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Darwin's 1st Advancement

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Darwin's 1st Advancement Empty Darwin's 1st Advancement

Post by The Swolefather on November 8th 2017, 7:48 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Proper monster hunter training.

Item/Character Advancement Description: Darwin has finally received proper training from a master monster hunter. Teaching him to fight with a blade, as well as use new styles of magic.

Item Power(s):
Sword Magic:
Fire blade: Darwin's blade produces flames, allowing him to burn those it strikes.
Ice blade: The blade grows cold, causing wounds to fester into frostbite.
Shock blade: Electricity shoots through the blade, shocking any enemy it strikes with 1 million volts.
Vorpal Blade: Darwin's blade engulfs itself with a magic aura, allowing it to slice through steel with ease.

Rune Magic:
Giant's Strength: When drawn, this rune grants the subject the ability to perform at peak human strength for a short time.

Dragon's Skin: This rune grants the subject the ability to withstand blows that may have been fatal to the average human.

Dryad's speed: Dryad's speed allows the subject to run around 35 mph for a short bit.


Dead men do tell tales: Darwin can raise a body from the dead, no matter how old, in order to question it.

Tracker's concoction: This potion allows the individual who consumes it to have heightened senses, allowing them to track their prey with ease.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
All runes must be drawn each time they are activated. They may be drawn ahead of time, but once used, they disappear.

Necromancy is extremely frowned upon, not only by the gods, but the mage guild and hunters as well. Darwin must use this power in secret.

Tracker's concoction is a vile potion, which is hard to drink. If not finished fully, it will cause the user to vomit.

If potion of fearlessness is not fully consumed, it causes the user to become extremely paranoid and easily frightened.

Darwin does not have good graces with the gods, due to his practices in the arts of necromancy.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5xp
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Darwin's 1st Advancement Empty Re: Darwin's 1st Advancement

Post by Bliss on December 15th 2017, 5:09 am



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