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The Holy Heists

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OPEN The Holy Heists

Post by Edifi3d September 22nd 2017, 2:04 am

"In in recent news, Whats being called "The Holy Heists," the news anchor seemed a bit off today, maybe she need a cup of coffee or something, her words were slipping. " The two thugs have struck again.  This time their target was Mount Zion Church in Harlem.  Witnesses say that the two men entered the building wearing black ski masks after the preacher had finished his sermon as called people up for prayer.  They were armed with two automatic weapons, unidentified at the moment, but a witness describes them as:

being similar to the large gun in the movie Men in Black.

Multiple witnesses claim that the robbers had chained and locked the doors so no one could escape.  They were ordered to get down on the ground and to put their hands on their head.  Many of the victims recall being completely terrified, some even crying and begging for mercy, but that the criminals were clear in their instructions.  An eye witness, who wants to remain anonymous, says that one of the thugs said:

" No one is going to be killed. We're going to go around one by one and collect your wallets and cellphones. For the time being, place your hands on your head and lie flat on your belly. Once we have what we want we will leave and you can live in peace."  

The witness also said that they mentioned that they had something very special for the pastor.  Something he deserved.   Sources from inside say that they did exactly this and when it came time to leave they shot the pastor .  Once in his head and the other in his heart. Autopsy reports show something that the police cannot wrap their heads around, that  damage was caused from theinside out. Almost as if his organs were forced out of their shells like a pistachio nut..  .  If anyone has any information leading to the arrest of the individuals involved they will not only be doing society a service but will be rewarded with a $10000 bounty." She paused,, and forced grin, trying to remind herself the show as almost over," That's 4 ministers dead in one month in Harlem. MNN News, this is Stacey Rogers."

Crimson Monk turned off his TV and looked at this calendar.

"Isn't today supposed to be the day of rest?" he shrugged his shoulders.  Where do I even start, he thought, how can i ever know which church they will strike?  He had to find a way to connect the dots.

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OPEN Re: The Holy Heists

Post by Edifi3d September 24th 2017, 10:18 am

Crimson decided to visit one of the churches he the crooks had robbed the previous week. Mount Zion Baptist, somewhere uptown, hidden in a quiet street off the avenue. The pastor used to be Dr. Harold J. Gavison, since his death, the co-pastor, Billy Bean, was taken over. Crimson walked up the steps of the churched, entered its doors, and instantly saw the beauty of the panels and marveled in its glory for but a brief second.

" Hi there, is there anything I can help you with," a small voice creeped up from a door to the right of the entrance. A petite woman who looked to be in her early 40s emerged from the room and awkwardly smiled.

"Yes, I'm here to see Billy Bean."

"Oh, Billy, hes actually not in right now. He said he has to run a few errands or something like that," she was chewing gum.

" I see, did he happen to mention when he would be back," crimson responded.

" Who are you anyways? " she asked a bit nervously.

" Oh, well.." he paused for a moment and he thought of the best way to answer her question," ... I just want to ask him a few questions about what happened last week. I'm trying to find out who did this."

"Yea, its horrible what happened. I really liked Dr Harry too. He was like a father to me. "

"How about Billy, what did he think of Pastor Harry?"

"They were good friends. Billy always joked that pastor Harry was like a christian hippie. I mean ... they would get into fights at times .. but it was usually always resolved. At least I think so anways.. I've said too much. Yea , so like I mentioned ... heres not here. I can tell him you stopped by if you want."

"No, thats ok. I'll just stop by another time. Thanks for your hospitality." He quickly left the church building and quickly became suspicious that Pastor Billy has more to do with this then he originally thought.


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Quote : "In Death there is Life"

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Number of posts : 11
Location : New York, NY
Job : Monk
Registration date : 2017-09-17

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