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That which comes in darkness

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INV ONLY That which comes in darkness

Post by Cerek September 22nd 2017, 12:39 am

The blood in his mouth was potent, the taste of iron overwhelming his tongue. It was a background sensation for Cebra, something he could ignore and push through. Something he couldn't as easily push through however was Aria. The two had been going at each other hard for the past ten minutes, both worn down but Cebra seemed to catch the worst of it. The outskirts of a village on the edge of a forest was their battle ground and it looked like it. Trees uprooted and blown apart, burning wood and earth, craters in the ground all over, though it was not completely the fault of the two fighters. Not far away were the destroyed burning husks of vehicles meant to tear down forests. The village itself was untouched, the civilians all hiding inside frightened at the terrible fighting.

"Had enough Tin man?!"

Aria shouts in a condescending tone as she breathes heavily heaving slightly. Her hoodie was torn to shreds on the floor, the tank top and mesh shirt underneath were n tact but still cut up. She was bleeding from her head and a wound on her side, the blood melted into the snow. Cebra was bruised, bleeding from many places and left with only a cut up dress shirt and shredded black jeans. Cebra struggles a bit but manages to get to his feet, he stares down Aria as he grabs a chunk of burning steel wreckage and molds it around his hands into iron knuckles.

"Aria... ugh... That's enough of this, you're not proving anything besides what a savage you are!"


Aria responds in anger.

"Look around you, look at what is happening here! You call me a savage for defending what matters to me? And you know this forest means so much to you as well!"

Aria grits her teeth in frustration and yells out loud sending out a wave of psionic energy sending burning vehicles and wood flying. Cebra manages to hold his ground only staggering a bit.

"You... you're supposed to be my only kin, the only one I could possibly... be with."

Aria's head sinks a little.

"But how could I ever stand someone who takes the side of these corrupt, evil world killing humans? You keep saving them! YOU KEEP ABANDONING ME! TRAITOR!"

The word "traitor" stings in Cebra's ears as much as the damage to his body. He remembered the awful thing he tried to do to Aria a year ago, it wracked him with guilt. Enough guilt that he drops his guard for a moment not noticing Aria charging at him. Too late to put up a guard Cebra takes a number of punches to the face pinning him against a tree. Aria keeps swinging hard every hit connecting and throwing Cebra off. Cebra tries to dodge her but his energy reserves are too low and he cant heal fast enough to compensate. She kept on smashing Cebra's face into the tree until it splintered and broke making the tree fall backwards. Aria grabs Cebra's head and knees him sending the blood gushing from his mouth and nose then throws him at a burning truck.

Cebra doens't move from the scorching flames stunned from the hits, he comes to a second later and quickly gets off the truck rolling around in the snow to stop the fire. He goes to get back up only to notice Aria standing above him looking down. Cebra gives an amazing burst of speed tackling Aria but it goes nowhere as she stops him three feet later holding him down in a headlock.

"You know it's cliche to say but... Things didn't have to be this way, we could have just been me and you... But you had to feel this way, having sympathy for these bald apes. You don't really know the evil they're capable of, I mean we're both examples of their evil no?"

She slams her elbow down in Cebra's back brutally hard making him yell out and fall to his knees.

"They made us because they needed new powerful weapons with which to defend against each other... what a load of shit, warmongering scum."

She strikes down on Cebra again yielding another loud yell.

"I know I cant kill you... yet. But really even if I could I wouldn't, for all the horrible things you've done to me. You know why dont you? Of course you do Cebra you've always known. But you never were man enough to say it were you?"

Aria's face suddenly changes from a serious glare to a playful smirk.

"Never the less I do love breaking you, you're one of the few opponents that really give me a challenge. But our time here in this frigid place is done, I'm going to kill you again and then I'm going to murder everyone involved with trying to destroy this wooden hall of our mother."

"N... no... Aria"

Cebra coughs up blood

"Dont hurt them... please, they're just weak rgh."

"Your begging only makes this more satisfying sweety, now lets see how strong a spine you have... literally."

Aria picks Cebra up bending him across her shoulders straining Cebra's spine to the point he couldn't even resist. Aria kept bending harder and harder until the pain hit every inch of Cebra's body. He had only one move left to pull and even this move would only buy some time for people to escape.


From Cebra's body into Aria's surges all the remainder of Cebras Saxon energy. This massive burst sends Aria flying away like a bullet even going through two trees before skidding on the snow and stopping. Cebra fell to the ground now completely drained, a severe loss of blood and beaten to hell. Aria is knocked out as well after that massive surge and lays in the snow. The people inside still dont dare come out not willing to risk the chance the female one might still be alive. The dusk was settling in, the golden dim light shone on the forest making it look as though the whole place were fire. The two fighters lay there motionless as the time passes.

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