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Never trust anyone you meet online (Bluescreen)

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INV ONLY Never trust anyone you meet online (Bluescreen)

Post by Bridgit on October 15th 2017, 6:08 pm

New York City - USA. I’m looking for a professional hacker for a heist. Someone who can shut down a cyberark security system with live feed, intern wired and controlled in a CSMM environment. I need someone to scramble all outgoing messages, keeping me covered for 2,5 hours. Physical attendance is a must.
Payment and contact information: Krv2xZS9usA2L9kl$FpCg6pezd5UnqkpQh43hVPVk6

Theses random numbers and letters formed an encrypted link to another website:

And hidden in that website was the contact information. A time and date: 1:00 PM, in three day from now. A location: a nail styling salon in a mall in Harlem. A payment: $60.000,- and 12k upfront in cash. And a name: Casper.

Bridgit encrypted her message and pressed send. Her screen turned black as her ad found his way to the dark web. She had learned how to recruit henchmen from an accomplice years ago, but thus far she never contacted anyone this way. She had serious trust issues, and meeting people online only enhanced that feeling. Especially hackers who responded on shady vacatures on the dark web. Weirdo’s.

But she needed a weirdo, a really smart one. The security she mentioned in the ad was one used within state-of-the-art high tech buildings. Prisons. Musea. The National Bank.
Bridgit had an amazing idea to gain power and wealth overnight, but she lacked the technical skills necessary. She had to rely on an ICT-guy to shut down the security as she’d enter and leave the premises. She absolutely hated to be dependant on someone. So first she set up a trap. A way to make sure she could control whoever showed up for her interview. To minimize the risks.

She closed her laptop and immediately the device disappeared, sucked up into the abyss of Trunk's personal pocket dimension. The woman sat on her bed in a hotel downtown New York. Outside the heard the sounds of a never sleeping city and she wondered how she ended up here. Why did she go through all this trouble? The tv at the wall was muted, but she knew the series. Friends.

Damn, she wished she had one.

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INV ONLY Re: Never trust anyone you meet online (Bluescreen)

Post by Mangolia2004 on October 16th 2017, 5:03 pm

New York. The never sleeping city. Never sleeping? Bluescreen scoffed at this as she walked down the road, laptop in hand, at around two in the morning. Sometimes she wished she could sleep, because the world was boring when the people were gone. She remembered her first days in this body, how she had finally seen the world through something other than a grainy security camera. It had been so fresh and new! She would have to talk to Zach about ultraviolet and infrared.

Suddenly, her computer beeped. There was a new ad on the dark web, and she had resolved to catch the next one that came up. Bluescreen opened the request ad, and laughed. Sabotaging this would be too easy. They wanted a hacker? They were going to get more than they could handle. She contacted the poster via the link and asked where to meet.

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