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Xetakkalyria: Gunblade

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Xetakkalyria: Gunblade Empty Xetakkalyria: Gunblade

Post by Saileyra May 27th 2018, 1:44 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name:Xetakkalyria:Gunblade

Item/Character Advancement Description:
Xetallium or star-diamond is configured in Sai's four foot blade, Xetakkallyria, it is slightly bent like a katana but the double edge allows razor sharp slashes or thrusts on either side of the blade. When brushing up against the zero point field, the friction against the star-diamond causes the star diamond to heat up allowing the blades edge to heat up causing intense heat alongside the blade allowing it to catch plasmic flame. Interstellar plasma is quick to heat and is thicker than regular flame.

Xetakka' is also a gun sword, two impact pistols on either side of the blade psionically configure to Sai. 40 Bullets are loaded in the hilt of the sword, each comparable to a .40 caliber round, Sai's rounds occur at the squeeze of the trigger. Sai's rounds are Xetallium hollow tip rounds with mercury in the center. When mercury heat it expands and the crystal occurs like shrapnel to stick into flesh. Mercury and heated xetallium together makes the mercury expand to an obnoxious size almost able to swallow an individual not fast enough to dodge a bullet. Firing is triggered by the base of the hilt when using the hand cusping the hilt close the sensor to hand bring down a trigger dock that one can squeeze and shoot.

Item Power(s):
Item Power 1: Star Plasma Strikes
The sword can glow with white fire that is very hot. This is geat for slicing through, flesh, armored but isn't very effective against most earth elements. Will be able to melt through but not penetrate.

b]Item Power 2:[/b] Mercury Rounds Special Crafted - Able to take Regular Rounds
Mercury rounds are table to contact skin and create poisonous shrapnel that explode on impact. Otherwise a normal round.

b]Item Power 3:[/b] Light-weight and Durable
This sword is very durable, and very light as compared to most swords because of the metal it is made of. Star-Diamond.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
Item Weakness 1FIres of the plasma are easily taken down by anything ice.

Item Weakness 2: Limited Rounds Per Roleplay. 20 Per RP. Poison Onset Accrues Slowly Over Time Per Post By Post. Effects do not stack per bullet. Merely paralyzes user but damage from shrapnel wounds are continuous.

While Effected by Neurological Mercury Poison:
Post 1-5: User is Slowed
Post 5-10: User Attacks Take 2 Moves
Posts: 10-15: Users Attack 3 Moves
Posts 15-20: User is Attacks Every 4 Moves
Posts 20-25: User Faints from Poisoning (Not Lethal, Paralyzes)

Item Weakness 3:
When Disarmed the Sword can Go Flying REALLY far because of weight.

Item/Character Advancement Price: ReOpening Old Character?

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Xetakkalyria: Gunblade Empty Re: Xetakkalyria: Gunblade

Post by Bliss May 27th 2018, 3:33 pm



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