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The Darkness has Risen

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The Darkness has Risen Empty The Darkness has Risen

Post by The Darkness on February 19th 2012, 6:09 am

Real Name:R. Sedskan
Villain Name:Darkness
Title:The Darkness, Shadow Demon, Dark Being
Age:It's physical form is 24 years of age, but it's mental form is 68 years
Gender:Though it doesn't have a true gender, it's physical body is of a males.
Hair:Short black hair
Eyes:Red eye color
Height:Around 6'0"
Weight:170 Ibs

Costume Description/Image: It doesn't wear a>.>

Personality:Darkness is a very cheerful being, but only when destruction, suffering, or any negative feelings at all are in play. It absolutely enjoys the suffering of weaker species. It's one main goal in life is to ensure that evil and darkness cloud over the minds of all living beings. It is also very sadistic in and out of combat. It likes to fight, but always loves to use it's words to manipulate, deceive, and verbally destroy those around him.

History:The first thing one should know about Darkness is that it is not human. In is a powerful being of darkness that is far from any natural human. It feeds off negative energies and feelings, and is basically pure evil. It had a mental form long before It's physical body actually formed. So until then it was just a voice basically, a voice with a mind, hiding in the darkness of the lands it roamed. It's mental form was created in 1944, during Adolf Hitler's reign of terror that eventually caused the death of 6 million jewish people in Europe. It was a simpler being when it's mental form was created, only being a baby in a metaphorical manner, but it still had very evil intentions. As the years went by it became more intelligent, strong, and of course, evil. At this time it was also slowly gathering dark matter from the world and trying to create a mortal body for it to use. Eventually in 1988 that body was finally created and Darkness' mind slipped into it and took control of the body and since then it has causing even more destruction.

Powers:It's main ability, power-wise, is that it can draw dark matter from within itself and use it however it wants to. A few examples include creating a weapon for combat, creating giant, snake-like tendrils that it uses to constrict his opponents, creating energy balls made from the matter and launching them at it's opponent, creating walls of dark matter and using them as shields, creating a shroud of darkness to conceal/protect itself, creating giant hands of darkness, that kind of stuff. It becomes stronger at night, as there is more darkness surrounding it.
Power Grid:

Power Grid colours:Black and silver

Character Image/Description:
The Darkness has Risen Hat_man

Roleplay Sample: A man by the name of John Mactorn walked down an empty street in the middle of the night, he had just gotten out of his shift at work and was now walking home. There was a sudden, cold shift in the air and John felt as if someone...or something was watching him. He turned around, but saw nothing that looked alive. He then turned around and began to walk again when he heard a ghoulish voice whisper to him from behind,
"Hello John...." John instantly spun around again to see who had said that, but again he saw no one. Then he heard a curt little laugh and the voice spoke again, "No need to look around for me John...I don't really feel like showing myself yet..."
"Who the hell is this!?" John yelled at the air, he was worried that he might have been going insane.
"I am just a simple being my dear friend....nothing more....nothing less." The voice replied simply, an edge of humor in it's tone.
"Why don't you show yourself then!" John yelled at the voice, just wanting this madness to be over. The voice didn't reply instantly, but after awhile it just said,
"If that is your wish....". John just stood there patiently, a little creeped out at what was happening. Suddenly he heard a very weird noise and he turned around to see a very disturbing scene. He saw what looked like a big bulge of black gunk in the middle of the street. It was definitely a living thing as the gunk was pulsing and moving on it's own. John instantly panicked and turned around to run, but the gunk was faster than him and was already in front of him. The gunk began to take the shape of a humanoid figure. John just stared in horror as a tall man formed from the gunk and just leisurely dusted the sleeves of his long black trench coat. The figure smiled at him and that was when John noticed two weird shadowy-objects behind the man, that somewhat resembles spider legs. The two spider legs then lurched forward and wrapped themselves around John. John yelled in shock and struggled to get out of this ...thing's grasp. But the grip on him just tightened and tightened as John slowly started to die. The last words he uttered in his life were to the man. He simply spat out,
"What the hell are you...?" The man laughed and then simply replied,
" Darkness." Then Darkness tightened his grip on John and killed him in a very painful manner.
The Darkness
The Darkness

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The Darkness has Risen Empty Re: The Darkness has Risen

Post by Archer Roland on February 19th 2012, 10:26 pm

Approved, but you should know that you powers won't go up to a seven or anything at night. It can be flavor text for a post but it won't actually make your powers stronger.

The Darkness has Risen ArchersGrid
Archer Roland
Archer Roland
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Post Adept

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