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Eain Chad

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Eain Chad Empty Eain Chad

Post by ghost on January 6th 2019, 11:31 am

Eain Chad

"She left me... "

The Bio

Real Name: Eain Chad (changed from Ember Chad)
Renegade Name: The Unsung Hero
Title: Mr.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel/brown
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 195
Blood type: A+

The Looks

He has tanned white skin. Dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Usually he can be seen with cowboy boots, plaid shirts, and jeans. He carries his guns on a his belt that hangs like any good cowboy. The holsters point both handles toward his right hand, letting one gun rest on the middle of his waist and another on his right hip. His knife is kept in his boot, usually pretty hidden from sight.

The Personality

Closed Off: Eain keeps his feeling in his head mostly. Talks to himself and gets lost in day dreams. Any escape from reality is attractive to him.

Hot Head: Little things can set Eain off. The wrong words or traffic can cause his blood to boil, he has been getting batter at controlling his anger but for now it almost rules him. For a while it was the only feeling he could recognize, now only sadness shadowed by sarcasm accompanies it.

A Heart for Children: There is a soft place in his heart for children. Hurting them is always no no, no matter what they have done. Small brown haired children tend to remind him of his own kids. It would take an act of god for him to hurt them, or let them be hurt.

The Story

Born Ember Chad in a small town hospital in Colorado. Raised by a loving mother and father, two brothers and one sister named Tabitha. All of them are estranged now. Once Ember joined the Army he left them all behind.  

When he turned 18 years old he changed his name to Eain. More masculine and he didn't get made fun of anymore. His friends in the Army encouraged him to continue drinking and eventually he was lead further down the rabbit hole. Thinking the Army was more of, "safe place" he let his guard down; soon he found himself  awake for three days hyped on cocaine. Soon he was court martialed and kicked out of the Ranger battalion.

Life after the military was rough. Not knowing anything other than combat, drugs, and the party life he struggled to find work. Hanging with the wrong crowd he ended up selling his skills to the highest bitter. Becoming a hit man seemed... well... logical to him. Though he only killed people that he deemed punishable he still has nightmares now and again.

Somehow his job lead him back to his hometown. Skipping the messy details... He ran into a woman there that become his wife. He soon left the hit-man job and got a desk job at a law firm. Six long years passed and life seemed to be going well. Two sons where born, Edger and William Chad. The light in his eyes, the pride of his life. He spent long nights up with them when they were sick, when they needed comfort, you know, everything a good dad would do. Eain failed to mention to his wife about his past.

Times got rough. Living in Nevada now the economy seemed to always be in ups and downs. Hard business drew the wolves out of the forest, soon Eain was being blackmailed. "Do this Job or else!" Killing the innocent to make a dollar wasn't about to happen. He knew he could protect his family but then something happened he didn't expect. A letter ruined his life.

His past unfolded before the eyes of his wife, she was filing divorce papers the next month. Taking the Airstream, the beagle, her two sons, and most of the money she left Eain. His life was being flushed down the drain, after killing the blackmailer he started to drift back into his old habits.

The Smell of gun powder...
The fear...
It all seemed so invigorating now...
Thoughts of home drifting away in a sea of whisky and a pile of cocaine.

The Priority

Agility 3
Endurance 2
Reaction 1
Strength 4

The Powers

Berserker: Rage gives Eain focus. Being around arguments or violence makes his mind more agile, able, and geared toward the causation of pain. It makes his aim more accurate, his muscles more tone and flexible. His speed is increased to match an Olympic sprinter, though the faster he gets away from violence the sooner his speed ends.

The Weaknesses

The Past: It hurts to hear about his family. Comments about peoples mother my set them off, but his wound is his old family. He tried to hid his past from others, still trying to keep them safe at a distance. He can become distracted and off his game if these kind of things are mentioned.

Drugs: He can often be found incapacitated in hotels and bars. Drunk, on drugs, or both. Sometimes even the use of his power can't overcome the intoxication. Blurred vision, stumbling, the like.

Pretty Ladies: He is a sucker for a pretty face. Easily thrown off track by a nice set of tits and blond hair it can be a useful distraction to an enemy.

The Calm: When around a calm group of people though he can still fight, his abilities become nullified. Watch out though, he is still a good shot.

The Items

Hand Guns: Two .44 caliber Dragoon revolving hand guns made by Colt. The guns are made from steel and have hard wood handles. The ammunition is made special for him by a friend. Every Hit-man has his signature...

Survival Knife: In the hilt are a few things to help survive in the wild. A few Matches, wire, small peaces of kindling, a tiny magnify glass, a fishing line with hooks, compass, and wet stone. The blade itself is dark in color and 9 inches long. One side is sharp the other is serrated made for cutting down small trees or branches.

The Fluff

Brawler: Though trained in the military it was only minimal. He got most of his skills on the street and in the bars. Fighting comes second nature to him.

Desert Survival: Living in the desert has trained him many things. What not to eat, where to find shelter, what animals to stay away from, and more. He can turn situations of survival in the desert to a thriving situation.

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Eain Chad Empty Re: Eain Chad

Post by Chellizard on January 6th 2019, 5:17 pm

Approved and moved.

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