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Slasher's Pals

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Slasher's Pals

Post by Progidius on July 4th 2018, 2:04 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Basil October
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Basil
Title: The kiddo
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4,5 feet tall
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

The Personality

Basil is a quiet and unnaturally calm boy. Witnessing event of supernatural origin, he has been seen showing no sign of particular emotion, be it fear, curiosity or anger. While this absence of emotions has been for a long time interpreted as a lack of will to live, it has been counter-proved that it is still his objective to survive. The fact that the young boy can see into the future may be the reason of his uninterest for his immediate safety, seen has he know that he will survive whatever awaits him. It his yet unclear, what is the attachment that he has with his two companions. He doesn't seem to resent them for it, but, he will not either help them avoid danger with his future sight. Although, it did happen that Basil help out slasher, by using his precognition to give him some clues, or pointing him some good opportunities. Contrasting his apparent unemotionalitty, he has been seen at several occasion, displaying a comportment comparable as that of a child, such as happiness when given a gift, sadness when witnessing the rain, or anger when facing opposition. Those emotions only last for a few second at best, before going back to his usual unemotional state.
The Story

Once a lone orphan roaming the street, Basil was not promised to a happy future. While he had a loving family, a warm home and a circle of friends, it is no longer the live he possess. Of this ancient life, only few memories remain. He was recently found by an expert in cybernetic who used Jim as a guinea-pig for his new expérimentés. It is however unknown if his actual power originate from the expérimental or were always here, waiting to be activated.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Precognition: Basil is able to see the differents probabilities and so, either witness upcoming events or determin what would one have to do in order to obtain what he want. It is however not omniscient, and Basil can only see events that concern people he know. The details of his predictions can greatly vary, being sometimes unnecessarily detailled or extremely vague.
The Weaknesses

Innexpressive: Following his modifications, Basil has stopped speaking, as well as adopted an outfit that covered him almost entirely and made him phisically unreadable. It make things difficult for those that tries to communicate with him.

Childish strengh: Being only a young child, Basil as displayed a physical strengh vastly inférior, compared to other children of the same age.
The Items

Tracer: Basil is unknowingly carrying a tracer inside his body. It was placed on him by the professor, as a measure of safety. The tracer being implented near his heart, it would take a long and cautious opération to take it of him.

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