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Night of the Living Jack

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Night of the Living Jack - Page 2 Empty Re: Night of the Living Jack

Post by Nate6595 August 8th 2018, 1:07 am

Everything was going...moderately okay. At least from Isaac's point of view. His eyes flicked from monitor to monitor, watching each scene unfurl and progress. His goons were doing a wonderful job of causing havoc and chaos! They were looting, mugging, beating, and Isaac was pretty sure there were a few causalities they were responsible for. It was good to know that he was getting what he paid for. It was a further comfort to him to see these 'people' in their natural state. They were savages and right now they were doing what they were meant to do. It was good to know that they were in their place right beneath his boot, following his orders to indulge in what they really were. It was beautiful to see it. There were a few who did oppose against his savage goons, there was one who had put up that barrier of shadows or darkness or something and then there was that man had froze over a couple of the goons. Elsewhere, his...'teammates' were engaged with their own boundaries. The bimbo had engaged in some sort of machine man who had...who...Isaac leaned closer towards the screen. Did he seriously topple a building? He was doing their job for them! It was wonderful, still a slight problem for the dumb girl, but it was nothing she couldn't handle. Then there was the battle between that empowered woman and the bestial freak, it seemed a bit rough, but he'd wait to send in goons to help. He wanted to see how it progressed. Going back to one of the previous monitors Isaac watched the ice filth foolishly try and attack Jack. Pointless...the ice man had no idea what he was against.

Isaac let out a breath and leaned back into his chair, shaking his head slowly at all the monitors. It was all pointless. This chaos was a ceaseless trend that those lesser people always started or flocked to. While this was bad, at least it was controlled and managed. At any moment he could snap his fingers and bring an end to his goons attacking. The world was lucky to have people like him who could control the chaos and instill order into the world. The world also needed him to ensure that no one tried to climb the ranks and break the order that the world had. Doing so would only feed the chaos and leave no there to actually control it. No one would know how and the chaos would begin to sprout among those who controlled it.

He reached over to the desk and grabbed the cup of tea he had had his goons prepare prior to him arriving. He took a long sip from it and set it back down on its saucer. When his glance returned to the monitor he leaned in a bit, seeing something that was mildly concerning. He rubbed the back of his head and sent out a message to his temporary allies. "Hello? Yes? If you're hearing this the local police are starting to move in, they seem to have brought some more heavy duty supplies." As Isaac spoke his tone was both of mild annoyance and boredom. "Don't be dumb and get shot. My men will do their best to keep them busy, but it's something to keep an eye on." He leaned back in the chair again, watching the monitors and all the people move about. "If anyone has a question or needs my men you know what to do." He let out a breath, ending his transmission to others. He took another sip from his tea and watched as one of goons was mugging some random homeless man. "At least it isn't boring..." Isaac said to himself in a low, quiet tone.

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Night of the Living Jack - Page 2 Empty Re: Night of the Living Jack

Post by Zonkes September 11th 2018, 10:44 pm

Jack realized what the young man was doing to his breath. Jack grinned thinking of the possibilities Jack could inflict as his gas turned to freezing liquid. He decided it was time to cause more trouble elsewhere though. ”Alright, you’re good. I’ll give you that. But I’m afraid I’ve got a sleeping town to go after.”

Jack threw open his mouth again, and spewed purple flames all around himself. The fog of the gas around Jack only increased as the air grew hotter. Jack didn’t like running away, but wasting time on a waking metahuman when the death count could be so much higher; Jack knew that he would have to come back for him. His infamy was more important. Jack threw himself through a wall and went invisible temporarily, ensuring his escape.

Only moments later, Jack was above a small roadside hotel. ”Don’t you just hate tourists?” And he hurled a fireball at the propane tanks outside, taking out a large portion of civilians and Isaacs men. When the smoke cleared, the building was ruined, and what wasn’t ruined was on fire.

”I wonder how the heroes feel about BBQ!” Jack said before cackling and flying off towards his next target. A school where a large portion of waking civilians had shacked up.

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Night of the Living Jack - Page 2 Empty Re: Night of the Living Jack

Post by Puglife43vr June 13th 2019, 1:54 pm

Riot had made a grave mistake. He actually aided the bad guy? What was the military going to think of this? Extreme property damage and the deaths of several militia men, all on U.S. soil? And caused by the very project they funded. For his own sake, he had to somehow stop what he started.

"Lady, you're messing with the wrong insanely rich guy in a suit of flying armor. This baby will kick your little tail up into orbit, kitty cat."

The armor's built in speakers project Finn's voice a great distance.

"I'm loving the light show. Maybe when things calm down we can get out of here and you can show me how it works. Drinks on me."

There were a few options. Destroy the tower using explosives to lessen the falling debris.. But no, he wouldn't have the fire rate on the explosives to knock out each piece. Someone would end up dead. He needed to protect the men. Hardlight energy field! It would take a great deal for energy to cover the hostages, but it would work. It has to work.

Riot takes off, blasting toward the base of the tower as it crumbles, outpacing the falling debris. He slows down a great deal as he lands as not to crush the hostages. The power core at the center of his chest glows brightly, engulfing the area in a light blue, firey light. As the debris nears the base of the tower, a large some appears!

Beneath the dome, Riot and the hostages are protected, however, his power is dropping insanely quickly. He looks to the hostages who have minor scrapes and bruises from some small chunks that made it in time. However, there are no casualties.

"Alright, party people. We don't have much time. If you want to survive, you're going to have to follow my every command."

Not wanting to end up dead, the hostages nod and prepare themselves for whatever is next. The field has leeched the power out of Riot's suit, dropping him to 57% power. This isn't looking too good.

Outside the dome, the debris is sliding off, readying them for their exit strategy. As soon as the debris is cleared off, they'll be ready. The Tarche Aerospace jet flies several miles overhead, readying the new toys for Tarche to play with.

Night of the Living Jack - Page 2 HRN5OeL
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Night of the Living Jack - Page 2 Empty Re: Night of the Living Jack

Post by Sponsored content

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