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Diner in a desert

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OPEN Diner in a desert

Post by FantasyBound on December 13th 2018, 9:34 pm

Walking, walking, walking…

If there isn't a damn thing Lucas finds more overall boring. There was many more things that would be interesting, example being swimming, when swimming there is a very long distance between himself and the bottom, and who the hell knows what's down there, gives a man something to think about, and climbing, no matter how long it took, you can always look down and find out your ten’s of feet above the ground, or hundreds even. But walking, now there’s the problem, you walk for hours, and only make it a few miles, and if your in a desert, nothing new, nothing. Like this highway, he peered up and down the road, nothing as far as the eye can see one way, but the other way…

There appeared to be a little blue building, had a large sign above it, probably a gas station. Then something caught his eye, a cup on the ground, one of those generic pepsi paper cups. Luke picked it up and spun it around in his hand, didn't look all that sunbleached, only been out here maybe for a day or two. Not too far away was some paper bag, had a half eaten cheeseburger in it, that mean there must be food up ahead. He looked towards the gas station, maybe they had some sort of diner or whatever over there. He put the cup and bag back on the ground, wasn't his damn job to pick up after some lazy ass person. He turned and began jogging, his body surprisingly warm from the sun, and maybe his trenchcoat was contributing to this.

His legs grew more accustomed to the run, so he begins sprinting, legs hitting the road with a powerful force before his muscles contract with even more force then eventually he is moving a bit past what should be considered “normal”, tearing muscles and repairing them with every step. He wanted something to eat, not that he was hungry, his body finally gained the ability to sustain itself infinitely, but it's been four days since he last had something to eat, it would be nice to have a bit of a treat. It was honestly interesting how he got the blood, that artifact he poked at back in the day had some sort of blood magic in it, made his blood mutate to become mystically fueled, a pretty nifty thing to have, especially when all of your money used to be used to buy food, which fueled his powers back then, back when he would look at the horrified buffet managers and staff, sometimes he’d leave before he was finished because he felt sorry for them.

He was nearing the gas station, and sure enough was a “Lunch-break” building, he’s seen about 4 buildings with that name, none of them knew the other existed, those places usually had food that was almost considered restaurant food, except they only serve things considered on a fast food menu, or things like deep fried pickles.

Mmmmm… Deep fried pickles…

Before he knew it, he was nearing the building, he slowed down to a walk, no need to look like some crazy person who was half starved. As he gets nearer he can smell the cooking oily goodness just before him, the building had a pleasant mixture of white and blue, had a good amount of windows, but they were covered with papers, some regarding super human or supernatural phenomenon, or just advertisements for car loans or whatnot.

He steps in, it had some good lighting, a couple clean tables, and a small arcade machine in the left corner. He stepped up and began placing his order,

“Hello, I am going to take... “

He spends a minute thinking, whether or not he wanted to freak them out that bad.

“Two double cheeseburgers with medium fries… and a water… Oh! And some deep fried pickles!”

He takes a moment to go sit and wait after paying with some cash, he might get dessert afterward...


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