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Banshee Bunker

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Banshee Bunker

Post by Fauna Yasenha on September 16th 2018, 10:52 am

Base Name: Banshee Bunker

Purpose: Hero operation base, safehouse and as a base for other heroes if made part of a team.

Location: Edge of the river Thames, London, England, UK

Apperance: The bunker appears from the outside, appears on the underside of the bridge of the river Thames as a solid steel door with a hand scanner and passcode lock on it. It is however fairly old in appearance as a WW2 bunker. From the inside, there is a long stairwell that leads done several hundreds of feet below the surface to enter into the main section of the bunker. She has had it refurbished with all the lastest technology and removing all the WW2 stuff out besides a old radio set in case main communications go down.

The first floor possesses living quarters for up to six people, all of which have been modernized and updated to be comfortable to live in (like this:
general appearance:

Going down another flight gets to what was the main control center for the bunker; now replaced by a nerve center with a central holo table to plot out places and a large and very powerful computer that allows her to access into systems and has its own database and connection to outgoing police reports that alert if anything comes up. Lastly, in the bottom floor, there is the generator room with a section connected to a service hatch that connects to the london underground in case the bunker is compromised and has its own generator that means the bunker can say off the official electrical grid in case power is cut.

History: Originally built at the start of WW2, it was designed to be a hub for the allied forces to scan for incoming attacks from the Nazi' U boats and aircraft via what was the advanced technology for the time like radar. It also had radio and morse code equipment and isolated power system in case they were cut off.

After the war, it was left abandoned for years until eventually it was put up for sale, which Fauna bought up with the secret intention to make it a base of operations away from her apartment and as a safe house if she was exposed and her apartment became under watch by villainous organisations. She paid to have it refurbished and had some other tech-based company to instal the holo table and the central computer system as well as the hand/passcode combo lock to make sure she was safe. She also had the generator updated so it was more powerful and efficient then the old one.

Wealth: (She wires the money from corrupted businessman, politicians and the like, sends it to a offshore, untraceable bank account, then uses that account to purchase the bunker and its various refurbishments and upgrades.)
Fauna Yasenha
Fauna Yasenha

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Quote : "There is Suffering in Silence and Emptiness in Loudness; yet both are necessary in the way people are. it is in their nature after all" - Banshee

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Re: Banshee Bunker

Post by Bliss on September 16th 2018, 1:43 pm



Mitsy's Boutique


I'm pretty much the Captain Kirk of this place when I'm not too busy being the Han Solo

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Quote : I'm pretty much the Captain Kirk of this place when I'm not too busy being the Han Solo.

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