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Witchcraft Empty Witchcraft

Post by Witchcraft November 20th 2017, 8:12 pm

Evelynn Ellis


Basic Biography

Real Name: Evelynn Ellis
Villain Name: Witchcraft
Title: Totally wicked
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 458
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Varies, currently Black.
Eyes: Always light green.
Height: Varies, currently 5'9"
Weight: Varies, currently 140lbs
Blood type: Always B-

The Looks

Witchcraft CUgOh53

The Legacy

Personality: Evelynn does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that many other neer-do-wells might have. Eyelynn's ultimate goal is to please the devil and grow her own strength.

Evelynn has a lot of respect for strength and power and will often use those to judge whether or not someone is worth her time. If they're much more powerful than her and may even try to get close to them so she can use, or even steal, their power for herself. She gets her kicks from either being cruel herself or watching others.

She's opportunistic and is always keeping her eyes peeled for a sign of weakness or something she can exploit. She has a black book that she writes all of the weaknesses and pressure points she's noticed for each person she meets and constantly thinks of ways she could exploit them - even if she doesn't plan on doing it, she just does it for fun at this point.  

She isn't all business however, Evelynn can be quite sarcastic and is no stranger to jokes or one-liners. She puts a lot of stock into her appearances and definitely values fashion over function. One of the first things she does when she gets a new host, after getting her bearings, is to work out what looks her new body can pull off.  Her unique state of living has made her somewhat unhinged and uncaring, never seeing anything as permanent or important. She's lost more friends than you've had hot dinners and it has definitely taken it's toll on her - she rarely lets anyone close unless they too have an altered life span.

History: Evelynn was born in Wales in the year 1574. The daughter of a blacksmith and maid, she was destined to live a life of dirty, metal and poverty. That was until she met her friend Sophia Black, daughter of a widower who owned the library. Sophia was atleast 15 years older than Evelynn and taught her how to read and write in secret, as a woman knowing such things was incredibly taboo. It wasn't until Sophia's real intentions were revealed that Evelynn's life took an incredible turn. She invited Evelynn over to her house at night, promising to teach her how to write in cursive. Excited by the possibility to learn more she snuck out of her house and went over to Sophia's father's tower. When she got there, a trail of lit candles lead her inside.

The candles went up the spiral staircase all the way to the top of the tower and lead into a massive chamber that she'd never noticed before. In the center of the room was a stone slab, surrounded by an ocean of candles. Evelynn approached nervously, calling out for her friend. The door slammed behind her and she screamed. From the other side of the room, more candles lit and revealed Sophia, drenched in black cloth. She was chanting faster than Evelynn's ears to process before she stuck out her arm. A force suddenly grabbed Evelynn's ankles and began pulling her towards the altar. No matter how hard she tried to resist the force prevailed. When she was close enough, she was yanked into the air and pinned to the stone altar. Sophia glided across the room, and looked down at her. Without saying anything, she lifted her arms, revealing a dagger between her hands. She thrust it down towards Evelynn's chest, and Evelynn thought she was done for.

However, before the blade could touch her she felt the force pinning her down release her arms. As if in a trance she shot her arms up and grabbed the dagger by the blade, her hands pressing against the hilt. Sophia gasped and tried to push the blade down further but Evelynn's will to survive althoughed her to resist her. Sophia's focus broke and the force holding her down dispelled. She brought her foot across and kicking Sophia in the hip, causing her to fall over, dropping her knife. Evelynn pounced atop her and secured her hands around her friends throat. She squeezed the life from her witch before smashing her skull against the stone floor. Evelynn wanted to leave but she felt an unknown presence beckoning her to stay. She slowly turned her head and more candles lit across the room, revealing a book. The shadows at the edge of the light seemed to swirl and beckon her toward the book.

She slowly crawled across the room and got onto her feet. Her finger tips touched it and the second they did she felt years worth of knowledge enter her brain. Her eyes flared white and she screamed, processing the gargantuan amount of information in seconds. She understood it all now, why Sophia had down what she did. How she'd befriended her just to use her blood in a ritual. How the creature that gave her these powers allowed Evelynn a chance to fight for her life because it felt as if she was stronger than Sophia could ever be. And how it could give her all of Sophia's powers, for a price...

As the young girl began to feel the knowledge leaking from her brain she panicked. This was a once in a life time opportunity. The entity showed her how to keep the knowledge and power for her own. She ran across the room and grabbed the dagger Sophia had planned on using to kill her. She lifted it into the air and plunged it into the palm of her hand before she smeared her blood over the book's pages. The book's pages began flickering faster than she could blink before it exploded into a flash of light. When Evelynn awoke she was in her bed. Her father told her the news. Sophia's father had murdered her and was to be hanged. All the knowledge was still there. Now what to do with it.

She practiced with her new knowledge and gifts and was a very fast learner, becoming adept and minor to moderate spellcasting within 4 short years. She had to makings of a good witch. But it all went up in the flames (literally) when she was discovered practicing a ritual. Her own father dragged her to the courts and within 12 hours she'd been lead to the Gallows. Tear stains down her face, she was certain this was the end. Had it all been worth it? A shameful death in the rain and the muck for what? Some supernatural abilities? She cursed herself for what she'd done. But as the hangman's hand touched the lever more knowledge was whispered into her ear. Another deal, another pact. Immortality. A way out. Eternal life. At the price.

Her soul. This entity had given her power for just her blood. Imagine what it could give her for her soul? She heard the wooden trap door begin to move. Time moving at a fraction of it's normal speedA way out. She could survive, and live another day. On human survival instincts alone she agreed. She felt it as soon as she said she'd make the bargain. Her soul was pulled out of her through her eyes. Immortality was hers and her soul was the entities. Time resumed. The trap door opened. Her neck snapped. She died. Or atleast, her body did...

She sat in the dark. Had she been scammed? Betrayed? Had the presence taken her soul and let her die? It took her a while to realise that she was lying in a bed in the dark. She slowly got to her feet, stumbling around. When she found what felt like a door handle she pulled it open. A distant light. She staggered towards it, and it was revealed to be a massive pyre. The flames reached the sky and the light from it illuminated a nearby puddle. SHe peered into it. Her face. Her body. She was different. She was a man! She now understood the deal she'd made. It wasn't as straight forward as she imagined but she could work with this.

Evelynn has spent the last 5 centuries jumping from body to body, death after death, and her adventures have lead her to the U.S.A where she hopes to increase The Entities strength and thus her own. She even decided to join in with the growing trend of Heroes and Villains and took an alias of her own; Witchcraft.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Eldritch Blast: Evelynn fires a weak bolt of dark arcane energy. No cooldown.

Slick: Evelynn extends her hand and sprays oil from her wrist, causing the area, or people, infront of her to become incredibly slippery and high flammable.

Witchfire: Evelynn conjures up three purple and blue flaming orbs which she can throw at a target. They explode similar to molotov cocktails.

Way down below
: Evelynn's body sinks through the floor, allowing her to phase to underground places or hide beneath the surface to protect herself from harm.

Thunder bolts and Lightning: Evelynn's arms and eyes begin to spark with vibrant green electric energy which she can cast in two directions (one from each arm) for as long as she is uninterupted. Upon being interupted this spell goes on cooldown for the same length of time that she used it for.

Blisterdust: Evelynn blows blood red dust from her hands which, upon contact with skin/flesh causes it to immediately flare up with painful blisters. Especially effective if used on a person's eyes.

Jinx: Evelynn blows pink dust from her hands at a person who, if struck with it, is afflicted by a telekinetic field that will go out of their way to vex them and cause malfunctions around them. It may tie your shoelaces together or jam your gun, etc. It basically makes you majorly unlucky for 3 posts.

Bewitch: Evelynn blows purple dust from her hands which enslaves those who breathe it in. (Permission required for PCs. 3 post cooldown, 3 post duration)

Netherworld's Grasp: Evelynn either pushes her hand forward or pulls it backwards, depending on the direction a large skeletal hand will burst from the ground and either push everything away or pull everything towards her. Evelynn can will these large hands to crush whatever they grab.

Rune Mines
: Evelynn can place magical landmines on the ground which can have any of the following effects

  • Spike Trap - The rune sends up 6 spikes of bone which converge on the person who stepped on it's leg, pinning them down. While they spikes may appear to pierce their legs and definitely feel like they do, when removed they wont actually have left any physical harm to the leg.

  • Smoke - The rune shoots a cloud of smoke which complete obscures the area. While inside the fog, the victims may hear random voices and screams which will deliberately try to disorientate them. This smoke fades after 15 seconds.

  • Frost - The rune will quickly absorb all the heat from around it, leaving the surrounding 10 foot area at about -200 degrees celcius for about 20 seconds.

Vampiric Touch
: Evelynn's palms glow red and anyone she grabs with them will feel their lifeforce leave them, harming them and healing her. The longer she holds on the more damage she does to them and the more she repairs her own body.

Unholy Boon: Evelynn shields herself with an unholy black and red sheathe of energy, creating a forcefield around her body for 1 post with a 1 post cooldown.

Revenant: Evelynn can restore herself or someone else to peak condition, restoring all their wounds and filling them with stamina. For one hour. After the hour passes the spell leaves their body, re-inflicting the wounds that were repaired and exhausting them.

Arcane Bombs: Evelynn conjures a bowling ball sized orb which she can send towards a target location. She can split this ball into several smaller balls, which create smaller explosions and do less damage.

Teleportation: Evelynn can teleport anywhere she can see within a 180 metre distance. 2 post cooldown. (Can travel further for plot purposes)

Ritual Circle: Evelynn spends 3 posts magically engraving a ritual circle into the floor. When it is complete, while standing within it, all of her magical powers grow in strength immensely and she, as well as those she chooses, heal while inside it.
3 post cast time, 5 post duration. Once per thread.


Flesh Prison: Evelynn's body is human.

Cooldowns: Many of her spells have cooldowns.

Power at a price: Magic has one rule - there is always a price. And in Evelynn's case it's mana or her own energy. If she casts too many spells she will exhaust herself.

Holy Magic: Holy Magic is more effect against Evelynn than it would be against a normal person.

Vanity: Evelynn will be incredibly reluctant to do anything that may get her dirty or make her look ugly. She oftens wears impractical clothing because it's more fashionable.

Wards: Anti-Magic wards render Evelynn almost useless.

Fisticuffs: Evelynn is terrible at hand to hand combat.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

; Witchcraft can conjure small magical effects such as coloured lights and small flames.

: Witchcraft uses magic to make herself appear cool, her current look involves using fire as an accessory - setting the collar of her jacket aflame with heatless fire.

Occultist: Witchcraft has extensive knowledge of the Arcane, particularly the dark arts and many occult objects/rituals.

Devil's Advocate: Witchcraft can communicate non-verbally with the entity that granted her her magical powers and knowledge.

: When Evelynn's body dies, her consciousness overtakes a random person on the planet who shared her blood type and had some magical potential. She is essentially immortal, with a twist. Her current host is a 20 year old journalism student named Hassan Hancock.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility: two
Endurance: three
Reaction: one
Strength: four

ITEM: Witch Hunter's Amulet

Witchcraft Ruby-dmc-devil-may-cry-5-male-necklace-pendant-accessories-cosplaynecklace-intl-1489395853-37222021-5190fc5281c168436fff6458f13f491e-product

Abilities: The witch hunter's amulet is a clear jewel on a braid which, when in the presence of magical individuals, spells, wards, shields, illusions etc. will begin to glow red, increasing in intesnity the closer the wearer is.

It also has the ability to absorb and contain one spell, allowing the wearer to use the spell at a later date. For example, if a mage shot a lightning bolt at the wearer of the amulet, they could absorb the bolt into the necklace and keep it there indefinitely and at some point in the future, release the spell, shooting the lightning bolt from the necklace.

Item Weaknesses: Some spells are too powerful for the amulet to contain for more than a few posts, forcing the amulet's owner to release the spell or risk destroying the amulet.

It can only store one spell at a time and when the spell stored inside is cast the wielder must wait a certain amount of time (3 posts) before absorbing another spell. The spell cannot be released in the same post that it's absorbed.

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Witchcraft Empty Re: Witchcraft

Post by Arcana November 29th 2017, 7:34 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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Witchcraft Empty Re: Witchcraft

Post by Witchcraft December 13th 2017, 2:49 pm

EDIT; witch hunter's amulet added

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Witchcraft Empty Re: Witchcraft

Post by Chellizard December 14th 2017, 3:08 pm


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Witchcraft Empty Re: Witchcraft

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