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Slasher Empty Slasher

Post by Progidius March 28th 2018, 4:17 pm


"Not clever, hiding with a bloody wound"

The Bio

Real Name: Mike Dunwalker
Villain Name: Slasher
Title: Predator of the Weak
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg
Hair: Cyber tendril Thingy
Eyes: 3 pair of thin, bright red eyes
Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 209lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

Slasher is known for being a sadistic killer, taking pleasure watching his victims squirm and suffer. A true psycho, he will often try to mess with his enemies by acting the most gruesome way possible and will try to terrify them, if possible. He's not dealing in gentle business and will chose only the most violent option while dealing with an adversary. It is shown when facing an unharmed or weakened foe as he will not show mercy. As such he will not surrender willingly if overpowered and will not beg for mercy if seriously threatened. He is, however, not reckless and if seeing the tide of a battle fall in his disadvantage, he will flee and lay low for a little while. He's also considered as an greedy individual. Where he see himself as an humble collector, other see him clearly as an materialistic individual. He often act for his own interest, but will join forces in case of a more lucrative opportunity. He can betray people if he sees better opportunities, he will, however, not do any action that will benefit directly any form of "law enforcer", as he call it. Outside of "work" he can be seen as an almost non-mentally damaged individual, if you do not look close enough. Some people would daresay that he can be civilized and even polite. If you're not insulting him, of course.
The Story

The man that would one day be known as the fiendish scumbag named Slasher wasn't always what he is now (I mean, do you imagine if the guy was like, born all cybernetic and stuff out of his momma no-no place ? Would have been one ugly baby, that's for sure). Mike Dunwalker was born like any kids, grow up as any teenagers, and became adult like everybody else. Sure, he was always attracted by violence, but I mean, what could you expect when you grow up with a violent biker gang as only authority figures?

So yeah, little twerp was adopted and stuff. Gang discovered a little baby in the middle of trash, right next to a dead prostitute. So they did what any sensible human on this planet would do when given a newborn baby. Use it as a living bike ornament. With time the group started to see him as almost human. They taken care of sending him to school with only two dirty books and a unsharpened pen. Don't know what was the real mistery to the school principal: Why did so many kids ended up with stab wound or how did Mike was able to make last one pen an entire year ? Anyway, kid made it to high school, where he barely graduated with passing grade. To him, only chumps lived their lives from what they learned from school.

He began making his carrier as something between a hired muscle and a hitman. Police dreamed of throwing him behind bars, but the bastard was careful enough to never leave his fingerprint on an object or staying around a crime scene too long. Mike was happy, he loved his job, he could have any prostitute he wanted and people didn't dare to speak ill of him when he was present somewhere. He was a master of slashing, pro at shooting, a maestro at punching and good at taking any hits. Sadly, life always find a way.... to @ù£^ù* you from behind. When superhero started to take the sky, his line of work became more dangerous for simple crooks. At a dark corner he found one guy, who has heard of him and of his reputation. The guy was litteraly a walking flame-thrower. Mike body was heavily damaged. Barely alive, he was still saved and ended in the care of an hospital. The costly treatment ruined him and he could no longer operate any job with his missing limbs.

But there must be a good star out there, rooting for those that are rotten to the core. A young doctor arrived in his room one day. He presented himself as Dr.Teddy Bingley and explain to him that he needed a test subject for a new system of weaponry and prosthetic. He said that such a widely known killer would be the perfect test subject for his invention. And Mike was overjoyed to accept, if it meant getting back to the top of his world. The process was long and exhausting, be it physically or mentally. But when it was over, he felt that it was worth it. He was better, faster, stronger and more resilient that he had never been. But it wasn't all. He soon find out that the good doctor had even gifted him fancy new tech to go with it."Nice" he said while flexing his arm "could get used to that sort of stuff". The doctor remained silent for several moment. "I may have a proposition for you" ,he answered back. "You see the equipment that I have provided you require at least bi-monthly maintenance." He continued "So I offer my service to you for an exchange of fifty per-cent of any income that you bring with my prosthetic." He was only answered by silence. "Fourty per-cent ." He said again. "Deal!" And so the fiend and the doctor joined force in their objectives to make the most profits possible.

The doctor was not a man of science motivated by the research of knowledge, but it happened from time to time to do something else that maintenance or lazing around. In fact, he just recently did another attempt to create cybernetically modified being, but this time with another idea in mind. "So, you created another tin canned freak ?" "Yep." Their were both watching the strange creature. It was standing in the middle of the room, wearing a hooded full-body jumpsuit, letting only seen two massive mechanical eyes. "So what does it do ?" Finally asked Mike. " It has something of a precognitive ability." Mike remained silent for several minutes "Like It can see the future and shit ?" "Yup." That's dumb" Mike said. "Not as dumb as your new nickname." He was responded. "What was it ? Slasher or something ?" They remained silent, watching the short creature unmoving eyes and bluish light.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers

SUPERIOR STRENGTH: The cybernetic modification on Slasher body allow him to surpass the strength of a normal human. He is as strong as several adult man, all in good shape. With this level of power he can easily dismember your average citizen effortlessly. In the past he has been seen frequently lifting cars and the like. However the true power that lies with his strength is the wound that he cause with a weapon. His bladed slash have been witnessed to cut steel easily as butter.

RELENTLESS OPPONENT: His near robotic state allow him to defy the limit of his human body. He is capable of taking violent hits that would normally kill the average men, fight and work for weeks, only needing a pause of 3 minutes every two day. His body being fueled by a new type of pocket reactor, he can maintain the use of all his artificial functions and weapons for extended period of time. He also possess a form of immunity toward most firearm. It would require a powerful weapon such as a sniper or a rocket launcher to dent his armor. His body is also capable of resisting massive exterior heat.

SO MANY GODDAMN WEAPONS ON ONE GUY: The cybernetic modification came with a bonus package, he is now more armed than a freaking tank. He is equipped with a Pair of Arm Blaster, two Retractable Blades, a pair of Claws, two arms incorporated Heavy Gauss Rifles charged with explosive rounds, and a Heat-Seeking Missile. And of course, his iron fists.

ELECTRICITY MANIPULATION: If it wasn't enough, Slasher body is able to manipulate raw electricity. It manifest in an absorption of common energy when in contact and a faculty of using said energy in different ways. He can use it to maintain for a longer period of time his energy-needing weapons (such as the blaster, rifle or missile), but he can also use it to infuse with static energy his melee weapons or boost his ranged weapons, making them far more deadlier. Finally he can produce arcs of pure electricity, useful when you need to sabotage an engine or jumpstart it. Or roast literally your enemies, it depends.
The Weaknesses

DON'T BRING THE HEAT: While he is able to function for long period of time, the use of his ranged weapons increase significantly his heat and pressure. An excessive use of his ranged weapons and electric power will cause him to go into a cooldown phase, where he will be unable to act for 3 minutes.

SHORT-CIRCUITED: The downside of his affinity with electricity, is a weakness to all form of electric damage when not using his powers. He can be easily defeated if taken by surprise by an electric-typed attack. An electric-typed attack taken in his overheated state can easily disable him for an entire hour.

ROBOT OVERBOARD!: While not possessing a weakness to water in general, Slasher fear the oceans for one reason only: He is unable to swim. His robotic implants make him sink as fast as an anvil. Combined to the fact that he need oxygen to function, if he falled into a municipal pool he would surely die.

SHUT UP, IT'S MAGIC!: Being a cyber-enhanced man, he is only able to fight due to his enhancement. Said enhancement , while giving him a protection most mortal man would dream of, have one fatal flaw. They can't do nothing against arcane-based attack.
The Items

Jet-Pack: Slasher is in possession of an experimental prototype of jet-pack. Powered by electricity, Slasher usually use it for quick escape, or desperate maneuver. The Jet-Pack can go up to 90mph and has a limited use of 20 minutes.

Pack of explosives: Slasher also carries a pack of explosives, detonated by the voice command "The remote is in your head"
The Minions
The RP Sample

The sounds of steps on the concrete could be heard easily, if one were to shield it from the other, far away noise of the night. There was a saying that stated that midnight was the hour of crime, the time were insidious act of unspeakable depravity were committed by unscrupulous individual. But for Mike Dunwalker, it was simply the time to move to another bar.

He spend most of his night in shady places, where he waited for someone to aboard him, pay for his drink and present him a business opportunity. Which was the polite way to describe a murder, a beating or a simple warning. Usually he received most of his jobs by email, or by the phone call of one of his contact. But recently, a more watchful eye has been on every criminal activity of the city. Every communication was possibly listened to and every email could have hacked.

Dark time for a fiend like him.

He was forced to go to shady bars and nightclubs, just like a the low-class thugs. He didn't really feel repulsed by those places. On the contrary he was no stranger to cheap booze and low-class prostitute. But he prefered to go there just to blow off some steam, while he didn't hate the time spended there, it simply didn't feel right to mix pleasure and work.

"Goddamned cape freaks"

There presence, as well as the discoveries of new technologies, had given the edge to the law in their everlasting struggle against crime. Opportunities to plan for a big hit became fewer and new actors arrived in the scene, making a mess of the already existing order. But it didn't matter, he wasn't one of the big player in the game, just a muscle hired to do specific job. He didn't have to feel concerned about all this nonsense and story of political game.

HIs thought got back to there usual subject: What drink would he order ? Did he feel like having a feminine partner this evening ?

"Penny for a thought ?"

A voice had spoken, originating from behind a corner of an alley. Mike hands instinctively flew to his pocket, reassuring themselves with the presences of his gun.

"What ?Feeling shy tonight ?" The voice soon obtain a body. Stepping out of the shadow, a young-looking man appeared, a cocky smile flashing across his handsome face.

"Just a kid?" Thought Mike, feeling safer. Quickly the fear transformed in anger. He felt humilliated that a kid had taken him by surprise.

"I've heard of you, you know ? You got quite the reputation as a mercenary" With each said word, the temperature seem to jump higher, just like someone has activated an oven. Soon flames appeared out of thin air, from behind him, cutting every chance of escape.

Mike starting to understand the precarity of his situation readied his gun, planning to take out the kid with a quick shot.

"Well, I didn't have much to say, so without further adu-"

Mike, with the precision and the speed that his years of crime had given him, shot an exceptional shot, right on the chest of his aggressor. A smile appeared on his face, he wasn't born yet, the guy destined to kill me.

But his smile soon fell, when he was welcomed with the sight of the young man, standing in front of him, without any trace of gun-wound. The young man simply lifted his arm, pointing at the law-breaker.

"Nice try! I give you a B for effort"

Mike felt the bones in his body melted, realising that there wasn't an escape to this situation. His gun felled off his hands, hitting the street and creating a sound breaking the aery and silent scene that was occuring.

And then, there was pain.

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Slasher Empty Re: Slasher

Post by Chellizard January 29th 2019, 9:05 pm

Approved and moved.

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