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Jehoel Tavor

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Jehoel Tavor  Empty Jehoel Tavor

Post by ghost on January 8th 2019, 10:30 pm

Jehoel Tavor

"You can't do this! You can't send me away!"

The Bio

Real Name: Jehoel Tavor
Renegade Name: The Roman Angel  
Title: Angel of God
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: None
Race: Angel/ Seraphim
Hair: Black
Eyes: Geen
Height: 6'
Weight: 210

The Looks

His human form is just that, human. A normal Caucasian male, six foot tall, black hair, green eyes, he usually can be seen wearing a suit or other high class clothing.  

The Personality

Authority Issues: Jehoel does what he wants when he wants. He has a hard time listening to authority figures, always thinking his way is better or more right. Though he tries not to be arrogant. He explains what his thoughts were and why he does what he does, some people just might not agree.

Drifter: He has a hard time living in one place for a long time. He likes to move around and see the beautiful sites around the earth though he keeps a central place that he likes to return to.

Nostalgic: Jehoel likes to keep remnants of the past around. Filling his places with what people would call artifacts. Some Egyptian, Roman, and even Aztec. Though he isn't a stickler for it all. If the stuff is broken of stolen he isn't going to loose too much sleep over it, but he would expect to get revenge... eventually.

The Story

At the creation of time there where many realms that came into existence. Some are adjacent to others, sharing the responsibilities of the heavenly places. For centuries they have been a safe place for souls that believed in them and some that didn't. The realm is ran by a Creator, some have come to know these entities as Gods. They rule over creatures known as angels to people on earth. These realms are full of beings of light. Watching over the earth from above, taking a liking to humans they try to watch over them. Time moves fast here, making the show on earth seem like a movie.

Jehoel's story starts here. Created to help protect the earth from threats like all the angels, he was especially fond of the earth. There was something about the freedom they had. When he saw some of the trouble people in ancient Rome where getting into he couldn't help but interfere, braking the first rule of human contact, simply not to hinder the flow of history. This was his first offence. He was given a warning.

The human form was difficult to conjure the first time, but as he continued to come to earth it became easier. More and more as he talked with the rulers of Rome he started to fall in love with the emperors daughter. The form he chose was a merchant, a seller of high quality furs. Pron to travel, hunt, talk, it was a perfect cover. His love was deep but he could never act on it, never tell her. When the Creator found out he was going to earth he was warned once again.

The fall of the roman empire was easy to see from above. The incorporation of barbarians into the society was part of the reason for this. Jehoel went to earth once more. He tried to warn the people. Going to the barbarian leader and pleading for the Romans in the form of an honored general had the opposite  effect he wanted. They rallied there military forces, some where on the inside of Rome itself. They marched only months later. A year passed and the Empire was in shambles, "fallen" was the word the creator used, he continued to speak of the Romans as the most civilized empire with his highest hopes.

This mistake has marked Jehoel with dishonor. Not obeying the creator was reason enough for Jehoel's annihilation, but he didn't. Instead he was sent to live a life on earth. Not mortal, not powerless, but not able to return home till he proves himself worthy. Three acts of heroic mercy, kindness, or heroism would enable the key to let him pass the gates home.

After only days on the earth he tried his hardest to earn his way back home, but it was harder than he thought. After months he still pushed, and even years, but centuries? He now keeps his eyes out when he can but he has lost steam. Keeping up with the Fur trading skill he learned more and more over time. Soon he became one of the most successful in the world. His trade evolved over time, now he is the owner of thousands of miles of land, some for farming, some for selling. Now he is the leader of a multi billion dollar company in the USA. Because of his situation Jehoel has to reinvent himself every couple years, he was able to tie his businesses together and earn a fortune. Brushing it off like an inheritance.

He finds himself going to Ireland often, owning a large estate there and keeping an eye on the world. He can be found wondering about the US, sometimes the UK. But eventually he will find his way home...

The Priority

Agility 1
Endurance 4
Reaction 3
Strength 2

The Powers

Light Manipulation: Jehoel has the ability to manipulate, absorb, amplify, and solidify light. Able to create weapons, wings, or even mold simple structures at a distance, though this takes some concentration. The light constructs can be adapted to his body or manipulated into constructs at will. Though he can take in and save the light he can not create it at will.

Weaknesses :

1. Fire manipulation. Fire with its ability to destroy objects combined with the flickering and shifting light makes the manipulation of light difficult for Jehoel. If there is enough fire around him it could make his powers impossible to control.
2. While it is night time Jehoel isn't as strong. His muscles are not as tough during the night time or when in the dark. He looses some of his strength, durability, and speed while there. His eyesight isn't as great either.

Heavenly Durability: Though he has lost the ability to go into his angelic form, he still retains his durability the creator gave him. When Jehoel is attacked his body is as hard as rock to break. Cracks and cuts reveal light after he is hurt, the body is just an outer form, if it is completely shattered he will find himself in the presence of his creator.


1. His durability is weak against dark magic attacks or creatures that are created by such things. It doesn't make him as easy as a human, but after the attack the weakness seems to linger. If his arm is hurt soon it will move to his shoulder, then his chest, the process will end and reverse when Jehoel enters natural light.

The Items

An Amulet: Given to him by the creator it is his key back to the realm when he completes the task. After each act of heroic mercy, kindness, or heroism the amulet begins to glow starting from its center. Once it is covered in light he would be able to return home. The light the amulet emits can be used to manipulate. The light can also heal small wounds on his body.


1. The item can be stolen. If it's not within Jehoel's reach the light fails to emit and its power is nullified.  
2. The amulet can be destroyed by immense pressure combined with a magical force.

The Fluff

Feeling the presence of magic: Being from a realm filled with magic and the use of it and thrown into a dull world with hardly none, Jehoel is able to feel it's presence. He is unable to do this at a distance, only in a fifty meter diameter can he feel it. Like a tingling sensation. He is unable to search for specific objects or people.

Skilled Fighter: Having Centuries to perfect his skills Jehoel is skilled with the sword, bow, knives, and hand to hand combat. Learning from some of the most renown fighters and teachers in history.

Wealthy: The head of a multi billion dollar company that has its hands in many things. Fashion, reality, mining, spending lifetimes on earth he was able to lay his roots deep.

Ageless: Only his outer shell is human. It does not age.

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Jehoel Tavor  Empty Re: Jehoel Tavor

Post by ghost on January 12th 2019, 2:20 pm

Ready for Approval Very Happy


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Jehoel Tavor  Empty Re: Jehoel Tavor

Post by Arcana on January 12th 2019, 2:35 pm

Approved until stated otherwise
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