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Jayana "The Phantom"

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Jayana "The Phantom" Empty Jayana "The Phantom"

Post by Giselle Rengam September 27th 2017, 8:30 pm


"The Phantom"

The Bio

Real Name: Giselle Rengam
Villain Name: Jayana
Title: The Phantom
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146 lbs
Blood type: O

The Looks

The Personality

Jayana is incredibly introverted, maintaining the face some remark as statuesque. Emotion is rarely, if ever displayed, and when done, only among her highest lieutenants. A nihilist, Jayana believes that the world, and humanity, are lost causes. Debauchery and perversion rule the highest ranks of authority. Authority which she believes to be misplaced and misguided. Revolution is the only means of reaching true nirvana. And while she knows she is not the harbinger of Eden, she is certain those who wield the power are equally at fault for this devolution and depravity. Kind, protective, and loyal to those she cares for, the gang known as The Phantoms are her only family. Each one as important as the next. With her friend Bethany murdered, they are all that stand between her, and total psychosis. The voices that dwell within her head are often distracting, pulling her heart one way or the other, for better or worse. Where she remains powerless, they grant her the strength to see the direction she must take, even if it defies her own wishes. In a way, they are her phantoms. At times she has been known to engage in arguments aloud with the voices, making for concerned looks by those around her.

The Story

Much of her childhood are lost or hazy memories, long since drowned by her own self indulgence and intoxicating desires. Now in her mid twenties,  her earliest recollections are those of her teenage years spent on the streets of the city. Scrounging for food, stealing and if necessary, killing for what she needed. A body for a wallet was a fair trade, at least in her eyes, should the other party not comply with her demands. But it wasn't until her seventeenth birthday that Giselle discovered the psychoactive properties of LSD. Rooming with another homeless woman at the time, the girl offered the hallucinogen to Giselle as a means to quiet the voices in her mind. Convinced that this may be the answer to her dilemma, Giselle took the substance without hesitation. Unfortunately the drug took a terrible turn, and rather than dulling the senses to the voices, it compounded them. Addiction to the substance and the high set in quickly though, and despite her efforts to cease, she gave in to temptation. Not only giving in, the woman has since embraced her indulgence, eventually having created The Phantoms gang by single handedly eliminating the heads of every drug cartel in the area, as well as axing any dealers or distributors she felt could not be incorporated into her own operations.

Where her powers developed she is uncertain. Perhaps gifts of birth? Her parents she never knew, orphaned as an infant and kicked to the streets as a teen, discovery of her abilities had largely been accidental during some moment of dire stress. A gunshot wound had been mended whilst she applied pressure to her injured lieutenant's chest. The incorporeal shield that protects her body surrounding her the moment she was nearly stabbed. The illusionary replicas of herself whilst fleeing from a shoot out. And finally, the phantom blade that formed in her hand to fight off several men gunning to rob her.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Restorative Light - Capable of rapid cell regeneration, mending and repairing wounds that would otherwise kill. A warm glow radiates from the hands and upon touch, begins to rebuild injured tissue, organs, and cells.

2. Phantom Shield - An incorporeal shield materializes in the form of a ghastly silhouette around the body. This shield can protect the host from not only extreme elements, but also small arms such as handguns and rifles.

3. Phantom Blade - Sister to the incorporeal shield, the phantom blade can be summoned via a simple hand gesture, creating a deadly blade as tiny as a pocket knife to as large as a longsword, yet weightless as the air breathed.

4. Phantom Self - Jayana's strongest ability, in which she is capable of creating illusion forms of herself that mimic her in every perceivable manner, short of true existence.

5. Unnatural Reflexes - Freakishly keen reflexes have always been a boon when strength is not one's strong suit. Being punched in the face hurts, avoiding that punch in the face is preferential.

The Weaknesses

1. Taxing Light - Of all Jayana's abilities, that which restores life is the most taxing. To perform this ability, she must be willing to sacrifice her own life energy, meaning that while it is possible to return a person from the brink of death, doing so would render her exhausted. Attempting such an act on multiple people would be suicide. This must be used cautiously.

2. Acrophobia - Terribly afraid of heights greater than a two story home. Will suffer a near mental breakdown if confronted by the edge of a cliff, waterfall, building, etc.

3. Restrictive Lung Disease - With only 64% total lung capacity, prolonged physical exertion is drastically reduced to nearly half that of a human her age.

4. Metal Hypersensitivity - Suffers from severe hypersensitivity to just about all things containing chromium, copper, titanium, and nickel. Symptoms vary depending on contact. Contact such as through shackles or handcuffs will exhibit signs of extraordinary fatigue. Injuries via these metals can exacerbate symptoms to include difficulty breathing and fainting. Prolonged contact such as permanent restraint would be potentially fatal.

5. Incorporeal Blade - The summoning of an incorporeal blade immediately ceases should the wielder lose grip, or have the weapon otherwise dislodged from her control. To exist, it must maintain connection with Jayana. Only one weapon may exist in the physical plane at a time.

The Items

  • Drugs - Heavily into production and using herself, Jayana is never far from her next high.

  • Walther P99 - Mostly for appearances and holstered on her right thigh, she rarely uses a handgun despite her formal firearms training.

  • Bracelet - A simple childhood gift given to her by her now deceased best friend, Bethany.

The Fluff

The Voices, They Speak  - Jayana's voices within her mind can and do on occasion take control of her mental state, forcing her to do things she may otherwise be adverse to doing. Nothing so drastic as throwing herself off of a cliff, but perhaps in a heated moment she killed the crooked officer that threatened to turn her in, rather than pay the bribe. Or perhaps the screams of a child in distress from the fire she just caused drew her conscience to the foreground, forcing her to save it.

Addict - Being addicted to hallucinogens, periods of withdrawal are absolutely nightmarish. When the high wears off, prolonged sobriety is strenuous to endure.

Nihilist - Believes that the world is broken, irreparable, and perverted. Laws mean nothing, authority means nothing. A world wide revolution must take place to usher in an era of nirvana.

Head of The Phantoms gang, Jayana leads about thirty five loyals. These include her dealers, security, and producers. Their main trade involves the production and distribution of illicit drugs in the form of LSD and PCP. While she is well known among the police force, catching her has been an impossible task, and cracking or turning any of those close to her just as impossible. Smaller gangs that spring up from time to time are either run out of town or taken down forcefully. To date no photographs of the illusive woman have surfaced, leading to the title given to her as well as the gang:

The RP Sample

Knuckles gently rapped against the warped and rusted steel door. Dim light radiated from a dusty lamp in the corner of the room, complimented by dozens of cobwebs stretching from shade to wall, and even the table it rested atop. Towards the center, a torn, ragged leather couch sat facing a TV whose screen only partially illuminated what seemed to be a news segment. At least the speakers still worked. If nothing else it was a decent satellite radio. Azure eyes shifted from the screen to the source of the disturbance. Brows furrowed in irritation. This was supposed to be her private time. It was important to reflect on what she'd done earlier that afternoon. Her best friend, Bethany, a woman she had known since childhood, had been killed. A mark set by a rival gang from downtown. Newcomers that hadn't learned that she ran things in this part of town. The death was meant to send a message. That message was well received, though perhaps not in the way it was intended. Despite her best efforts, Giselle, or rather, Jayana as she was known, was unable to save the dear woman, eventually succumbing to her injuries shortly after arriving in Jayana's arms. The body of the woman had grown cold beside her, but still she hadn't been ready to let go. It wasn't time. The voices would tell her when to let go.

"What!?" The woman called out to her would-be interruption. "Lady Jayana," A man replied whilst the door creaked slowly open. Riker, her lieutenant, a man she trusted without question or hesitation stepped through. After shooting a brief glance at the slain body of Bethany, he quickly adjusted his posture and set his gaze upon Giselle. "We have their base of operations. We're ready to--" The woman stood, waiving a hand to silence the man. "Gather our men. We kill them all." With only a nod the broad shouldered man turned, allowing the door to fall the remainder of the way open as he set out to inform his subordinates. They were going to war. Jayana then gently placed a blanket over the corpse of her childhood companion, lingering for only a moment in silence before she too abandoned the warehouse of their illicit activities. The town would be painted red tonight. Tomorrow, the news would feature her handiwork. And like that a celebrity she would become.

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Jayana "The Phantom" Empty Re: Jayana "The Phantom"

Post by Thorgron September 27th 2017, 11:24 pm

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Jayana "The Phantom" Pbucket
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