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Steelshade, Master of Penglai

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Steelshade, Master of Penglai Empty Steelshade, Master of Penglai

Post by BCAjax September 19th 2017, 6:34 pm


"Another bug to be crushed. Come then, and feel the power of Penglai"

The Bio

Name: Fu-Han Tsao
Villain Name: Steelshade
Title: "The Penglai Devil"
Alingment: Neutral Evil
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Taiwanese
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

The Personality

Steelshade is driven by one thing and one thing only: To prove his mastery of Penglai martial arts to the entire world. He will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, going so far as to use hostages, blackmail, and other underhanded techniques to force a bout with fighters who are reluctant to face him. He is ruthless and has no qualms about killing in the ring and outside of it but adheres to his own twisted code of honor and will never attack an unarmed opponent or someone he deems too weak. The voice of his ancestor whispers incessantly within his brain and can drive him to wild moods swings and fits of black depression. Steelshade has no room in his heart for human relationships and connections, seeing them as a distraction from true perfection of his deadly art.

The Story

20 years ago a nine year old boy was  found at the gates of Sichuan monastery nestled in the back alleys of Taipei. He was dirty malnourished , and owned nothing  but a burned wooden dojo sign. The monks took him in and soon discovered the boy was a martial arts prodigy, absorbing everything they had to teach him and integrating into his "Penglai Style" he had claimed to have learned from his father. The monks also soon noticed his burgeoning mental instability.  Fu-han was often caught having animated discussion with someone who was not there, and his opponents began to fear the brutal beating he would dish out in training. Eventually a Taoist was called in to examine to boy and exorcise any evil spirits that drove him to such behavior. The holy man did not bargain on the strength of the spirit attached to the boy, one who calls himself "Kabali" and claims to be Fu-hans' distant ancestor. The vile spirit sent the Taoist screaming into the night, and the next morning he was found in a distant dumpster with his neck snapped. The monks attempted to banish Steelshade from the monastery for his wickedness, but he challenged them and slew the headmaster before escaping into the city. He roamed Taiwan for many years, slowly letting the words of his mad ancestor infect his mind, and fill his body with great mystical power. Now he has come to America under Kabali's instruction to lay waste to all pretenders and their false arts, proving Penglai supreme once and for all.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1: Penglai Master: Steelshade is a master of Penglai, a martial art of his own creation. He is a world-class combatant, and has killed many masters to prove so. He functions at peak human performance and is experienced in combat tactics and traditional Chinese weaponry .
2: Ancestor's Strength: Kabali posses vast power, but in unable to channel it in the physical world. By granting Steelshade a measure of his power he can enhance the strength and durability of his host to superhuman levels for short bursts of time. This power manifests as a lightly glowing blue force field around Steelshade extending about 2cm from his skin.
3: Stamina absorption: Kabali has taught his host the darkest secrets of Penglai, including the ability leech their very stamina with the negative energy of his blows. This power does not do physical damage, but allows Steelshade to fatigue his enemy while adding to his own endurance
The Weaknesses

1: Undeniable challenge: SteelShade is honor bound to accept a challenge to fair one-on-one combat no matter the situation or how disadvantageous it may be. If a practitioner of another martial style proclaims the supremacy of said style within Steelshades' hearing  he is honor bound to issue a challenge then and there.
2: Not of this world: Kabili must expend much power to manifest in the world of the living, and can only hold the power "Ancestors Strength" for a  maximum of five minutes before he requires a sacrifice of blood and ashes along with eight hours of time to recharge.
3: Up close and personal: Stamina absorption requires Steelshade to chant and meditate for ten minutes to unlock his chakras and attune himself to negative energy . In places of positive energy (Churches, Monasteries,Holy ground,ect.) this takes twice as long. Steelshade must also strike his opponent on bare skin for this power to take effect.
4: Criminal background: Steelshade is wanted in Taiwan for the death of several dojo masters. He was smuggled into the country and has no passport or ID.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

When Kabali is using Steelshade as a conduit for his power, Fu-Han is surrounded by a faint blue glow and a feeling of general malice.
The RP Sample

Rain fell on the streets of Taipei. Pouring down like the tears of a melancholy god, it plastered Steelshade's  coal black hair to his skull, and streamed down the sleeves of his beaten leather jacket. He stood in front of an old wooden building, the sign above his head reading 正心道場: Chu's Dojo. Inside he could hear the rhythmic screams of a practicing class. He spat onto the flooded street. This old fool was a sellout and barely worth his time but Kabali's whispers would not stop until he availed himself upon the blood of any challenger to Penglai's ultimate supremacy. Steelshade raised a booted foot and slammed it sideways into the dojo doors, and they exploded into millions of splinters on the dojo floor. The fell silent as he stood in the doorway and reached up to grab hold of the dojo sign and yanked it off with an ear-splitting crack. He tossed it up into the air and whirled around with blinding speed. Another loud crack split the air as he lashed out with a long leg and bisected it with a spinning kick. There was no sound among the students as it clattered to the floor. Steelshade spat again on the floor of the dojo and pointed to the elderly man sitting cross legged on the floor. "I have come to challenge the master of this dojo." he declared.  A few of the students moved foward angrily but the old man stopped them with a wave of his hand.
"Turn from this path Fu-Han." he said as he rose slowly to his feet. "What would the brothers say, could they see the violence and sorrow you bring in your wake?"
Steelshade snorted and slid into a fighting crouch. "Fools. Just like you"
The old man nodded, and assumed his own fighting stance. "Come then, Devil of Penglai."

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Steelshade, Master of Penglai Empty Re: Steelshade, Master of Penglai

Post by Chellizard September 24th 2017, 11:23 pm

Approved and moved.

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