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Post by Pinnacle on December 7th 2017, 5:14 am


The Silver Scion

The Bio

Real Name: Israel Noah Knight
Hero Name: Pinnacle
Title: The Silver Scion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 35
Gender: [Normally] Male
Race: [Normally] Zenith (Homo Sapiens Apex)
Hair: [Normally] Dark Brown
Eyes: [Normally] Sea Blue
Height: [Normally] 6'1''
Weight: [Normally] 650 lbs. (Due to density and sheer mass)
Blood type: [Normally] AB+ (Hemoaetherin based)

The Looks

The Personality

Israel Knight has a caring but somewhat serious personality. He is extremely curious and filled with childlike wonder at the world and the universe wherein it resides. He often comes off as patronizing due to his instant information processing, which sometimes leads him to overly explain things as essentially everyone thinks in slow motion compared to him.

The Story

Unknowingly born with latent super powers, Israel Noah Knight was born to an upper-middle class family in Horizon City, Virginia. His father, David Oshea Knight, worked for Horizon Labs as a brilliant scientist in their research division, but gave a generous portion of his income to charity. Sarah Elizabeth Ellen, his mother, an equally bright woman, worked for Horizon Labs before marrying, and continued doing research from home when occasion permitted.

Israel was home-taught and learned exceedingly quickly, proving to be very intelligent from an early age. By the age of 8, he could speak English, Hebrew, Arabic, and French, and by 12 years of age, he was enrolled in college and could speak Spanish, Italian, and Latin as well, and had received full scholarships to prestigious universities such as Horizon, Murdoch, and Tesla.

After he turned 20, he had achieved PHDs in Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics and began working as a private consultant for various companies. Israel's thirst for knowledge was unquenchable; the more he learned, the more he wished to know, and so, he began to travel the world to further his personal research on subjects ranging from ancient history to future technologies.

In process of time, Israel turned his attention to a rare herb as a means of possibly solving the problem of mental domination by external forces. He postulated that the spiritual connectivity offered by the herb could be catalyzed into a soul-centering serum that would leave one under their own control indefinitely.

His hypothesis proved correct, and he produced what came to be known as the "Silver Serum" which contained elements of the spirit herb and colloidal silver among other things. By centering his soul through the effects of this serum, (and unknown to him at the time, using his latent abilities to do so,) as well as intensive meditation and discipline training, Israel Knight became the Silver Scion.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

As the Silver Scion, his soul is perfectly synergized with each of its components, and thus, he has access to all of his mind's, his spirit's, and his body's systems, being perfectly aware of all of them, giving them the energy they require, and enabling them to work at peak efficiency simultaneously, without obstacles like exhaustion, distraction, and unreliable memory (common in most people). These abilities are instinctive requiring little to no concentration.

Enhanced Senses: By manipulating his senses, the Silver Scion can choose whether or not to feel pain, experience wider swaths of the electromagnetic spectrum, perceive a wider or smaller range of frequencies, increase the amount of olfactory receptors on his tongue or in his nasal cavity, or increase the magnitude of his vision.

Healing/Regeneration: The Silver Scion can convert his cells into stem cells and back, can modify organ functionality, modify the PH of his body's fluids, harness his chi for healing, and can boost his metabolism to increase his blood cell count.

Enhanced Strength: Pinnacle is able to rip metal doors off their hinges with this base strength, and by manipulating the texture, flexibility, malleability, ductility, density, and coefficient of resistance of his fat, skin, muscles, and bones, the Silver Scion can give himself increased strength, roughly to that of 7.5 tons. His strength can also be increased by a factor of roughly 2.75 each through augmented adrenal output or chi focus, or even further through contact telekinesis for psionic strength.

Enhanced Durability: Although not indestructible, the Silver Scion is durable enough while unenhanced to shrug off most forms of small-caliber gunfire and withstand intense blunt force trauma, and by manipulating the texture, flexibility, malleability, ductility, density, and coefficient of resistance of his fat, skin, muscles, and bones, the Silver Scion can give himself increased durability, roughly to that of superhuman durability enough to withstand armor-piercing rounds. His durability can also be increased by a factor of roughly 2.75 each through augmented adrenal output or chi focus, or even further through contact telekinesis for psionic durability.

Enhanced Speed: By placing his metabolic and respiratory systems in overdrive and/or tapping into the Turboforce, the Silver Scion can become exceptionally fast for as long as he has the energy to do so, to the equivalent of roughly 100 mph without the Turboforce and even faster than the speed of light if he does tap into it. (When individual limbs are toughened, their apex points (such as hands and feet) can travel at speeds of up to roughly 1000 Mph but this is for individual movements and not for running, just as a healthy athlete's hands can move at speeds of around 100.9 mph, a speed far greater than their run speed. This too is without the Turboforce.)

Bio-Electrokinesis: By manipulating the natural electrical fields generated by his body, the Silver Scion can gear his metabolism towards the production of electricity, making him toughened to electrical currents entering his body and allowing him to cling to surfaces like a spider, convulse his muscles for temporary bursts of strength, or to produce electric shocks. His connection to the Turboforce can produce similar effects as well. The energies that the Silver Scion has access to can be emitted as beams of heat or electricity and can therefore be utilized offensively.

Instant Learning & Reflexes: Because the Silver Scion processes information directly into his mind without the need for his brain to process things first, his information processing and reactions are instantaneous, with no lag between each form of information processed. In addition, the instant processing of information gives him perfect balance.

Mental/Astral Projection: By freely moving his mind or his spirit separate from his body, the Silver Scion can send one or the other, (though his mind must always be included in this projection), allowing him to cognitively or spiritually examine an area (or person if it is his mind alone.).

Quantum State Translation: By accessing his soul's quantum states, the Silver Scion can store cognitive, spiritual, or physical properties of himself to be tapped into later. This allows him to store such traits as his health, strength, speed, force, sound, light (energy/radiation), ionic reactivity, and weight (personal gravitation).

Merkavic Channeling: The Silver Scion's ability to harness his quantum states directly is enhanced through mastered control over his Spirit's full aura. This grants Pinnacle increased range for his Quantum State Translation power, causing it be no longer restricted to himself, but to the area around him as well, allowing him to absorb the energy from attacks before they damage him instead of after the damage has already been done. Advancement Five.

Amorphous Autokinesis: The Silver Scion's physical form is fully fluid, and under his complete mental control. This enables it to take on whatever shape or form he desires and has enough constituent matter to form, such as a person's appearance, weaponry, clothing, etc., imitating their physical characteristics in the process. Advancement One.

Morphogenetic Material Bio-Mimicry: This allows Pinnacle's emulation of objects to deepen down to the emulation of powers, allowing him to modify his physiology to imitate the genetic gifts of emulated subjects. This also enables him to emulate movements, words, and energy patterns to emulate other powers as well. Advancement Two.

Molecular Self-Ordination: The Silver Scion is capable of flight and quantum tunneling his molecular structures (teleportation). Advancement Three.

Submolecular Self-Ordination: The Silver Scion is capable of becoming intangible at will and is incapable of forced molecular and submolecular motion. Advancement Four.

The RP Mechanics

Lie Detector: The Silver Scion can observe changes in blood flow, hear heartbeats, never misses micro-expressions, and can even observe electrical activity changes in the brain due to his power set. This makes him a superb lie detector; he is able to detect lies or truths with far greater accuracy than nearly any other man-made system of doing so.

Omnidextrous: Possessing full control over his mind, spirit, and body means that The Silver Scion favors no single limb or side, being entirely comfortable and competent with the use of his entire being.

Omnilingual: The Silver Scion speaks every Earth language, and a number of extraterrestrial ones. (^Instant processing.)

Pansophical Intelligence: Because the Silver Scion instantly memorizes anything he sees, hears, etc., he is certifiably above super genius level intelligence, and is a master of many intellectual disciplines, including technology, though his abilities make the use of technology superfluous. (^Instant processing.)

Master Combatant: Because the Silver Scion instantly memorizes anything he sees, hears, etc., he is a master of martial arts of every variety, as well as highly skilled in the use of almost any weapon imaginable. (^Instant processing.)

Unparalleled Agility: Because the Silver Scion instantly memorizes anything he sees, hears, etc., and has perfect control over his body, he excels at parkour, gymnastics, contortion, escape artistry, and even magic tricks. (^Instant processing.)

Silver Blood: Aside from the "Silver Serum," the reason the Silver Scion is called thusly is the fact that his base form's blood is hemoaetherin based, not hemoglobin based. This causes his blood cells to be naturally antibacterial and live far longer, allowing him to survive with a much slower level of blood cell production. His blood also carries oxygen far more efficiently.

Self-Sustenance: The Silver Scion's body is capable of living entirely off of alternative energy sources, such as sunlight.

Prosceniscience: The Silver Scion is aware of and can see through the Proscenium Primordium, the cosmic proscenial veil that permeates reality, sometimes referred to as the fourth wall. (Never used to act anything like Deadpool. Just a flavor fact.)

The Weaknesses

Enhanced Senses: All of these come with their understandable side-effects. For instance, focusing very far away causes short-range vision to become blurry. Increasing physical or olfactory senses can cause one to become nauseous or feel pain far more acutely. Perceiving too much light can blind him if he is suddenly exposed to much more. Etc.

Healing/Regeneration: Placing his body in regenerative overdrive can overtax his metabolic system, thus requiring him to eat and drink more. The more grievous the injury, the more his metabolism must compensate, potentially placing him in a healing coma if the injury is fatal enough.

Enhanced Strength: Increasing his density weighs him down in water and can make him sink like a rock. Also, if his muscle mass is increased too much, it can cause him to become muscle bound, greatly limiting his agility. If his adrenal system is placed in overdrive for too long, temporary heart-failure may occur as well.

Enhanced Durability: His base durability does not extend to cutting weapons, and increased density weighs him down in water and can make him sink like a rock. Also, whenever he is obliged to burn fat for energy to fuel his other abilities, he loses some of this durability.

Enhanced Speed: This speed is still dependent on the production and consumption of energy, and he will need to eat and drink more to compensate for the energy expenditure, perhaps gearing his system to the metabolization of alternative sources such as sunlight to do so.

Bio-Electrokinesis: As is to be expected, extensive use of this power can overtax his metabolic system if overused, and if he is dehydrated, the electricity can harm him as well due to the decreased electrical conductivity of his own body. Expending energy for these effects (obviously) expends energy, which can lead to exhaustion or even unconsciousness if pushed to the limit.

Instant Learning & Reflexes: Instant processing means instant pain and the like as well, and perfect memory means he remembers every detail of everything he observes, even things such as one's death and the like, which can haunt him. He cannot choose to forget something, ever.

Mental/Astral Projection: Obviously, this comes with the potentially disastrous prospect of leaving his body behind, totally defenseless, though damage to his body will shock his mind and spirit back to it. Also, if his mind is exploring another persons, the contact will cause the Silver Scion to share the same aspects that are being explored in the other person.

Quantum State Translation: The drawback to this lies in its storage phase. For instance, while storing strength, he is physically weaker. While storing speed, he is physically slower, while storing health, he is sickly. Etc.

Merkavic Channeling: There is a limit to how much energy he can absorb at any given time, this means that an attack of great scope or power can still harm him. The bigger the attack, the less effective protection that the ability affords. Advancement Five.

Amorphous Autokinesis: Imitated physical characteristics include physical weaknesses of the imitated material, and he is restricted to the constituent matter of his personage. In other words, he can't create matter, only manipulate the shape and the like of the matter that belongs to him. Also, he cannot imitate two conflicting materials, such as water and steel. Advancement One.

Morphogenetic Material Bio-Mimicry: As should go without saying, emulating something or someone's physical attributes means emulating one's physical weaknesses as well as powers. Emulating one's genetic gifts also has the added negative of causing the Silver Scion to lose his own genetic abilities that conflict with the emulated powers, such as bone density being replaced with a lack thereof for a flight mutation. It also takes time to change physical appearance, the greater the change, the more time involved. Genetic emulation must be done by examining the subject's genetics, and so cannot be done via Mental/Astral Projection. Advancement Two.

Molecular Self-Ordination: Teleportation via quantum tunneling requires concentration, and cannot be performed if Pinnacle is incapable of said concentration due to whatsoever extenuating circumstances. Advancement Three.

Submolecular Self-Ordination: To resist drastic forms of forced motion, such as disintegration, The Silver Scion is frozen in place. Also, both uses of this ability require concentration, and cannot be performed if Pinnacle is incapable of said concentration due to whatsoever extenuating circumstances. Advancement Four.

Proscenial Limiters: Crossing through the Proscenium Primordium to another universe can cause a whole host of strange effects. (I never want to upset anyone I thread with. If my character does ANYTHING that you don't like, please tell me and I'll change it. Basically everything on this character sheet is OOC permission based.)

The RP Sample

"Israel gazed out at the city's skyscrapers, the light of the sun dancing around them and through them. Colors. There were so many of them; so many more than he could ever describe to someone who couldn't see them as well. He sighed, stepping off of the spire on which he was balanced, and landing gently, having absorbed the force of the fall..."

Application created by Silver Scion | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Re: Pinnacle

Post by Chellizard on December 7th 2017, 7:07 pm

Approved and moved.

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