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Taco Truck Takedown (BP/HS)

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Taco Truck Takedown (BP/HS) Empty Taco Truck Takedown (BP/HS)

Post by beepsa April 4th 2018, 11:07 pm

They'd really only meant to stop by Tampa for a bit, but, as always-- they found something much more interesting to mess with. Specifically, there was this RUDE Taco Truck that they'd been tailing to see if it ever stopped, and, oddly enough-- it didn't. It came from one shady warehouse and would always speed past city lines to another shady warehouse way out-- and then would stop there, and the process would start all over again. Which, of course, brings into question the validity of said Taco Truck-- but, regardless if it did have the good stuff or not, they were going to find out.

Why? Because the teens were going to hijack it. After pressuring some individuals to give them the ingredients, they worked on making some good old chloroform for the person driving, of whom which Allocer will put to sleep with the gas. Laurence and Alex's undead will be at the ready to stop the truck, and pull it over to the side. They noticed, thankfully, that the car avoided any main or highly policed roads, so that was good for them-- but still, Sharon was on lookout. They were, all in all, ready to get their fucking tacos. Briefly, they'd discussed what they'd do if the truck didn't have what they wanted, which was some nice vajita meat for the next Nacho Night, but generally assumed that it'd be stupid if the Taco Truck wasn't carrying something kind of like food anyways. They can always have Laurence taste test it. Whatever it is, it must be worth it, because Alex took the week of everyone scouting to prep 5 more undead-- the ones on tuesday and saturday didn't work right, leaving them now with a total of 6 undead, and leaving the teen Necromancer downright exhausted and stressed, as he's keeping tab on the things.

However, that scouting week is over, and today is the day they're going to pull their hiest. Sharon supports the dazed Alex as they get into position, and Laurence waits eerily by the side of the deserted road, with the 6 fellow undead behind him, still. "What-- what action do you have them doing?" Sharon mutters, idly watching as Allocer practices her little baby teleports here and there. She has to time this wonderfully, to get inside the van, or else... RIP. The tension in the air is high, unlike usual. Alex blinks, pausing as he goes through his brain. "They're playing freeze tag except they're all frozen until I say the cue word..." He responds casually, his brow furrowing. He really hated this level of hunger in his head. He kind of hoped one of them got just bodied by the truck, but with Laurence heading the push it should be fine, sadly. Maybe they'll quiet down if he just lets them devour Taco Truck man... With a sigh, Alex rests his head against Sharons shoulder, who quietly gives Allocer a thumbs up, spotting the truck in the distance.

The seconds are counted by the yellow eyed demon child-- 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3-- hitting the magic number, Allocer teleports foreward, squeezing her eyes shut in worry as she reappears, thankfully, within the truck, smog filling the truck. "AI-- HEY-- WHAT THE??" The guy starts to move to pull over and stop abruptly. Huh. She supposes they never really considered what would happen in concern of Allocer's smoke. This is probably better than trying to stop a runaway Taco Truck. Quickly, not wanting to waste the smoke in such a small place, Allocer rushes over to the front seat, past what she assumed to be very thin countertops, and pulls out the chloroform rag, pressing it to the mans face from behind the seat. His eyes widen as he violently thrashes, seeing only the vaguest visage of the demon girl. He does overpower the wiley teen, who throws the chloroform where she was, jumping back to where obviously the tacos MUST be made-- the smog obscuring both of their visions. Allocer jumps about to the vans back, fumbling with the latch as the man blindly swings at the lithe figure, as she opens the back and lets the smog pour out. "GUYS-- HE TOOK IN SOME BUT NOT ALL, HELP!" She calls out, as the others become alert.

Laurence reacts first, something burning from inside him as he speeds up to get to Allocers aid, the undead beginning to lurch towards the truck and the man quickly seeing the dangers of the situation through his semi drugged views. Allocer, noticing the hesitation in his gaze, teleports behind him, blocking the way to the truck without having to deal with her.

The rest-- very quickly, was a victory for the teen brigade. With the zombies distracted by hovering over the now dead adult, the teens explore the contents of, what wasn't actually a taco stand. The countertops Allocer thought she saw were nothing more than containers stacked up-- very secure looking containers. Alex and Sharon come together after the battle has ended, idly checking out the scene. "So-- what do we want to do with this?" Sharon tilts her head. "It's not the vajita's we wanted." Sharon sighs, looking to a slumped shoulder Laurence. "Hey, dude, you're fine. We didn't know. Sorry." She idly gives him a thumbs up, which he returns, albiet a bit later. "Well, I mean, whatever it is is probably important right? What if we deliver it to where he's going and-- wait, no. Oh! What if we give a store this in exchange for like... A bunch of vajita beef." Allocer proclaims, idly looking at the containers.

"... Should we open it?" Allocer asks, after staring at the boxes in silence for a bit.
The secluded, open road was just about silent, as all sentient members of their team idly explore the truck, examining it with their own curiosity.

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