often home than not and that lead to him not really remembering the man's face. His mother was something else however. A more neurotic woman who did what she could with the child born to her, and he wasn’t like most babies. Damian didn’t cry, much if at all. A silent child as much as anyone knew, which lead to him not getting along with many people around him. Other children thought he was creepy, all too silent and unable to really connect with his peers. These connections just didn’t make sense to him either, and how they acted made little sense too.

It took him a long while to recognize they simply felt things he didn’t or perhaps he couldn’t. These vibrant emotions that blared like the sun for him, confusing and sometimes debilitating though he never let those brief times of confusion show. These misunderstandings through his early life were enough to leave him isolated from the world around him, in ways that meant anything. That changed somewhat when his younger brother was born. It wasn’t something that he really understood, but something about the small human seemed to change him a little. Showing interest he didn’t have in other children in the small human, watching with interest and perhaps as just a guardian.

Perhaps she had a sense of his strange nature, but their mother seemed to do what she could to keep the two apart. Worried the older son had some manner of corruptive plan, despite the time that delusion began he was only six. That still lead to the two forming some kind of close sibling relationship, his younger brother Alexander trying to do all he could to follow Damian around. Such id

The Powers and Weaknesses


Master of Puppets: Damian was born with a strange manifestation of the metagene, one that doesn’t seem to make much sense in evolution or anything like that. Through abuse; physical, verbal or emotional he is capable of creating intangible marks upon a person. A few marks doesn’t seem to do much, aside from make them more susceptible to his suggestions and influence but enough can allow him to actually control that person as if through mind control. Any command he gives no matter how suicidal will be followed in extreme examples.




RP Mechanics


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