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Pinnacle Empty Pinnacle

Post by Pinnacle December 7th 2017, 5:14 am


The Silver Scion

The Bio

Real Name: Israel Noah Knight
Hero Name: Pinnacle
Title: The Silver Scion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 35
Gender: [Normally] Male
Race: [Normally] Zenith (Homo Sapiens Apex)
Hair: [Normally] Dark Brown
Eyes: [Normally] Sea Blue
Height: [Normally] 6'1''
Weight: [Normally] 650 lbs. (Due to density and sheer mass)
Blood type: [Normally] AB+ (Hemoaetherin based)

The Looks

The Personality

Israel Knight has a caring but somewhat serious personality. He is extremely curious and filled with childlike wonder at the world and the universe wherein it resides. He often unintentionally comes off as patronizing due to his instant information processing, which sometimes leads him to overly explain things as essentially everyone thinks in slow motion compared to him.

To dig deeper, Israel Knight is also on the tail end of the Autism Spectrum, and has ADHD as well, and because these traits are integrated with his soul, he cannot, in spite of his powers, will himself into losing these traits. He is awkward in social situations, and finds his attention to be everywhere quite often.

Whether because of these traits, his experiences as a regular human being without powers, or likely a combination of the two, Israel doesn't consider himself to be something amazing, rather, he sees himself for what he is: a human being with both flaws and gifts who tries to make the world a better place through the latter while making up for the former.

The Story

Unknowingly born with latent super powers, Israel Noah Knight was born to an upper-middle class family in Horizon City, Virginia. His father, David Oshea Knight, worked for Horizon Labs as a brilliant scientist in their research division, but gave a generous portion of his income to charity. Sarah Elizabeth Ellen, his mother, an equally bright woman, worked for Horizon Labs before marrying, and continued doing research from home when occasion permitted.

Israel was home-taught and learned exceedingly quickly, proving to be very intelligent from an early age. By the age of 8, he could speak English, Hebrew, Arabic, and French, and by 12 years of age, he was enrolled in college and could speak Spanish, Italian, and Latin as well, and had received full scholarships to prestigious universities such as Horizon, Murdoch, and Tesla.

After he turned 20, he had achieved PHDs in Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics and began working as a private consultant for various companies. Israel's thirst for knowledge was unquenchable; the more he learned, the more he wished to know, and so, he began to travel the world to further his personal research on subjects ranging from ancient history to future technologies.

In process of time, Israel turned his attention to a rare herb as a means of possibly solving the problem of mental domination by external forces. He postulated that the spiritual connectivity offered by the herb could be catalyzed into a soul-centering serum that would leave one under their own control indefinitely.

His hypothesis proved correct, and he produced what came to be known as the "Silver Serum" which contained elements of the spirit herb and colloidal silver among other things. By centering his soul through the effects of this serum, (and unknown to him at the time, using his latent abilities to do so,) as well as intensive meditation and discipline training, Israel Knight became the Silver Scion.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

As the Silver Scion, his soul is perfectly synergized with each of its components, and thus, he has access to all of his mind's, his spirit's, and his body's systems, being perfectly aware of all of them, giving them the energy they require, and enabling them to work at peak efficiency simultaneously, without obstacles like exhaustion, distraction, and unreliable memory (common in most people). Most of these abilities are instinctive requiring little to no concentration, however, some do, and are listed as such.

Healing/Regeneration: Pinnacle can heal from physical injuries in seconds.

Amorphous Autokinesis: Pinnacle can now do more than simply reform himself to heal, and can now morph his own material into different shapes. Advancement One.

Morphogenetic Material Bio-Mimicry: Pinnacle has full control over his form, and can change its shape and composition to match materials and genetics he has analyzed. Think steel skin or squishing through tiny spaces for two examples. Essentially, Pinnacle can emulate materials and powers. (Player power/material emulation is permission based.) Advancement Two.

Molecular Self-Ordination: Pinnacle can control his position in space, allowing him to fly at 5 times his run speed and to teleport. Advancement Three.

Enhanced Strength: Pinnacle is able to rip metal doors off their hinges, lift large vehicles, etc. His maximum Strength output for this power is about 156 tons of lifting power. (155.976563 tons).

Enhanced Durability: Pinnacle is durable enough on his own to withstand being hit by a Semi going 70 MPH.

Enhanced Speed: Pinnacle can run as fast as a car going 200 mph.

Bio-Electrokinesis: Pinnacle can manipulate his own bio-electricity to a) Resist electrical damage, b) Generate and throw electricity, and c) Stick to surfaces like a gecko.

Instant Learning & Reflexes: The Silver Scion processes information instantly.

Quantum State Translation: Pinnacle can absorb and process energy in contact with his body at a rate of 10MJ/s, which is not enough to stop a tank shell and not nearly enough to stop a lightning bolt, but more than enough to stop average bullets.

Zero-Point Sense: Pinnacle no longer has need of macroversal physical senses, but takes in information directly from the zero-point fluctuations of the quantum substrate through his QST. Advancement Four.

Merkavic Channeling: The Silver Scion's Quantum State Translation can now be performed at a range of 20 feet from any part of him. Advancement Five.

Proscennial Self-Ordination: Pinnacle can produce material for himself to work with for his other powers at a rate of 10 lbs per second. Intended to effectively cancel out the weakness of Advancement One. Advancement Six.

The Weaknesses

Healing/Regeneration: Placing his body in regenerative overdrive can overtax his metabolic system, thus requiring him to eat and drink more. The more grievous the injury, the more his metabolism must compensate, potentially placing him in a healing coma if the injury is fatal enough.

Healing Disruption: Disintegration damage impedes his healing, making it 10 times slower.

Quantum Damage Vulnerability: Quantum damage entirely ignores his physical resilience due to the quantum-spiritual nature of his powers.

Spiritual Damage Vulnerability: Spiritual damage entirely ignores his physical resilience due to the quantum-spiritual nature of his powers.

Enhanced Speed: This speed is still dependent on the production and consumption of energy, and he will need to eat and drink more to compensate for the energy expenditure, perhaps gearing his system to the metabolism of alternative sources such as sunlight to do so.

Bio-Electrokinesis: As is to be expected, extensive use of this power can overtax his metabolic system if overused, and if he is dehydrated, the electricity can harm him as well due to the decreased electrical conductivity of his own body. Expending energy for these effects (obviously) expends energy, which can lead to exhaustion or even unconsciousness if pushed to the limit.

Instant Learning & Reflexes: Instant processing means instant pain and the like as well, and perfect memory means he remembers every detail of everything he observes, even things such as one's death and the like, which can haunt him. He cannot choose to forget something, ever.

Merkavic Channeling: There is a limit to how much energy he can absorb at any given time, this means that an attack of great scope or power can still harm him. The bigger the attack, the less effective protection that the ability affords. Advancement Five.

Morphogenetic Material Bio-Mimicry: As should go without saying, emulating something or someone's physical attributes means emulating one's physical weaknesses as well as powers. Emulating one's genetic gifts also has the added negative of causing the Silver Scion to lose his own genetic abilities that conflict with the emulated powers, such as bone density being replaced with a lack thereof for a flight mutation. Advancement Two.

Molecular Self-Ordination: Teleportation requires concentration, and cannot be performed if Pinnacle is incapable of said concentration due to whatsoever extenuating circumstances. In particular, human casualties in the area. As an example, in a thread with Vexus and Red, when the city got wrecked around him, it overwhelmed his mind with the deaths of those around him and he was unable to use many of his concentration powers including this one. Advancement Three.

Proscenial Limiters: Crossing through the Proscenium Primordium to another universe can cause a whole host of strange effects. (I never want to upset anyone I thread with. If my character does ANYTHING that you don't like, please tell me and I'll change it. Basically everything on this character sheet is OOC permission based.)

Essentially, this means that Pinnacle was designed to be as strong or as weak as the the joint-writers of any given thread allow him to be therein. If you don't like that he can do X, let me know and he won't be able to do X anymore in that thread so long as it wouldn't spell his death.

The RP Sample

"Israel gazed out at the city's skyscrapers, the light of the sun dancing around them and through them. Colors. There were so many of them; so many more than he could ever describe to someone who couldn't see them as well. He sighed, stepping off of the spire on which he was balanced, and landing gently, having absorbed the force of the fall, began to make his way down the alley towards the location of his next mission, cliché as it was.

Israel wasn't precisely sure why black market auctions were such a trope, particularly in a city where Atlas patrolled regularly. Clearly common sense did not always accompany the wealthy...

He sighed to himself. Then again, the world doesn't always make sense.

He should know, after all, he was just a regular man, as far as he was concerned. Yup. Just a regular man with super powers.

He scoffed at himself for thinking something so paradoxically true, yet false.

After all, in many ways, his powers just didn't make sense to him, yet made perfect sense to him. Here he was with a perfectly understandable powerset; Self-Mastery, and yet... He didn't feel entirely in control. After all, for whatever reason, his social awkwardness didn't seem to fall under the purview of Self-Mastery, and although he could process information instantly, he still... Well... His inner-monologue was decidedly average speed, and it was as if whatever innermost (or outermost) self controlled his actions, it was not immune to emotional damage, if nothing else.

As he had so often mused to himself before, crowds, he thought, were his weakness.

A ridiculous weakness, to be sure, but not a statement lacking in truth.

Still, as crazy as it was to think about, Israel still thought of himself as, well, an average human being with a basic moral compass. He was a "hero" because it felt right, and because the opposite would be incredibly stupid for a number of reasons not worth enumerating. That said, for one thing, there's always a bigger fish.

No matter how strong you may think you are, there will always be someone that can clean your proverbial clock without breaking so much as a sweat. There were plenty of heroes and villains he could think of that were capable of this.

Red, for one.

They had fought before and he had lost, and surely would be dead were it not for Red's intentions to the contrary.

As for the hero side of things, Atlas could certainly destroy him easily. He was vastly more physically imposing, and barring teleportation... He was also way faster.

Israel shook his head. There was no sense thinking about such things. Particularly considering that he had arrived...

And he was not here to place a bid."

Last edited by Pinnacle on November 12th 2023, 5:27 pm; edited 62 times in total (Reason for editing : Added a space before "Advancement Four" to fix the spacing.)

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Pinnacle Empty Re: Pinnacle

Post by Chellizard December 7th 2017, 7:07 pm

Approved and moved.

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Pinnacle Empty Re: Pinnacle

Post by Zonkes August 8th 2019, 2:16 pm

Moved for requested edits
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Pinnacle Empty Re: Pinnacle

Post by Zonkes July 14th 2022, 5:26 pm

I’ll approve this now. Staff will likely be watching this closely.
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Pinnacle Empty Re: Pinnacle

Post by Sponsored content

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